Brin Sergey Net Worth

Sergey Mikhailovich Brin – American scientist, Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist, Internet technology researcher, search engine developer and co-founder of Google (together with Larry Page). As of as of June 2, 2024, he ranks 14th in the list of the richest people on the planet with a fortune of $62.1 billion.

Place of Birth. Education. Sergey Brin was born on August 21, 1973 in Moscow (RSFSR) into a Jewish family of mathematicians who emigrated from the USSR to the USA in 1979 when he was 6 years old. His father, a former researcher at the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Mikhail Izrailevich Brin (born 1948) became a teacher at the University of Maryland (now a professor), and his mother is Evgenia (née Krasnokutskaya, born 1949) – Specialist at NASA. Both parents of Sergey Brin are graduates of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University (1970 and 1971, respectively).

Sergey’s grandfather – Israel Abramovich Brin (born 1919) – candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, was an assistant professor at the electromechanical faculty of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (1944-1998). Among other relatives, the grandfather’s brother is known – a Soviet athlete and coach in Greco-Roman wrestling, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR Alexander Abramovich Kolmanovsky. Grandmother, Maya Brin was a professor of Russian studies at the University of Maryland, and the foundation and one of the programs of the Department of Russian Studies of the Faculty of Philology of the University still bears her name.

He received an early bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer systems from the University of Maryland. Received a scholarship from the US National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation). The main field of scientific research of Sergey Brin was the technology of data collection from unstructured sources, large arrays of scientific data and texts.

In 1993 he entered Stanford University in California, where he received a master’s degree and began working on his dissertation. Already during his studies, he became interested in Internet technologies and search engines, became the author of several studies on extracting information from large arrays of textual and scientific data, and wrote a program for processing scientific texts.

In 1995, at Stanford University, Sergey Brin met another mathematics graduate student, Larry Page, with whom they founded Google in 1998. Initially, they argued vehemently when discussing any scientific topic, but then became friends and teamed up to create a search engine for their campus. Together they wrote the scientific work “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine”, which is considered to contain the prototype of their future super-successful idea.

Brin and Page put their idea to the test on the university search engine, designing its engine according to new principles. On September 14, 1997, the domain was registered. There were attempts to develop the idea and turn it into a business. Over time, the project left the walls of the university and managed to collect investments for further development.

The common cause grew, turned a profit, and even demonstrated resilience at the time of the dot-com collapse, when hundreds of other companies went bankrupt. In 2004, Forbes magazine named the names of the founders in the list of billionaires.

Social activity. Sergey Brin is the author of dozens of publications in leading American academic journals, and also periodically speaks at various national and international scientific, business and technology forums. He often speaks to the press, on television, talking about his views on search technology and the IT industry as a whole.

Brin’s company is making giant philanthropic investments. The founders of the company said that over 20 years, 20 billion dollars will be spent on this goal.

Together with Larry Page, he is engaged in the fight against aging.

Brin is working on other, more personal projects outside of Google. For example, he and Page are trying to help solve the world’s energy and climate problems at Google’s charity,, which invests in alternative energy to find broader sources of renewable energy. The company admits that its founders want to “solve really big problems using technology.”

State. According to Forbes magazine, in 2015 he took the 20th place among the richest people on the planet. In 2016, with a fortune of $ 39.8 billion, he was ranked 13th among the richest people on the planet. As of July 2017, Brin is the 12th richest person in the world, worth an estimated $45 billion.

According to Forbes magazine, as of June 2, 2024, he ranks 14th in the list of the richest people on the planet with a fortune of $62.1 billion.

Family. In May 2007, Sergey Brin married Ann Wojcicki. Anna graduated from Yale University in 1996 with a degree in biology and founded 23andMe. At the end of December 2008, Sergei and Anna had a son, and at the end of 2011, a daughter. In June 2015, the marriage was officially annulled.