Rustam Tariko Net Worth

Biography of Rustam Tariko

Rustam Tariko (born 1962) is a prominent entrepreneur who in 1992 founded the Russian Standard holding. Born in the city of Menzelinsk (Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic), graduated from the Economics Department of the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers. For over 25 years he has been known in the business areas of alcohol production, banking and insurance.

Tariko Rustam Vasilievich

First business projects

Rustam Tariko founded the first company back in the USSR, in the late 80s. The firm helped foreign tourists to find a hotel who wanted to visit the Soviet Union and then Russia.

But already in the early 90s, Tariko began to successfully engage in the alcohol business. The entrepreneur founded the Rust Inc. company, which began to import foreign goods to Russia. Quite quickly, a significant part of imports was made up of alcoholic beverages.

Rustam Tariko in his youth

Already in the mid-90s, Tariko’s enterprise turned into one of the largest Russian firms importing alcohol from the USA and Europe. The businessman’s company brought Martini vermouth, Cointreau liqueur and other elite drinks to Russia, which quickly became popular. The success of Tariko’s company is also explained by the fact that the businessman was able to build a developed distribution network for goods across Russia.

Soon Tariko created a new company called Russian Standard. According to the businessman, the new brand was supposed to symbolize qualitative changes in the life of Russia. The brand should have been associated with quality products that are available to all consumers.

The new company began not only to supply alcoholic beverages from abroad, but also to produce premium Russian vodka. It is noteworthy that at that time in Russia this segment was not represented at all.

Over the years, Russian Standard has become a symbol of premium alcohol in the Russian Federation. The company soon expanded its range of alcoholic beverages. This is how the brands Russian Standard Platinum, Russian Standard Gold and IMPERIA appeared. This brand has come to belong to the category “deluxe”.

Today the company’s products are in high demand. Thus, more than 3.5 million decaliters of Russian Standard vodka are sold annually. The company’s alcohol is supplied to 85 countries of the world.

Tariko has successfully developed alcohol production using advanced business practices and effective acquisitions. For example, in 2011, the structures of the businessman acquired the old Italian company Gancia (Gancia), one of the world leaders in the production of wines and vermouth, founded in the middle of the 20th century.

In 2013, the Russian Standard holding, through the Rust Group of Companies, which is part of its structure, acquired the CEDC company, a producer of alcoholic beverages. After that, Russian Standard became one of the largest alcohol producers in Central and Eastern Europe. Rust continues to increase its turnover. Thus, the company has production facilities in Poland, Italy and Russia. Annual sales have already reached 40 million boxes.

Russian Standard Bank”

Since 1999, the bank has also been operating under the Russian Standard brand. Today it is the largest private bank in Russia, which went down in the history of the formation of the country’s banking sector. At the height of the economic crisis in Russia, Russian Standard offered new services that were not yet available to Russian consumers. For example, Russian Standard was the first to offer unsecured loans. Also, this bank was the first in Russia to issue credit cards.

Today, Russian Standard branches serve over 28 million clients and provide jobs for over 12 thousand people.

The businessman is actively involved in charitable activities. The main priority is given to the education of talented children from low-income families. Thanks to the active work of Rustam Tariko and his team, talented children are provided with the opportunity to receive a quality education.