Pavel Poselenov

Biography of Pavel Poselenov

Pavel Poselyonov is a Russian businessman and politician, head of the Ingrad holding, winner of many government awards and a member of United Russia, actively involved in charity work, an honorary builder of the Russian Federation.

In the photo: Pavel Poselenov

early years

The future businessman and politician was born in 1967 in Moscow. In childhood and adolescence, he was fond of martial arts and football. He studied at the school at the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, which he graduated in 1984, in the same year became a student at Moscow State University, enrolling in the Faculty of Chemistry of the renowned university.

After conscript service in the army, Poselenov returned to his studies. After receiving his diploma in 1991, he entered graduate school.

Labor activity

In the mid-90s, Pavel Alexandrovich tried to combine scientific activity with entrepreneurial activity, but he was nevertheless forced to leave graduate school. In 2001, he became the head of the Osnova insurance company, which is a subdivision of PIK Group. Thanks to his education, organizational skills and a responsible attitude, in 2009 Poselyonov took the position of president of the company, which he held until the end of 2014.

Pavel Poselenov in his youth

Over the next three years, Pavel Aleksandrovich headed a large-scale development company, but in 2017 he left to head the promising holding Ingrad, which appeared as a result of the merger of Ingrad JSC and Opin PJSC. In 2018, the company was recognized as a leader in the field of investment and construction.

Pavel Poselyonov on real estate (interview with RBC, 2017)


According to Pavel Poselenov, he began to think about political activities while still working for PIK. He was elected a deputy of the Moscow Duma of the VI convocation from the United Russia party (2014 – 2019) from 41 constituencies.

Pavel Poselyonov in the Moscow City Duma of the VI convocation

Served on the commissions for environmental policy, urban planning, science and industry. He took an active part in the development of the capital renovation project and its implementation.

Personal life

There is no open data on the network of Pavel Alexandrovich’s wife. The spouses have a son Nikita (born in 1999) and a daughter, Alexandra (born in 2003). It is known that Poselenov’s son is fond of sports, and his daughter is engaged in dancing, graduated from the Moscow School of the Future.

Despite being busy, he finds time for sports in order to keep himself in good shape, takes part in marathons, travels to the trips of his favorite team, Torpedo. Svimran calls her favorite sports [плавание и бег по пересеченной местности – прим. ред.] and mountain trail.

In the declaration for 2018, Poselenov indicated income in the amount of more than 62 million rubles, thereby proving to be one of the most profitable deputies of the Moscow City Duma.


An important part of Poselenov’s life is charity. Since 2013, he has been President of the Building the Future Foundation, in cooperation with the Arithmetic of Good Foundation (founded by Roman Avdeev), his company helps children left without parents find new families and provides material support for such families.

Pavel Poselenov now

Not being among the deputies of the Moscow City Duma of the VII convocation (his colleague Yevgeny Gerasimov would have been elected from 41 constituencies), Pavel Poselenov focused on his brainchild – the Ingrad Group of Companies.

Pavel Poselenov at the Torpedo match (pictured with Roman Avdeev and Elena Yelentseva)

As a big fan of FC Torpedo (and the chairman of its Board of Directors) Poselyonov was one of the sponsors of a feature film about Eduard Streltsov, the brilliant player of Torpedo, who at one time was called the “Russian Pele”. The premiere of the film took place in September 2024, the main role was played by Alexander Petrov.