Jaro & Hanza Group


Foundation date: 2017

The country: Russia

Town: Saratov


Video: Jaro & Hanza

Biography of Jaro & Hanza

The duet Jaro & Hanza is one of the brightest hitmakers of the summer of 2019. Over the year of its existence, the hip-hop collective has enriched the Russian cultural space with the compositions “Ai ai ai”, “Your body is a cannon” and “Queen of the dance floor”, and even those who prefer other musical directions.

Jaro & Hanza Group

History of creation

One part of the fans of Jaro & Hanza believes that the guys have known each other since childhood, and the second is sure that they are brothers. In fact, Jaro and Hanza found out about each other at a fairly adult age.

Behind the pseudonyms are the natives of Armenia Orkhan Orujov and Khan Avakyan. The guys are very different in temperament. Orhan dreamed of a musical career since childhood, was a biker and skydiving, and Khan tried to become an entrepreneur, he does not like noisy parties and is afraid of heights.

Orkhan Orujov aka Jaro

The creative biography of the fashionable team Jaro & Hanza began in 2017 in Saratov. The duet owes its birth to Timati, whose songs were adored by Khan, a graduate of the economic department of one of the Saratov universities. One day, Khan wondered if he could also write a quality song and perform it? When the sketches seemed to him tolerable enough, he called the music studio, the phone number and address of which he found on the Internet. Despite the fact that it was deep after midnight, the phone call was answered. The young man who answered the phone turned out to be the owner of the studio, it was Orkhan Orujov, or, as he preferred to be called, Jaro.

Khan Avagyan – Hanza

The main stages of creativity

The first joint track Orkhan and Hanza wrote in the very first hours of their acquaintance, it was the lyrical song “Milky Way”. At the beginning of 2018, the guys published several entries on a specially created VKontakte page, including the songs “Your Body” and “On the Seashore”. The track “Masti”, which was released next, marked the beginning of the popularity of the young team, but the main success was waiting for the guys ahead. Despite the fact that some part of the Russian audience calls the music of the young band superficial, the musicians themselves claim that they have a lot of really deep songs. So, for example, in the song “Belladonna”, they told the story of a romantic acquaintance.

The young duet conquers the hearts of listeners en masse

Dance music fans enthusiastically accepted the work of a new group from the Russian hinterland, for example, the track “DamaLove”, which the guys call one of the most successful, in the first months after publication gained more than 2 million views on YouTube.

Jaro & Hanza – Lady Love

The real hit of the summer of 2019 was the song “Queen of the Dance Floor”. In the comments under the video, connoisseurs of Russian pop again reproached the musicians for deliberately simplifying the text, but despite the negative reviews, the composition became one of the most fashionable. In the lines “Wow, you can’t replace two for me, you are leading a train, choo-choo!” it is really difficult to consider any meaning at all, but this did not affect the popularity of the incendiary song in any way.

Group “Djaro and Hanza” now

The group is still very young, but the guys have a lot of ambitious plans. In August 2019, Orkhan and Khan became guests of radio host Vitalik Mishura. On the air of Like FM radio, the guys said that they were working on their debut album, which would include all the songs they had written, but they preferred not to announce the name of the disc.

Jaro and Hanza – Queen of the dance floor

For the fall of 2019, the schedule of the Saratov duet is filled with concerts in the cities of Russia, in September Orkhan and Khan perform in Syktyvkar, and in October they plan to visit Arkhangelsk.

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