Rauf & Faik Group Net Worth

Biography of the group Rauf & Faik

Rauf & Faik, a duet of twin brothers from Udmurtia, who became famous thanks to YouTube, conquered the Russians with their youthful sincerity, beautiful voices and heartfelt lyrics that the talented brothers write themselves.

Duo Rauf & Faik

History of creation

Twin brothers Rauf and Faik were born on July 7, 1999 in Izhevsk. The surname of the guys is the Mirzaevs, their family is very famous both in Azerbaijan and in Russia and other CIS countries. The grandfather of Rauf and Faik was an opera singer, and according to some sources, he even directed the famous Baku theater.

Members of the Rauf & Faik band as children

The children have been involved in music since childhood. In their own words, they were just doing what they loved most. Together with the team “Above the Rainbow” of the Izhevsk Music School, they toured a lot in the cities of Russia, and also visited Estonia and Finland. When Rauf and Faik were 14, they took part in the Udmurt competition “The Singing Ship”, receiving finalist diplomas. The Mirzaevs became one of the brightest contestants, and the jury of the competition noted their outstanding abilities and professionalism.

The brothers’ voice range is 4.5 octaves. Rauf and Faik call the pop idol of all time Michael Jackson and the British artist, the lyrical Sam Smith, their inspirations.

Rauf&Faik – cover of The way you make me feel by Michael Jackson

As you know, the twins are especially touching to each other and cannot be away from each other for a long time, so it is not surprising that the brothers decided to form a duet. The guys made up the name from their names, paying tribute to their parents.

Brothers Rauf and Faik with their mother

The main stages of creativity

Before recording their first composition and a video clip for it, the brothers worked in restaurants and cafes, performed at various events, performing songs of modern stars, as well as hits of past years.

The first English-language composition Love Remind Yesterday performed by the duo appeared on YouTube in the fall of 2015, but did not bring the brothers much popularity.

Rauf & Faik

The guys presented the next track in March 2016. The song “I don’t need words”, like all the songs of the duet, was written by the brothers themselves. The composition gained a huge number of likes and became a serious statement for future victories. A young actress and friend of the twins Daria Melnikova was filmed in the video, and friends of the guys from the Izhevsk music school also took part in the filming of the video.

Rauf and Faik are twins, but they are not very similar in appearance

The brothers decided not to use the services of producers. Their numerous relatives and friends provide support in the creation of new clips, each of which breaks records in terms of views. For example, the composition “Childhood” was listened to more than 20 million times and became the record holder among the duet’s songs in terms of reposts on the social network Vkontakte.

Rauf & Faik – Childhood (live)

It is believed that the sign of the true popularity of a song is when it begins to acquire parodies. So the composition “Childhood” became the object of attention of impudent comedians from Ukraine under the pseudonym Chotky boy, who recorded a parody version of it.

Parody of “Childhood”

In the fall of 2018, fans of the talented twins received a gift: the duet Rauf & Faik released their debut album, recorded with the help of RDS Records. The album included 17 tracks, among which were the lyrical compositions “Childhood”, “Mom” that were loved throughout the country and the single that gave the album its name – “I love you”. Music critics noted the huge potential of the young guys, their impressive sincerity and emotional openness.

Rauf & Faik – I love you


  • I love you (2018)

Rauf & Faik now

At the end of 2018, the first solo concert of the Mirzaev brothers took place in Moscow, after which the duet went on a tour of the cities of Russia. The performance of the twins was warmly received in Krasnodar and Saratov, Samara and Nizhny Novgorod. The brothers also visited their native Izhevsk, where young performers were expected with special joy.

The duet is touring the CIS countries and working on new material

In January 2019, the duet Rauf & Faik performed at one of the best venues in Baku, Elektra Events Hall, they performed songs from the album “I love you”, as well as presented new, previously unsung compositions.

Rauf & Faik – listen online