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Biography of Andrei Nazarov

Andrei Gennadievich Nazarov is a politician, businessman, public figure of the Republic of Bashkortostan (hereinafter referred to as the Republic of Belarus). Member of the General Council of Delovaya Rossiya and the United Russia party.

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Early years. Education

Andrei Nazarov’s hometown is Baymak, Bashkiria. Here he was born on April 28, 1970. However, most of the childhood of the future politician was spent in the city of Sibay. Here in 1986 he graduated from school number 6, here he entered the mining and processing technical school, which he successfully graduated in 2 years.

Having received a technical professional education, the young man decided not to stop there and in 1995 received a diploma in economics from the Agrarian University of Kazan.

Later he studied strategic management at BAGSU, the alma mater of many talented managers (he received his diploma in 2001), and in 2006 he became a candidate of political sciences. Nazarov’s dissertation was devoted to the analysis of the problems of small business on the real example of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Belarus.

Also among the achievements of Nazarov is a diploma in the specialty “Mining machines and equipment” (Magnitogorsk Technical University, specialty, 2009) and a law degree (RAGS under the President of the Russian Federation, 2011).


In the late 90s, the young man began to build a career in politics. At the age of 28 Andrey Nazarov joined the Council of Deputies of Sibay. In 2003 Kurultai (State Assembly) of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

For five years (1999 – 2004) Nazarov headed the Representative Office of the Republic of Belarus, located in the city of Magnitogorsk. In 2005, he was offered the position of head of the regional Association of Enterprise Organizations. He took part in the opening of regular business forums, initiated the International Business Weeks (Ufa).

In 2006, Andrey Gennadievich assumed the duties of the head of the Main Directorate of the CSR (he ceased operations in April 2009) under the President of the Republic of Belarus. In 2007, he entered the State Duma of the 5th convocation, was a member of the United Russia faction, and deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on State Building and Legislation.

Andrey Nazarov was a State Duma deputy from 2007 to 2011

In 2008, Andrey Nazarov took over as chairman of the Coordinating Council of Organizations of the Republic of Belarus. The main activity of the department was to support local entrepreneurs. In 2009, Nazarov became one of the authors of the amendments to article 22 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (relaxations for entrepreneurs).

In 2010, he was appointed coordinator of the Center for Social and Conservative Policy (TSSKP, has been operating since 2005) from the ER faction in the Volga Federal District. At the same time, he was deputy chairman of the Business Russia Union of Entrepreneurs, created the School of Russian Politics. From 2011 to 2014, as a special representative of the President of the Russian Federation, he dealt with issues of economic relations at the international level.

Andrey Nazarov about the Russian commercial real estate market

Since 2014 Andrey Gennadyevich Nazarov has been the current co-chairman of the Business Russia business association. In the same year, he was appointed acting. Chairman of the Board of the Granel Group of Companies, Chairman of the Bashkir Association of Russian Lawyers. He is co-chairman of the COP “Business against corruption”.

Being, among other things, the chairman of the board of the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation, Nazarov works for the benefit of the economic well-being of the Crimea, searching for and attracting foreign investors. In 2016, he took the position of Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Belarus, is the head of the Association of Lawyers of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Belarus.

Andrey Nazarov about the 4th YIEF

Since 2017, Nazarov has been the current chairman of the Moscow branch of Delovaya Rossiya. In the status of a public ombudsman, he regulates episodes of illegal criminal prosecution of businessmen. He is also co-chairman of the organizing committee of the Moldovan-Russian Economic Forum.


Nazarov Andrey Gennadievich was repeatedly awarded with thanks and diplomas from the President and the Government of the Russian Federation. Also among his awards:

  • the title of honorary citizen of the city of Sibay;
  • medal “In memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow” for contribution to the development of the capital;
  • memorial sign “For courage and love for the fatherland 1941-1945”.