Vitovskaya-Vanza Irma Net Worth

Place of Birth. Education. Born in Ivano-Frankivsk. As a child, she dreamed of history and archeology, even entered the Faculty of History. But the head of the theatrical circle, in which Irma was engaged, persistently advised me to try myself on the professional stage. As a result, in 1998 she graduated from the Lviv State Musical Institute with a degree in drama theater actress. The famous Ukrainian actor Bogdan Kozak taught her the secrets of acting.

Career. Since 1998 – actress of the capital’s Young Theater. Irma Vitovskaya can be seen in performances:

– R. Sheridan “Seville engagement” (Clara, Lauretta);
– L. Rozumovskaya “The Little Mermaid” (The Little Mermaid);
– M. Gogol, M. Kulish “Inspector” (Maria Antonovna);
– I. Karpenko-Kary “Kaidashi” (Melashka);
– M. Gogol “Marriage” (Dunyashka);
– I. Koval “Pickled Aristocrat” (Wife);
– Y. Andrukhovych “Moskoviada” (Galya);
– Ya. Glovatsky “The Fourth Sister” (Katya).

Previously played roles:

– J. de Letraz “Baby” (Lulu, Christine);
– N. Vorozhbit “Life of the simple” (Lyuba-2);
– M. Staritsky “Chasing Two Hares” (Frantiha, Movie Star);
– F. Baum, A. Volkov “The Wizard of the Emerald City” (Ellie);
– W. Shakespeare “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” (Actress), etc.

Irma Vitovskaya became known throughout the country after filming in the popular television series “Lesya + Roma” on the ICTV channel. She played Lyuba in the series “Guardian Angel”. She also starred in the films “Necklace for a snowwoman”, “Don’t run into Santa Claus”, “Between the first and second”.

In August 2007, she took part in a private production directed by Vitaly Malakhov “It’s so easy to help, or Where do children come from.”

The television. Since October 11, 2015 she has been the coach of the show “Little giants” on the channel 1+1. She was the host of the TV show “Marriage Games, or the Honeymoon Suite” (Ukrainian “Handy games, or a room for young people”) and “People’s Star” (Ukrainian “People’s Zirka”) on the channel ICTV. Took part in a vocal show “folk star“on the TV channel”Ukraine”.

Views and assessments. As the website of the Young Theater notes, the actress is beautiful, plastic, musically gifted, temperamental, well-versed in the acting profession. Irma Vitovskaya organically and quickly entered the repertoire of the theater: the directors willingly chose her for the role of heroines. She adorns any performance: flirtatious, lyrical, cocky, thoughtful … By role, the actress is an ingenue coquette. However, she can do everything – from comedy to tragedy, from lyrical to grotesque roles.

Irma has repeatedly been a participant in international theater festivals, received personal awards.

Awards and regalia. Winner of two national awards “Teletriumph” (2006, 2012).

Winner of the theatrical award “Kyiv Pectoral” (2015) in the category “Best Actress” (Baba Prisya in the play “Stalkers” joint project of the Golden Gate Theater and the Young Theatre).

Irma Vitovskaya became the first winner of the HeForShe 2018 Women in Arts Award in the Theater and Cinema category, created by the UN and the Ukrainian Institute.

Honored Artist of Ukraine (2016).

Irma Vitovskaya is a two-time winner of the national film award “Golden Top” (best actress in 2019 and 2024) and was recognized as the best actress of the national award from film critics “Kinokolo” for two years in a row (best actress in 2018 – for the main role in the film “Gate” and 2019 – “My thoughts are silent”).

Winner of the “Golden Duke” at the Odessa International Film Festival 2019 for the best acting work in the film “My Thoughts Are Quiet” directed by Antonio Lukic.

In 2024, she became a laureate of the Kiev Prize named after I. Mykolaichuk for a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian cinema.

Civil position. Irma Vitovskaya is an activist of the “Revolution of Dignity” and “Language Maidan”, a participant in all pro-Ukrainian protests.

In June 2018, she recorded a video message in support of Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov, imprisoned in Russia.

Charity. Irma Vitovskaya has been a member of the social programs “Street Children” since 2007 and “Stop Bill” since 2011.

Irma Vitovskaya donated most of her fee for the filming of the film “Robbery Like a Woman” for the treatment of the wounded in the ATO.

Family. Irma Vitovskaya was the wife of Vladimir Kokotunov, also an actor Young Theater from 1993 to 2016. On March 29, 2011, the couple had a son, Orest Kokotunov.

April 8 2016 married for the second time, Vitaly Vantsa became her husband from Borislav, Lviv region.

Irma’s younger sister, Natalya, is married to lawyer Stanislav Lieberman, the brother of singer Tina Karol.

December 24, 2024