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Childhood. The real name of the singer is Olga, but even in childhood, relatives began to call the girl Alena. She began to write poetry at a very young age, sent them to the newspaper for schoolchildren “Pionerskaya Pravda”. Over time, she became a fan of the Kino group and Viktor Tsoi, thanks to which she mastered the guitar. Later she began to compose songs herself.

“pre-star” period. In 1993 he created his own group “The Last Unicorn”, taking on the role of the author and performer. The first concerts are held in the Central Kiev Hospital. The first creative experience does not bring success: lack of information, undeveloped Ukrainian show business … The group breaks up.

Alena has been working for an insurance company for several years, but she does not say goodbye to the idea of ​​creating her own team. In 1996, she quit the insurance business in the hope of creative self-realization. From that moment on, in search of oneself: a theater school based on the Ecological Institute, a psychological theater …

The singer recalls: “My brother and I decided to go try our hand. We prepared a program. I sang the aria of Mary Magdalene from the opera Jesus Christ Superstar. As a result, we entered together. about it, discovered her acting skills.”

Literally a year later, the troupe of the Ecological Theater breaks up due to poor management. Elena is looking for a job. At the end of 1997, he discovers a new profession for himself – a VJ of the BIZ-TV music channel.

Over time, she becomes the host of the Fan Club program on the Inter channel. Even later, in parallel with TV, he masters the profession of a DJ on the radio. In 1998 he entered the Internews School of Journalism.

“I do not regret the stage passed. A lot of strength was put in, but even more was acquired,” says Alena Vinnitskaya.

Singer career. In 2000, she was invited as a soloist in the new pop project “VIA Gra”, which is becoming super popular with extraordinary speed. After working in it for three years (in a duet with Nadezha Meikher), the singer decides to pursue a solo career and perform her songs.

“Alena has come a long way from an employee of an insurance group to a TV presenter, and later – a member of a mega-popular group. But she did not have enough fame in the framework of a pop project, Alena always wanted more – to sing her songs,” wrote Cosmopolitan in Ukraine magazine.

Alena’s first solo work was the composition “Let’s forget everything”, which immediately took high positions in the charts of Ukraine and Russia.

Soon the second hit of the singer – “Dawn” was released, followed by the single “Tormented Heart”. In the spring of 2004, Alena performed at the largest indoor venue in Ukraine – in the capital’s Palace of Sports – in the same concert program with the group “The Cardigans”.

In May 2004, the first solo album “Dawn” was released. It includes 12 compositions, the author of words and music is Alena Vinnitskaya. The singer works with the musicians of the group “Cool Before”.

Almost a year after the release of “Dawn”, the second album appears – “007”. It includes a musical version of Bondiana from Vinnitskaya, as well as new versions of songs from the debut album.

2006 began with the premiere of the composition “Dolls”. The video went into rotation in February. “This song is a story about those women who, by any means, strive for success, wealth and power, strive so much that they become tough, insincere towards themselves and the people around them, this is the truth of life,” the Evening newspaper quoted Vinnitskaya as saying. Dnieper”.

In May 2006, the album “Dolls” was released. It also included a composition recorded in a duet with the famous Ukrainian comedian, member of the Masks troupe Georgy Deliev. “This is the most free work I’ve ever done…” the singer said in a comment.

In January 2007, the dance music album “Electro” was released, which included a dozen time-tested hits in a completely new sound.

In December 2008, Alena releases a new edition of songs called “Mixed. The Best mixes”.

In February 2009, a video clip for the song “I’m Here, I’m Near” was released, which is the soundtrack to the Ukrainian full-length film “Random Recording”.

In the spring of 2009, Alena presented to viewers her new video for the song, which was included in the maxi-single “Envelope” called “All this is with us (Spring)”.

In 2010, the premiere of the new song “Listen to me, girl” took place on the radio.

In the fall of 2010, Vinnitskaya released the single “What did you do to me?”, The video of which appeared in December, as well as a new disc “Alena Vinnitskaya. A collection of hits 2003-2010”. So Alena summed up the 7-year creative work and said that global changes are coming, which began with the external image of the singer.

On November 6, 2010, in Kiev, Alena Vinnitskaya performed at the anniversary concert of the VIA Gra group, in which 8 out of 11 members of the group at that time participated in all 10 years of existence.

In July 2013, the single was released online under the title “He”. In 2013, she became the host of the Delphic Games competition.

In 2015, the song “Give” became the soundtrack to the Ukrainian film “Sashka”.

On May 21, 2015, Vinnitskaya performed with the solo program “Talk about Love”, where she presented the song of the same name from the new album.

Discography. “Dawn” (2004), “007” (2005), “Dolls” (2006), “Electro” (2007), “Envelope” (2008), “Mixed. The Best AV mixes” (2009),”Alena Vinnitskaya. Collection of hits 2003-2010 “(2010).

Christmas musicals. 2002 – “Evenings on a farm near Dikanka” (as part of “VIA Gra”). 2003 – “Cinderella” (as part of “VIA Gra”).

Personal life. May 10, 1995 married Sergei Alekseev (Bolshoy), former soloist and bass player of the group “Cool Before”, producer of Alena Vinnitskaya.

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