Olga Prokhorova Net Worth

Biography of Olga Prokhorova

Olga Prokhorova is a practitioner with extensive experience in the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets. Despite her young age (Olga was born on February 15, 1989), she is already known in wide circles as a professional in the field of financial analytics and trading, an expert at the International Financial Center.

The girl is the founder and owner of the consulting company Chart Expert, has 8 years of experience in the Forex market and is among the top 40 authors of the TradingView portal.

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Facts about Olga Prokhorova

  • Homeland – Poltava, Ukraine;
  • 8 years of experience in the Forex market;
  • deals with the selection of investment ideas;
  • conducts a comprehensive technical analysis of the markets;
  • creator of training programs for traders on the Forex, NYSE and cryptocurrency markets;
  • author of analytical publications on leading news portals.


Having defended her thesis with honors, in 2011 Olga became a master in accounting and auditing. Her further path was closely connected with the study of the mechanics of the work of global financial markets. Olga became a practitioner: she not only studied existing strategies, but also developed and tested her own methodology for generating income in the foreign exchange financial market.


As soon as Olga graduated from the university, she began to build her career at Teletrade, a financial brokerage company widely known not only in Russia and the CIS, but also abroad. The company has a wide network of offices staffed by leading financial experts. Olga at first worked only with her own capital, and a little later she began to attract funds from investors.

After a year of work in the company, Olga began to receive offers and requests for training in algorithms for working in financial markets. She began to give consultations, organize seminars, conduct master classes in order to unite and educate people who are interested in making money in this area. Olga has developed her own methods of trading in the currency market.

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What is trading?

The financial expert had something to share with the world, and in 2012 she began posting publications for traders on the Teletrade website. In the same year, the girl got a job as a market analyst in the Financial Expert project.

The rapid rise in her career continued, and in 2013 the girl became an expert in the field of monetary policies of the world’s leading central banks. Olga compiled investment portfolios for clients to diversify risks and ensure high returns. Incomes on deposits in portfolios selected by her amounted to 10-50% per annum. In addition, she became a managing trader with over $1,000,000 of investor capital.

In 2013 and 2014, Olga Prokhorova was engaged in educational activities: she conducted master classes and webinar cycles for people who were interested in financial markets, as well as for management companies in the CIS, Cyprus and the United States of America. Since 2014, Olga has gone into “free swimming” and started working for herself as an expert in financial planning, tax consulting and investment activities. Over two hundred clients around the world preferred to use its services.

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Olga advised on capital preservation and personal financial planning during the crisis, when Cypriot deposits were withdrawn from clients, and also at the time when the UK was leaving the European Union (Brexit). She was also approached for advice when buying real estate in Russia (in particular, in Moscow).
At the end of 2014, Olga Prokhorova became the founder and owner of the Forex Professional community of traders, where she consulted and taught people how to effectively manage assets. She continued to actively engage in educational activities and created a training in which she taught trading in financial markets using her own strategies in the field of complex
technical analysis and macroeconomics.


In 2016, Olga started working with closed-end investment funds and created the Chart Expert online project, which to this day helps investors and traders to save and increase their capital. As part of the project, she publishes video market reviews and other video materials, as well as writes forecast articles and conducts individual consultations. Olga Prokhorova advises which financial instruments are better to choose, how to diversify funds in a portfolio and arrange long-term investment with minimal risks.

In 2017, the girl becomes an expert of the International Financial Center on the fiat money and cryptocurrency market.

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Olga Prokhorova often appears in the business media. She publishes expert materials on market forecasting, comments on events in international politics and economics that affect currency fluctuations. Olga’s materials can be seen in such news projects as:

  • Regnum;
  • RBC;
  • News;
  • life;
  • Cryptocartel;
  • Business TV and others.

In addition, Olga Prokhorova creates articles and videos on her website. Here you can find video reviews, trading ideas, economic calendar. On the Chart Expert Youtube channel, Olga shares tips on how to choose a managing trader, makes Forex market forecasts and provides a lot of other useful information on trading and investing.