Andrey Dashin Net Worth 2024

Biography of Andrey Dashin

Andrey Dashin is a notable and, perhaps, the most media figure, standing at the origins of the forex industry in Russia, the owner of Alpari and ForexTime Ltd (FXTM), the founder of the Alpari Charitable Foundation (Russia) and the Andrey and Yulia Dashin Foundation (Cyprus). ).
Childhood and youth
Andrey Dashin was born on July 8, 1975 in Kazan, in a family of teachers at the Kazan Financial and Economic Institute. Andrei Dashin spent his childhood and youth in the capital of Tatarstan. In interviews and personal conversations, he often emphasizes his warm attitude to Kazan – a very distinctive, developed metropolis with a special energy with a rich history and a promising future.

First steps in business


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Having a parental example before his eyes, Andrey Dashin entered and graduated from the KFEI with a degree in Banking. As an undergraduate, Dashin began his career in the foreign exchange department of a major Russian regional bank. However, the banking path was not destined to become his life’s work, since in August 1998 the Russian government defaulted on its financial obligations, the ruble instantly collapsed, dragging the securities market with it to the “bottom” and sharply exacerbating social and political problems. Financial life in its classical sense at that time actually froze.

Against this rather depressing economic background, Andrey Dashin drew attention to the dynamically developing Forex market, which is only gaining popularity among Russian financiers. Soon, Andrey Dashin took the helm of Alpari, a company that, almost from the moment of its foundation, received the status of a leading Russian forex broker.

Formation and development of Alpari, the establishment of FXTM

Today Andrey Dashin is the owner of two world-famous forex brands – Alpari and ForexTime Ltd (FXTM). Alpari has long been known in Russia and abroad as the largest forex broker with a wide range of financial products and services. Cyprus-based FXTM was established in 2011. With the help of innovative technologies, it quickly gained recognition in established international markets. FXTM has been repeatedly awarded by such well-known organizations as the European CEO Awards, which named the company “Best Forex Broker 2016”.

How to Succeed in the Forex Market

The Forex market is a highly competitive environment in which only the strongest survive. Many companies, which until recently were included in the top ratings, lose their accumulated points in a short time and go into oblivion. The more valuable and weighty is the long-term and stable presence of Alpari and FXTM companies in the Forex market, which did not stop their systematic development even in the most acute periods of the global economic crisis.


Dashin led Alpari and FXTM to international success

Andrey Dashin explains the success of both companies by the fact that he, together with a team of like-minded people, managed to create a model of a universal business environment that works effectively all over the world, where Alpari and FXTM are represented. Companies have always found growth points by introducing new technologies and IT solutions for online trading, allowing clients to use a wide range of tools and services when trading on the foreign exchange market. In particular, for their activities, Alpari and FXTM are regularly awarded prestigious industry awards for the highest quality standards, customer focus and openness.

About competition in the Forex market

Often, answering the question about the presence of two of his companies on the same market at once – Alpari and FXTM – Dashin compares the forex industry with an apple orchard, in which one picker will pick fewer apples than two. And he separately emphasizes that it is better to always have assets with different characteristics in your arsenal in order to be at the peak of competition under any circumstances and increase your advantage. In addition, one company can be successful in one region, and the other – in another, but both in total always reap an excellent harvest.



Many of those who have reached great heights in business pay attention to charity. Andrey Dashin, who created two charitable foundations, was no exception. He believes that everyone who wants to help people can and should do it, especially when it comes to children who, due to circumstances, have limited physical abilities or are socially and financially disadvantaged.

A Day in the Life of the Andrey Dashin Charitable Foundation

Since 2005, the Alpari Charitable Foundation has been providing targeted assistance to Russian families in difficult life situations, children from social institutions and children with disabilities. During this time, more than 4,000 families and children received assistance in the amount of more than 50 million rubles. For assistance in the construction and operation of the first “Children’s Hospice” in Kazan, Andrey Dashin was awarded the gratitude of the former President of Tatarstan Mintimir Shaimiev. And in 2011, after restoring at his own expense the Church of Gury of Kazan in the village of Tashkirmen, Laishevsky district in Tatarstan, Andrey Dashin was awarded the badge “For good deed”.

The Andrey and Yulia Dashin Foundation, founded in 2014, supports charitable initiatives in Cyprus and takes an active part in environmental, cultural and sports events in the republic. During its work, the foundation has helped many orphans, children from low-income Cypriot families, as well as medical and social institutions of the island. The largest recipients of charitable assistance are: the Independent Social Assistance Organization, headed by the First Lady of Cyprus Andri Anastasiades (of the Independent Social Support Body which is chaired by the First Lady of Cyprus, Mrs. Andri Anastasiades), the Cyprus Red Cross Society ), Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society.



Andrey Dashin has been happily married for over 10 years. With his wife Julia, he brings up two daughters and a son. Yulia also graduated from the Kazan Financial and Economic Institute and subsequently worked in television. At the moment, Yulia Dashina takes an active part in the creation and development of the programs of the Andrey and Yulia Dashin Charitable Foundation, she is always ready to support her husband, who, without a shadow of guile, calls her her best friend and main support.

The eldest daughter of Andrei Dashin, Alexandra, is fond of vocals and is making some progress in this field. Son Pavel sees his calling in the continuation and development of his father’s successes. The youngest daughter Anfisa is still too small to choose a future path and simply pleases her parents with her presence in their lives.

For the past few years, Andrey Dashin has been living in Cyprus with his family. He explains his choice not only by an attractive business environment, but also by excellent conditions for a measured family life and raising children. In addition, it is here that FXTM is based, in the development of which Andrey Valerievich takes an active part.


Hobbies and sports

The mild Mediterranean climate of Cyprus and the absence of winter in the Russian sense of this season provide almost limitless opportunities for active sports. A lover of mountain hiking and athletics, Andrey Dashin regularly takes part in local competitions, keeping himself in excellent sports shape and motivating employees with his example. In the spring of 2017, Andrey Dashin tried his hand at the Cypriot half marathon, successfully overcoming the 20-kilometer distance.

Another old passion of Dashin is boxing. In this sport, which he has been doing for more than 20 years, Andrei Valerievich appreciates not so much physical training as strength of mind, tactical training and the ability to calculate the moment for maneuver. According to Andrey Dashin, boxing helps him develop a set of qualities that help him achieve high positions in business and keep them for many years.