The richest stars of 2024

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Find out who is on the list of millionaires and billionaires among celebrities.

The past 2024 has been one of the toughest years for artists, but some popular musicians show that they are not even going to stop there. In this list, you will find out the names of the richest musicians of 2024.

Paul McCartney: $1.2 billion

Paul McCartney is the richest musician in history, with a net worth of over $1.2 billion. Note that he was a member of the iconic British group The Beatles, which is historically known as the most famous group of all time, which released 23 studio albums, as well as 54 compilations and 5 live albums. Since the breakup of the band, the musician has released 15 solo albums, including the last one called “McCartney III”, released in 2024. The celebrity has also starred in numerous documentaries and is a legendary performer of our generation.

Paul McCartney

Kylie Jenner: $900 million

Kylie Jenner’s net worth is less than $900 million, not $1.2 billion, according to Forbes in 2024. The youngest “billionaire” was made rich by the fame of the Kardashian sisters and the promotion of her own brand.

Kylie Jenner

Jay-Z: $1 billion

Solo artist, music producer, CEO and Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z has topped the top three richest musicians in the world in 2024. His fortune was estimated at one billion dollars.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Beyoncé: $500 million

The famous American singer has earned a significant amount on her solo career. The star has released 6 solo full-length albums and also starred in dozens of films, boosting her net worth to over $500 million.


Taylor Swift: $400 million

Acclaimed singer and Grammy-winning Album of the Year Taylor Swift became the first woman in history to win the prestigious Album of the Year award 3 times. Her net worth is over $400 million and is expected to grow as she continues to build her career as a singer.

Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber: $285 million

27-year-old performer and favorite of millions of girls Justin Bieber became famous from the age of 13. His net worth is $285 million. The singer’s debut album “My World 2.0” was recorded in 2008-2009. and released in 2010 when he was only 14 years old. Throughout his career, Bieber has released 6 full-length studio albums.

Justin Bieber