Taken 4 – Renewed or Canceled?

Here are some reasons behind the cancellation of the Taken 4 and some inside news about the Taken television series.

Be it the video game, movie, or television series, Taken has been loved and well-appreciated in all its forms by the critics as well as the audience. The popular action-thriller movie is based on a video game and now has also been renewed into a television series of the same name. There are three installments of the movie and focus on the kidnapping of the daughter of a government official, who is the protagonist of the story.

The movie was highly appreciated for its storyline, interesting character arc, captivating action scenes, and remarkable direction. So, fans have been waiting for Taken 4 for the last five years. However, there is no response from the makers yet. Don’t worry, we have sorted out everything for you and will answer your questions regarding the renewal or cancellation of Taken 4 in this article.

Taken 4: Renewed or Canceled?

Taken 4; Everything You Need to Know

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Taken is a popular action thriller movie that has been created on a video game of the same name. The movie stars some seasoned actors including the famous Liam Nesson, who plays the leading role in the movie. The plot is written by Robert Mark Kamen and the production is by Luc Besson. All of the fine names of the industry are involved in this one big project.

The high ratings and good reception of the movie encouraged the makers to renew it for three different installments. After which they decided to discontinue the project. All the three seasons of the Taken movie are available on Netflix for all the membership holders of the Platform. Recently, the production team has decided to convert the movie into a series of the same name and start the plot from the beginning.

This will not only help in generating revenue but will also boost the popularity of the franchise. The story of the movie focuses on the kidnapping of Liam Nesson’s character’s daughter which spans over three installments and the rescue missions carried out by her father to save her from the kidnappers. The movie was highly appreciated for its in-depth characters, well-knitted storyline, and outstanding action scenes.

Will We Ever Get Taken 4?

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Unfortunately, it breaks our heart to announce this but there won’t be Taken 4 ever again. I know you might not believe this at first especially if you are an ardent fan of the movie, but this has been announced by Lian Neeson in one of his interviews. To some extent, we agree with the makers. The movie has a limited plotline, which revolves around the kidnapping of the daughter of the protagonist and the rescue mission.

Now, this story has been shown for three different instruments. Focusing on a similar plot in Taken 4 would just drag the story which would lead to a bad experience for the audience and might affect the overall ratings of the movie. So, ending the movie in three installments is a wise decision from the production team.

Apart from this, the last part of the movie has received slightly low ratings from its predecessors which has alarmed the makers and they have decided to discontinue the project. However, in order to generate revenue and satisfy the audience, the makers have come up with a Television series that will focus on the plot from the beginning, however, with a different angle to offer a fresh experience to the audience.

Is There a Trailer Available for Taken 4?

The makers have already decided to discontinue the project and therefore, you will not find any official trailer of Taken 4 on Netflix or other streaming platforms.

However, you can watch various fan-made trailers of the movie which can be easily accessed via YouTube.

Similarly, if you are interested in a movie and can not get over it, you can also choose to watch the series which is also available on Netflix for membership holders. We assure you would definitely enjoy this experience and would be able to overcome the sadness associated with the end of the Taken movie franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Taken series over?

The series was released on MCB and was announced by the channel to end in April 2018. However, in the same year makers decided to come up with another season which ended on June 30, 2018, and was termed the last season of the series. So, for now, the series is officially canceled by the channel and will not be renewed for another season.

Why was Taken 4 not renewed?

There were several reasons involved in the cancellation of the movie. Firstly, there was only a limited plot available for the movie, and renewing it for another installment meant only dragging the plot which would have affected its quality. Secondly, the third part received relatively fewer ratings than the previous two, so the makers decided to end the project. Finally, as the Taken series was aired so there wasn’t any need for a movie. Therefore, it was canceled by the production team.

Is Taken based on a true story?

The main plot of the movie is fantasy-based and is written by Robert Mark Kamen. However, the underlying concept is indeed inspired by true incidents occurring across the United States of America. The most common and highlighted aspect of the movie is the slave and human trafficking which is the bitter truth of the American society.

Wrapping Up

The popular action/thriller movie has not been renewed for the fourth installment in the last five years and audiences are curious about the reason for its cancellation. Well, there are various reasons for that, most prominent among which include declining ratings, limited plotline, and the release of the Taken television series.

So, the makers have officially decided to end the project for good. Though it might be hard for the fans of the movie, we feel it is a wise decision by the production team since renewing the series for another installment will only drag the plot and affect its overall ratings.