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Biography of Salman Khan

Salman Khan (or Khan) – Bollywood superstar, singer, screenwriter, producer and philanthropist, TV presenter of the Indian version of the popular international reality show Big Brother (Bigg Boss), winner of many film awards, including two Filmfare Awards (the Indian analogue of the Oscars) ), who appeared in more than 90 films during his career. Among them are the movie hits “I fell in love”, “Karan and Arjun”, “Long live victory!”, “Love without memory”.

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He was nicknamed “Indian Rambo”, “Bollywood Tiger”, “controversial Khan”, having a reputation as a heartthrob, sex symbol, “bad guy”, but also a hero, founder of the “Being Human” charity foundation, popularizer of a healthy lifestyle, deserving the status Indian Goodwill Ambassador for the 2016 Olympic Games.


The future actor, recognized by People magazine as one of the most attractive men in the world, was born on December 27, 1965 in Indore. His Hindu mother Salma (nee Sushila Charak) is an artist. Muslim father Salim Khan is the scriptwriter of many past super hits such as The Wall, Revenge and the Law and Mafia Boss. His ancestors immigrated to India from Afghanistan in the mid-1800s.

Salman Khan as a child

There were four more younger children in their family: two sons, Arbaaz and Sohail, and two daughters, Alvira and adopted Arpita. She was the daughter of a homeless woman who died in an accident. Salman’s father saw the baby crying on the street, took pity and brought her to his house.

In 1981, the head of the family took a second wife (Islam allows polygamy). She was a Catholic, actress and dancer Helen, who performed solo numbers in popular films and did not have her own children. All five children of Salim supported the traditions of all three religions of the older members of the family: Hinduism, Islam and Catholicism.

Actor Salman Khan

Shortly after the birth of their first child, Salman, the family moved to Pune (where his brother Arbaaz was born in 1967), then to Mumbai, the capital of Indian cinema. There he graduated from high school and studied for some time at St. Xavier’s College. The boy grew up in a creative atmosphere. Thanks to his mother, he developed an outstanding artistic taste. Helen (whom he and other children also called mother) instilled in him a love of dancing, his father – literature.

First steps to glory

The young man began his acting career in 1988, playing a small role as Vika, the youngest and beloved son of a despotic mother (actress Rekha), in the melodrama “Spouse”.

Frame from the melodrama “Spouse”

But recognition and fame awaited him next year with the release of the family melodrama “I fell in love”, which received the status of “blockbuster for all time”, where he played the key character Prem. For this role, he was nominated for the Filmfare Award (equivalent in Bollywood in importance to the Oscars) in the categories “Best Actor” and “Best Debut”.

In 1991, he consolidated his success by playing one of the central roles in the melodrama My Favorite. After the release of the tape, the young artist entered the top three most popular Bollywood screen stars, losing only to Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dattea.

Salman Khan in his youth (1989)

With great enthusiasm, the audience met the film with his participation in the central role “Who am I to you?”, Released in 1994 and becoming the most successful project of that period. In terms of box office receipts, it was second only to Revenge and the Law. Salman’s partners on the set were Madhuri Dixit, Mohnish Behl, Aluk Nath.

Shot from the film “Who am I to you”

A year later, the actor again shone on the screens, reincarnated this time as a kickboxer in the action movie Karan and Arjun. He won the hearts of millions with his talent, hot temper and perfect body with a muscular torso, earning another nomination for the Filmfare Best Actor Award.

Shot from the film “Karan and Arjun”

In 1996, fans could see their idol in four films released, including the action movie Criminal’s Love, where Sunny Deol, Amrish Puri and Karisma Kapoor became his co-stars. In 1998, he appeared in the comedy melodrama Everything in Life Happens, classified as an “all-time blockbuster”. He flawlessly played the role of Aman, the fiance of the main character Anjali (Kajol), and was awarded the Filmfare Award.

Frame from the film “Everything in life happens”

Continuing to actively act in film, in 1999 the artist added six film projects to his piggy bank. Among them was the comedy “Greetings from the Invisible Brother”, directed by his brother Sohail, and the performer of one of the leading roles – the second brother Arbaaz, as well as the comedy drama “Forever Yours” with Aishwarya Rai, who played the role of Nandini, the daughter of his music teacher screen hero Sameer.

Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai

In 2001, he embodied the image of Raj in the film Alien Child, dedicated to the issue of surrogate motherhood. Her release on the screens, instead of the expected triumph, was accompanied by protests and disruption of shows. The reason for the riots was the suspicion that the film was financed by the mafia. This circumstance led to an investigation by law enforcement officers, interrogations and checks of all participants in the project (including Salman) for links to the underworld. Scandals and box office failure did not prevent the actor from receiving the Z-Gold Bollywood award for his role.

Shot from the film “Alien Child”

Exceptionally organic for the actor was his emotionally rich role of Radha, the local Robin Hood, in the drama I Give You Everything, which was released in the summer of 2003. In the same period, he appeared in the film “Love and Betrayal”, which presented the sad life story of an elderly couple (Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini). They took care of children all their lives, but did not receive help from them at the end of their lives. Only the orphan Alok (played by Khan), whom they took care of in childhood, did not forget their kindness and became their support in old age.

An important topic – the attitude of people towards people with HIV – was also devoted to the drama “All Is Not Lost”, released in 2004, where Salman appeared as the terminally ill Rohit. She brought the young performer worldwide popularity.

Salman Khan

In 2007, the first Hollywood film of an Indian star was released – the comedy Marigold: Journey to India, and the film of the same genre, filmed in Bollywood, Partner, a remake of the American film Filming Rules: The Hitch Method. It was the most successful comedy film in Bollywood history at the box office and a hit in the UK and the US. At the same time, the artist’s contribution to the development of domestic cinema was noted with the Rajiv Gandhi Prize.

The 2009 action movie Wanted, where Salman played Radha/Rajir, made a splash, as did Fearless, which came out a year later and topped the annual hit list. He embodied in him the role of the police chief of Chulbul. 2011 was marked by the premieres of the tapes “Always ready!” and The Bodyguard with Kareena Kapoor, and a 2012 sequel titled Fearless Back in the Fight.

Salman Khan in the movie Wanted

In the same period, fans enthusiastically greeted the spy thriller Once Upon a Time the Tiger, where Salman Khan appeared in the key role of an Indian intelligence agent with the operational pseudonym “Tiger”, who fell in love with the scientist’s assistant Zoya (Katrina Kaif), who turned out to be an employee of Pakistani intelligence. In 2017, the Tiger Lives film was released, which continued the story of the activities of two super spies.

Salman Khan in Once Upon a Tiger

In 2014, another action movie with Khan in the central role called “Drive / Strike” was presented to the audience. The artist was busy playing the role of an adrenaline addict, a man from the upper strata of society who fell in love with the beautiful Shaina (Jacqueline Fernandez), but after a stormy romance with her became a thief and got involved in a struggle for spheres of influence with the leader of a local gang.

Salman Khan in ‘Strike’

In 2018, the favorite of the audience played in the new adventure thriller Race 3, delighting fans with the exciting adventures of his hero.

Salman Khan’s personal life

The conqueror of women’s hearts has a scandalous reputation. His name made headlines more than once (after the mufti issued a fatwa against him for installing a wax figure in London’s Madame Tussauds, as well as for attending a Hindu festival dedicated to the god Ganesha). He was arrested several times by the police: for a fatal accident, for killing protected wildlife in the reserve and illegal possession of weapons.

Salman Khan – don Juan and brawler

Athletic macho spoiled by female attention, but not married. His first choice is considered Sangita Bijlani, an actress and model who received the title of Miss India in 1980. The constant betrayal of the actor drove her crazy and led to outbursts of jealousy, which often occurred in public. Once, at the same time, he sank to assault, slapping her in the face, as reported by Film S magazine.

Salman Khan and Sangita Bijlani

In 1992, 16-year-old Somi Ali became the girlfriend of the 27-year-old actor. She fell in love with him while living in Miami, and did a lot to achieve reciprocity. First of all, she moved to Mumbai, tried to break into Bollywood, became a fashion model, then, after becoming friends with the artist’s secretary, she asked to put her portfolio on his desk. Salman was fascinated by the young model and ended his relationship with Sangeeta.

They were together with Somi until 1999, when he fell in love with Aishwarya Rai on the set of Forever Yours. During their romance, stories surfaced about his affairs and misbehavior both with her and with Ali, whom he allegedly beat.

Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai

After breaking up with Salman, Somi returned to the United States, where she became a fashion designer and founder of the No More Tears foundation to help victims of domestic tyranny. She denied the facts of physical abuse by her ex-boyfriend, kept in touch with him and, according to him, inspired the creation of the charity organization “Being Human”.

Since 2002, for eight years, the actor has been in a relationship with actress Katrina Kaif, who is 18 years younger than him. According to the girl, he had a huge impact on her life and helped in her career. In 2010 they parted as friends.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif

In 2017, the artist announced a relationship with the 35-year-old Romanian TV presenter Yulia Vantur and his serious intentions to tie the bonds of Hymen. The lady of the heart shares her lover’s passion for sports and fitness.

Salman Khan and Julia Vantur

The actor loves to travel, of all world capitals, London stands out separately.

salman khan now

In 2019, the drama film “Bharat” was released with the participation of the Bollywood superstar. It tells the story of the protagonist Kumar’s family against the backdrop of events that took place in the country after independence in 1947, including the mass migration of Muslims to Pakistan and Hindus to India.

Official trailer for the movie “Bharat”

At the end of 2019, the premiere of the second part of the action movie “Strike-2” and the third part of the film “Fearless-3” took place, where Salman will again transform into a fearless police chief. In 2024, he intends to give his fans a new action film, Inshallah. Along with him, Alia Bhatt, Satish Kaushik and Kavin Dave will play the main characters in it.

In the foreseeable future, Salman Khan will again reincarnate as the Tiger in the third part of the action movie beloved by many viewers. Salman is also developing a musical career. In 2024, his singles “Pyaar Karona” (the song was released at the height of the pandemic and is dedicated to the fight against coronavirus) “Tere Bina” and “Bhai Bhai” and their videos were released.

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