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Biography of Natalia Mogilevskaya

Natalya Alekseevna Mogilevskaya – People’s Artist of Ukraine, singer, actress, teacher, producer, jury member of the Ukrainian shows “Dancing with the Stars”, “Star Factory”.

In the photo: Natalya Mogilevskaya

Childhood, youth and family

Natalya Mogilevskaya (real name Mogila) was born on August 2, 1975 in Kiev. At school, the girl was known as a notorious rebel – her creative nature could not stand the “equalization” of the Soviet school and teachers’ attempts to cut all children with the same brush. Because of this, the teachers and the school administration once sent a delegation that went to the parents of the students with a request to protect the children from communicating with Natasha.

Baby photos of Natasha Mogilevskaya

The girl’s father, Alexei Mogila, was the head of production, while he was not a member of the CPSU. Mom, Nina Petrovna, worked in a restaurant at the Intourist Hotel, the only place in those years where foreign guests stayed. Natalia’s parents were very liberal people and did not restrict her freedom of expression, they always supported her daughter’s choice.

Natasha Mogilevskaya with her parents

When the 16-year-old girl graduated from the nine-year school and entered the local circus variety school, they allowed her to start an independent life in a rented apartment, although the dashing 90s were in the yard, and they had to be pretty worried.

I chose the philosophy of a female director: purposefulness, activity, never complain, never whimper, never admit weakness, achieve the intended goal, go forward, if you want to do well – do it yourself …

Mogilevskaya’s parents are no longer in this world: her father died when Natasha was still very young, and her mother died in 2013. The circumstances of her father’s death are too personal for the singer, so she never talked about them publicly. Natalia has a 10-year-old sister, Oksana, with whom the artist has a very warm relationship.

Music and TV projects

In 1990, Natalia began to make her way to her dream: she soloed at the Rodina Folklore Theater, performed at the Kiev Variety Theater, in the Kiev Circus Orchestra, was backing vocals with Sergei Penkin.

Natalya Mogilevskaya entered the circus school at the age of 16

At the age of 20, Mogilevskaya began her solo career: her songs “A Girl with Lily-Colored Hair”, “Snowdrop” and “Jerusalem”, which the poet Yuri Rybchinsky wrote for her, often sounded from the scenes of local theaters. But after winning the Slavianski Bazaar festival in 1995, the singer firmly decided to conquer show business. Natalia recorded her first hits and began to hone her skills, while attending classes at the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts.

Natalya Mogilevskaya and poet Yuri Rybchinsky

In 1997, Natalia released her debut collection “La-la-la”, which won the hearts of millions of listeners. Two years later, the song “Month” from the singer’s new album “Only I” became the song of the year in Ukraine, and Mogilevskaya was named the best singer. The artist confirmed her title two years later, at the same time releasing her fourth studio album, Not Like That.

Natalya Mogilevskaya – “La-la-la”

In 2004, Mogilevskaya received the title of People’s Artist of Ukraine and became the host and producer of the television project Chance. In the next two years, the artist delighted fans with a video clip for the song “I’ll tell you Wow! ..” jointly with Philip Kirkorov, released the Ukrainian-language album “Vidrula message”, together with dancer Vlad Yama, took 2nd place in the project “Dancing with the Stars”, conquering the audience with a spectacular black dress with deep cutouts, as well as 1st place in the Star Duet project.

Natalia Mogilevskaya and Philip Kirkorov

2007 and 2008 were no less successful for Mogilevskaya. The singer won the title of the most beautiful woman in the country according to Viva!, shot another video clip, released three new albums and went on a tour of Ukraine with her Dancing with the Stars partner Vlad Yama. Soon the artist began to produce the Ukrainian project “Star Factory-2”.

Natalia Mogilevskaya and Vlad Yama

In 2009, Natalia took part in an all-Ukrainian tour organized in support of Yulia Tymoshenko in the upcoming presidential elections.

In 2009, Natalia Mogilevskaya supported Yulia Tymoshenko in the presidential elections

From 2010 to 2015, Mogilevskaya was a member of the jury of such shows as “Star Factory. Superfinal”, “Dancing with the Stars”, “Voice. Children, etc. At the same time, Natalya managed to record new singles, including Hug, cry, kiss, I got wound up and Lose weight.

Film career

In 1998, Natalia, along with other famous Ukrainian singers, starred in the film “Take the overcoat …”, the plot of which is based on the film by Leonid Bykov “Only“ old men go into battle ”.

Natalya Mogilevskaya starred in the film “Take the overcoat …”

Five years later, the singer appeared in the musical film The Snow Queen by Igor Krutoy and Maxim Papernik, and in 2007 she appeared before viewers in the image of singer Olga Tumanova in the melodramatic series Hold Me Tight, in which Mogilevskaya’s songs were also performed.

Natalia Mogilevskaya in Alla Krutoy’s program “Welcome”

In addition, Natalya could be seen in the musical comedy A Very New Year’s Movie, or Night at the Museum (2007), and in 2014 the singer starred in a small role in the comedy Kiev Cake.

Personal life of Natalia Mogilevskaya

In August 2004, Natalia got married. Her chosen one was businessman Dmitry Chaly, with whom the girl had met for about two years before. The couple settled in the singer’s apartment in Lipki.

The first chosen one of Natalia Mogilevskaya was businessman Dmitry Chaly

Six months later, Mogilevskaya admitted that family life did not stick together – before the wedding, the young people saw each other only on weekends, but did not live together at all. A week after the wedding, she realized that living together is very different from episodic meetings. Interestingly, the mother and older sister of Mogilevskaya were against the wedding, but it was not possible to dissuade the girl from marriage.

In 2006, the artist began dating businessman Yegor Dolinin and adopted his three daughters from a previous marriage, Vasilisa, Varvara and Veronika, as her own. It was thanks to Vasilisa that they met – the daughter asked Yegor to take her to a nightclub, and by coincidence, Natalya also rested there that day.

Natalia Mogilevskaya and Yegor Dolinin

Unfortunately, the relationship has not stood the test of time. As Natalya admits, her civil husband was jealous of her other life – he did not like that show business occupies the vast majority of the artist’s schedule. In 2011, the couple broke up, but maintained a good relationship.

Natalia Mogilevskaya and Hector Jimenez-Bravo: more than friends?

In May 2017, the singer said that she was in love again, but Natalya chose to hide the identity of her chosen one. “I don’t want to give his name, I can only say that he is a yogi,” she shared.

Natalya Mogilevskaya managed to lose 25 kg

In 2017, Mogilevskaya impressed fans with her very slim figure. The actress managed to lose 25 kg with the help of a diet.

Natalia Mogilevskaya now

In September 2017, Natalya released the single “I danced”, and at the end of October, together with Igor Kuzmenko, she won the next season of the dance project “Dancing with the Stars”.

Natalia Mogilevskaya – “I danced”

In November, the 4th season of the vocal project “Voice. Children”, a member of the jury and mentor of which was Mogilevskaya. Other trainers of the project are Dmitry Monatik and members of the pop group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva and Alexei Zavgorodniy.

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