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Biography of Anastasia

Anastasia is an American singer. The heyday of her career came at the end of the 90s – the first half of the 2000s. This miniature blonde was twice diagnosed with a severe diagnosis – oncology. Both times she was very scared because of the feeling of self-destruction and the fear that people might reject her, “because they do not like to deal with those who are sick.”

In the photo: Anastasia

Elton John was the first to give her a helping hand. She survived a double mastectomy, a lengthy rehab, and eventually made it through. She herself spoke to fans about her struggle with cancer to inspire others in the same situation, and later founded a fund to help women with breast cancer. And yet she always sang. Without music and songs, this strong woman cannot imagine her life.

Childhood and family

Club performer Robert Newkirk from Chicago and musical actress Diana Hurley did not plan children. But in the fall of 1968, they had a girl, who was named Anastasia Lin. Later, the singer will say that this name was given to her by her mother, who heard him in Anton Chekhov’s play. [скорее всего, это был Федор Достоевский и его Настасья Филипповна, поскольку у Чехова нет подобных героинь, – прим.].

Anastasia as a child

Since both parents worked in show business, the baby grew up in an atmosphere of lightness, lack of inhibitions and creativity. Having barely learned to walk and talk, Anastacia immediately began to dance, as soon as the music was turned on. A little later, presenting herself as a great artist, she repeated the words of the songs after mom and dad, dressed up in Diana’s shoes and dress and holding a hairbrush in her hand in the manner of a microphone. In elementary school, Newkirk first began to sing from the stage and seriously stated that she would become a famous singer. She listened to the records of Barbara Streisand and Elton John, tried to imitate Michael Jackson.

Anastasia in childhood and adolescence

She was a little over ten years old when her parents separated. Anastacia moved with her mother to New York, went to study at the prestigious Professional Children’s School in Manhattan, became interested in dancing, began to take vocal lessons … But the doctors forbade her from an active lifestyle, having discovered a serious illness in the girl. She had to go to the hospital. Later, the artist recalled that period as follows:

I think I just learned at an early age that complex things are easier to approach with humor. As a child, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and you yourself know that children in hospitals are often cheerful and cheerful: it is easier for them to cope with their illnesses. And either I somehow came to this myself, or I just have a cheerful character, but all my life I make people laugh, remain easy to communicate and know how to see the funny even in the darkest.

When the girl began to feel much better, she enrolled in a dance group, and soon began to earn extra money as a backup dancer in the female musical hip-hop group Salt-n-Pepa, while simultaneously participating in solo competitions for young talents.

Musical career

Once, at one of the talent shows, fate smiled at Anastacia: she reached the final of The Cut on MTV with the song Not That Kind. The most memorable for the aspiring singer was the call of her idol Michael Jackson among the first, congratulating her on her success.

Anastasia – Not That Kind (MTV The Cut 1998)

Thanks to his moral support, Anastacia realized that the main thing is to be herself, to look for her own, unique image. And she became the inventor of her own style of performance called “sprock”, which included a mix of rock, soul, r’n’b and pop.

The organizer of the show, Lisa Lopez, along with other members of the jury, were so impressed with the girl’s performance that Anastacia was signed a contract to record her debut album under the Daylight Records label with the same name as the song that brought her first popularity.

Anastasia in her youth

The disc did not become particularly popular in the States, but won platinum, gold and silver statuses in European countries, Australia and New Zealand. The legendary British pianist and performer Elton John expressed a desire to record the song Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting with the young singer.

Anastacia and Elton John have always been on good terms

In 2001, Anastacia released her second album Freak of Nature, which even hit the Japanese charts. The singer’s voice captivated fans. It was hard to believe that the fragile charming blonde sang like a new incarnation of Tina Turner or Diana Ross, but at the same time her manner of performance is not like any of the black singers.

Anastacia – I’m Outta Love (live at World Music Award Monaco 2001)

In 2003, the artist felt discomfort in her back and, deciding that this was due to the large size of her breasts and the load on her spine, she signed up for an operation to reduce it. Mammography revealed a tumor. Anastasia was in a panic, but Elton John recommended good doctors to her, and the cancerous growth was quickly removed.

After undergoing treatment, the singer took up creativity with even greater zeal. And although she was sometimes tormented by insomnia and it was difficult to concentrate on writing songs, the Anastacia album brought her real fame. The most popular single was Left Outside Alone. The singer also recorded duets with Benjamin Moody (Everything Burns) and Eros Ramazzotti (I Belong to You) in support of the album.

Album cover of Anastacia

It should be noted that subsequently Anastacia recorded joint compositions with both soloists and musical groups with pleasure. She has duets with Paul McCartney and Celine Dion, Michael Jackson and Omar Soma.

Ben Moody feat. Anastacia – Everything Burns

In Russia, being the headliner of the Muz-TV national television award, the singer recorded the song Safety together with Dima Bilan, which was specially composed for them by American producers Busby and Evan Bogart. She was repeatedly recognized as one of the most successful singers of the 2000s.

Anastacia and Dima Bilan – Safety

Released in 2008, the album Heave Rotation went unnoticed by music critics. An interesting experiment was the 2012 album It’s a Man’s World (literally, “This is a man’s world”), on which Anastacia covered the songs of “male” bands like AC / DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns’n’Roses, Aerosmith, etc. The singer explained that the concept of the disc is a reference to the fact that the music show business is a purely male market, but she hopes to change soon.

In general, the album was supposed to be a prequel to a full-fledged studio album with new songs, which, as planned, was supposed to be released in 2013. But plans were interrupted by a recurrence of cancer. Anastacia had to part with her breasts. “I am cancer free forever,” she openly told the press and fans.

In 2013, the singer underwent surgery to remove the mammary glands.

And in 2014, her new album Resurrection saw the light, which translates as “Resurrection” and sends listeners to Anastasia’s victory over cancer. In addition, this is how the name “Anastasia” is translated from Greek. The singer returned to her “sprock” style, which greatly delighted the fans.

Anastacia – Stupid Little Things

In September 2017, Anastacia released her seventh studio album “Evolution”, recorded together with Swedish producers.

Anastasia’s personal life

The most private part of a star’s life has always been her personal relationship with the opposite sex. For almost seven years (from 1994 to 2001) she dated actor Sean Woods. There were rumors about her romances with Charles Ingram (2002) and Franklin Santana (2004), but the singer did not comment on these assumptions. From 2004 to 2005 she dated Patrice Buedibella.

Anastasia and her ex-husband Wayne Newton

For three years, from 2007 to 2010, she lived in a legal marriage with her bodyguard Wayne Newton. The wedding was played in Mexico. At the initiative of Anastacia, the couple divorced in 2010, there were no children in the family, but the singer kept silent about the real reason for the divorce. In 2016, the singer told the press:

I’m dating someone, but I don’t want to go down the aisle again. But I’m happy: I have a soul mate again <...> As for the passion of my whole life, it is music, and it is always in my heart.

Anastasia now

Anastacia’s musical and charitable activities during the coronavirus pandemic in 2024 and 2024 have moved to online broadcasts from Instagram. In the same place, the singer publishes her new photos and videos. According to some reports, the artist has begun work on a new album, but there has been no information about the upcoming release yet. The singer also plans to write a book about the fight against cancer and her own life.

In total, to date, Anastacia has recorded 7 studio albums and shot more than 30 clips.

Important events in life

  • 1998: MTV’s The Cut final.
  • year 2000: recording debut album Not that kind.
  • year 2001: Second album Freak of Nature released.
  • 2003: an oncological diagnosis was made, cured.
  • 2004: recording of the most commercially successful Anastacia album.
  • 2006: the launch of a line of clothing and author’s perfume.
  • 2007: marriage to Wayne Newton.
  • 2008: The album Heavy Rotation is out.
  • year 2009: for the first time there was an international tour in Russia and Ukraine.
  • 2010: divorce from her husband.
  • year 2012: The album It’s a Man’s World is out.
  • year 2013: repeated oncological diagnosis, double mastectomy operation.
  • year 2014: Resurrection album released.
  • 2017: The album Evolution is out.
  • 2019: participation in the St. Petersburg closing show of the international tennis tournament.
  • 2020: Working on a new album.

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