Anastasia Yakusheva

Biography of Anastasia Yakusheva

Anastasia Yakusheva is an entrepreneur, founder of lingerie and homewear brands, which have become the largest in the Russian-speaking Instagram. The creator of training courses on working with marketplaces for both entrepreneurs and those who want to master the remote profession of a marketplace manager. Anastasia also maintains her own blog.

In the photo: Anastasia Yakusheva

Anastasia Yakusheva is not just an example of an ideal Russian entrepreneur, but also a vivid example of a purposeful person who knows exactly how not to give up and move forward despite unexpected twists of fate of various kinds. Anastasia passed her entire life path with unshakable faith in herself and her strength, while being happy and giving happiness to all the people around her. In addition to the female leader, Anastasia is a beloved wife and mother of three girls, who have before their eyes an excellent example of femininity in the face of a mother and the image of a strong and friendly family.

Anastasia and her husband rose from scratch: together they went through all the trials of the business – from the sale of handmade soap to the grandiose project “Miss X”. Anastasia Yakusheva started her business with social networks (VK, Instagram), and now she is developing on the Internet on well-known marketplaces and actively shares her experience in her unique author’s course.

Childhood and youth

Anastasia was born in 1988 and grew up in Moscow in a family of doctors. A strict father, with whom there was a difficult relationship, tried to make his daughter a child prodigy, so Anastasia initially went not to grade 1, but to grade 2 with all the knowledge that her parents gave her.

The girl is convinced that “numbers speak more than people”, so already in childhood she loved algebra and geometry, at the age of 10 she studied quantum physics, and at 13 she began to write a book, while mastering a huge amount of information (two classes for year) – so Nastya completed a full course of high school at the age of 14. It is not surprising that at the moment Anastasia has several higher educations. Even as a student, she preferred to earn her own living – this is how the path of a young girl zealously striving to achieve career heights began.

First steps to success

It is worth admitting that luck did not always accompany Anastasia – sometimes she had to endure defeats and find the strength in herself to move forward. Anastasia got married in 2009. The husband received an inheritance of 2 million rubles, which the couple invested in the business by opening the Bubble Dream handmade soap shop, but the business went bankrupt without bringing a single ruble. Anastasia did not give up – she immediately bought a manicure studio from a friend for 50 thousand rubles. and then, having learned about her pregnancy, she again left the active business, successfully selling the studio.

On the way to success, Anastasia developed many projects

Later, Anastasia had an idea: she ordered a batch of underwear from China and at the same time started promoting this trend on Instagram. In 2013, “Lady’s Showroom” appeared, which began to develop at a fantastic pace and bring in a good income. After that, Anastasia created the brand “I am pijama” with her own production of pajamas, shirts, negligees and home suits in Moscow. Already in 2019, Anastasia began cooperation and promotion of her brands on the Wildberries marketplace, where she quickly began to break sales records and was able, in a pandemic, not only to make a profit, but also to reach a multi-million dollar turnover.

Having studied and tested doing business on marketplaces, Anastasia created the Marketplace Assistant course and began to train people to bring brands to the top. The girl did not plan her popularity, but became a cool entrepreneur – a large flow of people who want to study and train with Yakusheva confirms her recognition and tremendous success. Despite such failures as a loss-making business, theft of employees, defective consignments of goods from China and temporary blocking on Instagram, Anastasia did not leave her inner faith in herself and her strength – this helped her achieve her goals.

“I am supported by my loved ones: family, husband, mother, grandmother. This is a great source of motivation. I am also inspired by the fact that I myself can have a great influence on the standard of living of my family and specifically me. I just do it and do not plan to stop – I want to see how my children and parents get the best out of life! ”, Anastasia admits.

Personal life

Mikhail, the future husband, met Anastasia when the girl was 17 years old. He found an interlocutor after a fleeting meeting and promised her that he would become a soul mate – he kept his word.

The husband is also a Muscovite, but despite the fact that they lived with Anastasia at the same metro station, the couple met by chance in Perm in 2006, where Nastya hitchhiked at the age of 17 to cheer for the red and white at the Amkar-Spartak match.

Anastasia Yakusheva with her husband and children

Anastasia and Mikhail were friends for 2 years after they met, since 2008 they became a couple, got married in 2009, and in 2010 a joyful event took place – Anastasia and Mikhail became parents for the first time. At the moment, the spouses have three children: Zlata 11 years old, Alena 7 years old and Arina 1 year old.

Anastasia Yakusheva now

Today, Anastasia Yakusheva is writing a global course on women’s entrepreneurship – she wants to create the most new and most informative training courses, as well as double the turnover of brands in the next 2024.

Now Anastasia is a successful business woman

“I can say for sure that business for me is self-realization, so I am wholeheartedly grateful to the universe for having the opportunity to run my own business,” Anastasia Yakusheva comments on her relationship with business.