TOP 10 richest girls on Instagram

TOP 10 richest girls on Instagram

Instagram is a social network and mobile app of the same name for uploading photos and short videos. “Insta” allowed spectacular girls-models to earn money “without leaving home.” There is no need to apply to a modeling agency and hire managers, just register your page and start delighting fans with pictures. Advertisers pay handsomely to advertise on pages with large followings. Some models have achieved amazing success and are now earning hundreds of millions of dollars a year just posting photos.

oneAna Cheri

Revenue: $3.57 million

An American fashion model who made a real splash on the network, hitting users with a chic appearance. She was born on May 16, 1986 in California. Until the age of twenty, she did not show herself anywhere, until, finally, she decided to become a fashion model. The girl quickly gained popularity after a series of photo shoots for modeling and men’s magazines. Ana made a real sensation by registering on Instagram. In 2018, the number of her subscribers crossed the threshold of 11 million. What is the secret of such popularity? Ana Cheri has a truly outstanding appearance, in addition to a slender physique, combining Spanish, Indian and European roots. Now the girl has become the official representative of the Shredz company, which promotes products for weight loss and bodybuilding.

TOP 10 richest girls on Instagram

2Kayla Itsines

Revenue: $6.8 million

Australian fitness instructor, has 3 million followers. She began her career as an instructor at an Australian fitness center. Dissatisfied with the results of the girls, Kayla decides to develop her own effective training program. To promote her program, she creates pages on social networks. The Instagram page quickly gets an overwhelming response from the audience. There, Kayla publishes photos of her toned body, paints weight loss exercises, and also advertises her digital books. In addition to the impressive figure of the Australian, photos of girls regularly appear on the page, improving their bodies with Kayla’s training program.

TOP 10 richest girls on Instagram

3Paige Hathaway

Revenue: $3.8 million

She started her career as a model, but was not successful. In 2011, the girl's fitness trainer convinces her to start actively preparing for bikini competitions. By participating in the Ronnie Coleman Classic, Page takes second place. Such a quick and unexpected success makes the girl continue her career in the fitness industry. At the same time, she begins to be active on Instagram, demonstrating the impressive results of her workouts. In just 2 years, Paige was able to transform from a fragile, thin girl into a strong and fit fitness model. She now has over 4 million followers on her Instagram page.

TOP 10 richest girls on Instagram

4Shantel Zales

Income: $1.5 million

She was born on July 6, 1990 in New Mexico. After graduating from the University of Arizona, he began acting for men's magazines Maxim and FHM. Almost 5 million people have subscribed to her Instagram page. Many brands are willing to work with a charming blonde, and are willing to shell out a large amount of money for such an opportunity. Through advertising, Chantel earned a fortune in excess of five million dollars. Also, the blonde sometimes plays minor roles in films. Chantelle's most famous film is Piranha 3D.

TOP 10 richest girls on Instagram

5Claudia Alende

Income: $2.1 million

This girl from Brazil gained worldwide fame due to her incredible resemblance to Hollywood actress Megan Fox. The number of Instagram followers exceeds 10 million, significantly surpassing Megan Fox herself in numbers. Starting to post photos in 2014, Claudia did not allow the thought of gaining popularity. The brunette admits that she never noticed her resemblance to a Hollywood star. Unlike Megan Fox, Claudia boasts impressive curves. Thanks to her juicy buttocks, she received second place in the Miss Bumbum pageant.

TOP 10 richest girls on Instagram

6Abigail Ratchford

Income: 7 mil.$

Born in Philadelphia, USA. She grew up in a large family, where there were as many as 7 children. By the age of twenty, she had to work three jobs to pay her bills. Popularity came unexpectedly: one day, a familiar photographer offered to take a few photos of the girl. The photos published on the network received a lot of admiring reviews. After such a reception, Abigail realized that her future was to work as a fashion model. Now more than 8 million people have subscribed to her Instagram page. Every year, only from one advertising photo, the girl receives an income of hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, Abigail managed to light up in a small role in the television series.

TOP 10 richest girls on Instagram

7Lacey Kay Somers

Revenue: $3.34 million

Born in San Francisco, USA. The Lacey family has French, Irish, German and English roots. She has over 9 million followers on her Instagram profile. In promotional shots, a gorgeous blonde gets impressive amounts. She also occasionally appears in Playboy magazine. From many other popular "Instagram girls", Lacey is distinguished by a very versatile activity. In addition to working as a model, she enjoys playing the piano and has a professional vocal, acts in films, and works as a ring announcer in MMA. In addition to her own Instagram page, Lacey created an account for her dog, named Boss.

TOP 10 richest girls on Instagram

eightBella Falconi

Revenue: $2.53 million

American fitness model. Born in Brazil in 1985. After graduating from high school, she went to law school. However, the prospect of being a lawyer did not suit the girl and she moved to the USA to work as a fitness model. She began to actively engage in sports at the age of seventeen. The model admits that the purpose of her training was not to gain fame and big money, but the result of a high-quality study of the body. Bella now has over three million followers on Instagram. There she uploads both professional studio shots and photos from her workouts. Bella Falconi is sponsored by the world's largest fitness nutrition companies.

TOP 10 richest girls on Instagram

9Amanda Alice Lee

Income: $2.2 million

This Canadian fitness model impresses with her appearance. The girl has an impressive bust with a small height - only 160 cm. Amanda began working on her body as a teenager, because she considered herself too thin. She has over 11 million followers on her Instagram page, and that number continues to skyrocket. Perhaps soon the pretty blonde will become the most followed fitness model on Instagram. For a standard advertising photo on her page, the girl takes 5 thousand dollars, and for "hidden" advertising 25 thousand and more. In addition to working as a fitness model, Amanda teaches Pilates training, one of the most popular fitness methods.

TOP 10 richest girls on Instagram

10Alexa Jean Brown

Revenue: $2.08 million

American fitness model born in 1991. Alexa's slender figure is impressive. But even more impressive is the presence of two children. Even during pregnancy, the girl continued to train hard, and as a result, she practically did not lose her amazing shape after giving birth. The number of subscribers to Alexa's Instagram page has almost passed the 2 million mark. On her page, the girl shares tips on training during pregnancy, and also paints weight loss programs. Gene Brown earns more than $2 million a year from Alex's advertising posts.

TOP 10 richest girls on Instagram