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Biography of John Cena

John Cena (John Cena, full name – John Felix Anthony Cena) is a famous American wrestler, 16-time world champion. Since 2002 he has been a member of the World Ranking Federation (WWE).

Pictured: John Cena

He also realized himself as an actor, starring in more than 20 Hollywood films and TV shows (for example, he was a guest star in the comedy series Parks and Recreation). In 2005, John released a rap album: “You Can’t See Me”, which peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Childhood and youth

John Cena was born on April 23, 1977 in West Newberry, Massachusetts, USA. Parents: John Cena Sr., Italian (hence the surname unusual for an American ear) and Carol Lupien, a native of Canada, the daughter of baseball player Tony Lupien. John became the second of five children in the family, while all five are boys.

John Cena as a child

From childhood, the boy was notable for his athletic physique and good health beyond his years. In an interview, John Cena admitted:

At that time in our remote town in the south of the United States, watching the fights of Hulk Hogan and Sean Miles, I could not even dream that I would someday become part of the fascinating world of WWE.

Since childhood, John was fond of American football, every day he trained for several hours. Unlike many athletes, he studied at the top five in school, and when it came time for college entrance exams, he went to 58 of the 60 schools he applied to – everyone wanted to get a promising athlete on their team. Of these 58, he chose Springfield University, although it was not the most prestigious educational institution.

John Cena on the varsity football team

In 1998, as one of the three team captains, he led the university team to the third division of the championship of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. He graduated with a degree in sports physiology in 1999 and was subsequently inducted into the Springfield College Sports Walk of Fame.

John Cena in his youth

After graduating from college, a young graduate, against the wishes of his father, left Massachusetts and with $ 500 in his pocket went in search of happiness to California. He dreamed of making a career as a bodybuilder, but from the very beginning he faced great difficulties. To be able to work out in the gym, he moonlighted as a limousine driver, “Lincoln” in 1991, and spent the night in it, so as not to spend money on rent.

Wrestling and WWE

John Cena came to big sport quite by accident in 2000, when a wrestler friend from the gym advised him to take lessons in Ultimate Pro Wrestling (then a subsidiary of WWE).

The idea of ​​trying his hand at wrestling did not seem strange to Cena – with a height of 185 centimeters and a weight of 108 kilograms, he was an ideal candidate for the ring.

John Cena’s height is 185 cm

He took his first steps in a new career quite confidently. Taking on the pseudonym “Prototype” Cena quickly climbed to the heights of world wrestling and already on April 27, 2001 in San Diego captured the UPW champion title.

In February 2002, Cena won the OVW title, and in June of the same year he began his career in WWE. In the federation, he became the undisputed champion of the United States, bringing with him to California the title of “Wrestlermania XX”, which he won from “Big Show”.

John Cena – WWE Champion

In subsequent years, he repeatedly became the Champion according to various federations and competitions, second only to the legendary Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan and Bob Backlund in the number of his championship belts.

John Cena in WWE against Rey Mysterio

Over the following years, Cena actively cultivated his image, like his childhood idol Hogan, becoming an icon of American pop culture. He proved his worth as a wrestler and showman not only in the ring, but also outside of it.

Exit John Cena

In 2015, after failing to defend his title in an open challenge by himself, Cena lost the WWE belt to Alberto Del Rio. Since then, he appeared on the show as a part timer, that is, occasionally, receiving big money for each appearance.

Wrestler John Cena in the ring

In 2018, while receiving the Muhammad Ali award from Sports Illustrated, Cena said his career was coming to an end and it was time to pass the baton to younger athletes.

Cinema and music

As part of WWE’s regular film programming, Cena has participated in numerous interviews, screenings, and demonstrations. However, he also acted as an actor in films destined for the “big screen”: with Robert Patrick in the film “The Marine” and as a newly minted, young policeman in “12 Rounds”.

John Cena in The Marine

Cena is also a big fan of hip-hop culture. In 2005, he recorded the album “You can’t see me”, which finished at #15 on the national Billboard Hot 200 chart.

John Cena – My Time Is Now

As part of the Wrestlermania program, he released 2 singles, recorded together with the famous rapper Wiz Khalifa (Wiz Khalifa): “All day” and “Breaks”.

John Cena ft. Wiz Khalifa – All Day

In March 2015, another film with the participation of John Cena “The Girl Without Complexes” was released, for the role in which he received positive reviews from critics.

Personal life of John Cena

In 2009, the wrestler married his girlfriend Elizabeth Huberdo in 2009. The girl passionately wanted children, and Cena, as he claimed in one of his interviews, was not going to have offspring until he finished his career. Due to this and other numerous disagreements, the couple divorced after three years.

John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau

After the divorce, he began dating a wrestler, one of the famous “Bella twins” – Nicole Garcia. In 2017, they announced a half-engagement, but in 2018 the couple broke up.

John Cena and Nicole Garcia

Since 2019, John Cena’s girlfriend is Canadian Shai Shariadze. In February 2024, the paparazzi caught them on a walk, and an engagement ring flaunted on the girl’s finger. The chosen one is 14 years younger than John. Presumably, they met in Canada, on the set of the comedy “Playing with Fire”, in which John Cena played the main role.

Joa Cena’s new girlfriend Shai Shariadze

John is an avid sports car collector. He has over 30 models in his garage, some of which are one-of-a-kind.

One of my favorite wrestlers in my collection.

The wrestler is a big fan of baseball. In particular, he is a fan of the Boston Red Sox team.

John Cena now

John Cena intends to end his wrestling career. He made this decision in the spring of 2019. However, he sincerely enjoys every entry into the ring, so the exact date of Cena’s final performance is not yet known.

Meanwhile, the wrestler is confidently building an acting career. So, he appeared in Suicide Squad 2 (the premiere is scheduled for 2024). John Cena’s character is called The Peacemaker and is one of the craziest heroes in the DC Universe. John himself calls him “sucks Captain America.”

Suicide Squad 2: Jin Cena as Peacekeeper

In 2024, the ninth part of the Fast and the Furious is also coming out. Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez will be joined by John Cena, who has been entrusted with the role of Jacob, the unstable and aggressive younger brother of Dominic Toretto.

John Cena will appear in the ninth “Fast and the Furious”

Rumor has it that Cena will play the Sandman in the Marvel movie series. The reason was the drawing of the Sandman and Spider-Man fighting, which John posted on his Instagram. It is likely that Cena will appear in the next Spiderman solo films.

In 2024, Forbes estimated John Cena’s net worth at $55 million.

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