Maxim Chernyavsky Net Worth 2024 – Life of This Desirable Bachelor

Biography of Maxim Chernyavsky

A tall and handsome young man was known to fans of Russian show business only as the husband of Anna Sedokova. But after he took part in the project “Bachelor” became very popular especially among the beautiful half of the audience of the TNT channel.

Childhood and family of Maxim Chernyavsky

Maxim was born in Kiev. His childhood also passed there. His family was quite wealthy thanks to the business in the trade. Marina Chernyavskaya, Maxim’s grandmother, was among the first to open a suburban hypermarket. This is the Maxi complex. It was opened in 2000.

It is known that the grandmother has always been in charge of the family business. Chernyavsky’s father is an entrepreneur, his mother works as a chief accountant.

After successfully graduating from school, the young man became a student at the Trade and Economic University of Kiev, from which he graduated with a “red” diploma.

The beginning of the career of businessman Maxim Chernyavsky

The Maxi hypermarket, owned by Maxim’s grandmother, could not stand the competition and was bought out in 2005 by the Fozzy corporation. After that, Chernyavsky, under the strict guidance of his grandmother, began to engage in the construction of luxury real estate.

Thanks to perseverance and hard work, an aspiring businessman at the age of nineteen has created a successful enterprise. It cannot be said that he did it without the support of his relatives, including financial. However, in business, not only great finances are important, but also the ability to think economically and “push elbows”.

Chernyavsky is not yet thirty years old, but he is already a successful entrepreneur and millionaire. Many business partners around the world know his last name.

Personal life: Maxim Chernyavsky and Anna Sedokova

In an interview, Maxim says that he always liked girls who have a model appearance. For some time, Maxim met with a fashion model from Kiev. This was before I met my wife.

Anna Sedokova got entangled in men – Maxim Chernyavsky

The businessman saw his future wife Anna Sedokova on TV long before his personal acquaintance during the performance of the VIA Gra group. Later he saw her on the street and decided to meet her. Romantic relationships developed at lightning speed. In early 2010, they went on vacation to Los Angeles, where the young man proposed to Anna. A year later, the couple signed. In the summer they had a daughter, who was named Monica. The girl is very similar to Anna. Since the spouses did not have a wedding as such, but only a painting, they decided to gather the guests and celebrate their wedding, combining it with a celebration in honor of the birth of their daughter. Among the guests were none of Anna’s colleagues.

I must say that Sedokova was married for some time to football player Valentin Belkevich. This marriage broke up in 2006. They have a daughter together, who, after parting, remained with Anna.

Unfortunately, after a year and a half of marriage, Ani and Maxim’s marriage broke up. At first there were many quarrels, unpleasant statements about each other on the Internet and in the press, and then a loud divorce proceedings followed.

In an interview, Chernyavsky said that it was difficult for him to be married to a woman who often appears in candid clips and commercials, who has many men. In his opinion, he needs a more “domestic” wife, a keeper of the hearth, a hostess in the house. Anna, on the other hand, accused her husband of numerous novels, including with Santa Dimopulus, a colleague of Sedokova.

The daughter stayed with Anna, however, Maxim proves himself to be a wonderful loving father and often sees Monica. They spend almost every weekend together. On his blog, friends often see new photos, which capture Maxim and Monica during their regular meetings. Many believe that the mutual feelings of the former spouses have not yet faded away. On his pages in social networks, Chernyavsky never once wrote that his daughter and her love for him gives him confidence in life, gives him strength and desire to move forward.

New women of Maxim Chernyavsky

A month and a half after the official divorce, the businessman was repeatedly seen with Anna Anders. This Ukrainian model is only nineteen years old. The relationship did not last long. The media often wrote about the similarity of Maxim’s new passion with his ex-wife.

During the advertisement for the upcoming reality show “The Bachelor”, with the permission of Chernyavsky, a photograph of her daughter was repeatedly used. This became the reason that Anna filed a lawsuit against the ex-spouse, stating that she was against Monica being shown on the show.

Maxim Chernyavsky in the show “Bachelor”

After a difficult divorce, the businessman was invited to take part in the “Bachelor” show. He said that his heart is free, so he will gladly take part in a reality show, where girls from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia will “fight” for his location and love.

Many articles appeared in the media about the possible reasons for Maxim’s participation in the “Bachelor”. One of the most likely – he wants to be in sight. As for the weak half of humanity, the businessman has never felt a lack of their attention.

The show was shown by TNT in the spring of 2014. Maxim chose a girl Masha from the city of St. Petersburg as his “wife”. She is 23 years old, she is a lawyer by education.

Maxim Chernyavsky now: his hobbies

Maxim repeatedly tried to change the style of clothing. Buying himself another business suit, he always makes a promise to himself to wear it. But soon he is seen again in the office in jeans and his favorite Nike sneakers.

The young man is fond of auto racing. Of the cars, he prefers the Porsche brand.