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Biography of TRITIA

TRITIA is a very young band from the Far East, which became famous in the Internet immediately after the release of their debut album. Recorded in an alternative style, completely in English and opposed to the creations of top bands, the album “The Restructured” was called by some fans only as the hope of Russian rock, and the frontman’s vocal abilities and the professionalism of the musicians became an unexpected gift for lovers of quality music.


Despite generous advances from critics and a huge number of fans, the guys decided not to stop there and showed their music in the famous show “Songs” on TNT, becoming one of the brightest finalists of the competition.

History of creation

All members of the TRITIA group are from Khabarovsk, and before forming the group, the guys had known each other for many years. Officially, the band’s birth year is 2014, when twenty-year-old musicians Vyacheslav Martyushov, Ivan Andrukovich and Kirill Ganin formed the FreeQBrothers group and released the song “Chance For Me”, which became a loud start to their common history.

Vyacheslav Martyushov

Although Vyacheslav Martyushov avoids calling himself the leader of the group, he is: he is the frontman of the group, soloist, author of ideas for songs, lyrics and music. Ivan Andrukovich – guitarist and arranger, Kirill Ganin – drummer, percussionist and co-author of lyrics.

Ivan Andrukovich

An amazing coincidence of the views and ideas of the musicians was embodied in a style that does not fall within the framework of any one direction, but combines signs of electronic rock, grunge and late industrial.

Kirill Ganin

The success of the song “Chance For Me” published on the social network VKontakte and the interest that fellow countrymen showed in the newborn band only strengthened the musicians’ confidence in the correctness of their choice, and soon they became frequent and favorite guests of the best Khabarovsk venues and festivals.

FreeQBrothers – Irreversible

The FreeQ Brothers name existed for less than a year; already in 2015, the guys began performing under the name TRITIA, which, according to Vyacheslav, is read as it is written and has no direct or indirect associations with any phenomenon or image.

creative way

The guys started working on their first full-length album in 2016 and, having moved to Moscow, in the fall of 2017 released the disc “The Restructured”. Twelve English-language tracks immediately attracted the attention of millions of listeners on Google Play and iTunes, and three days later the young musicians signed an agreement with the Soyuz studio, the largest and oldest record label in Russia.

In 2016, the band members moved to Moscow

Impeccable pronunciation, quality music and the professionalism of the musicians have become their calling card. Despite the fact that the album was completely in English, Russian music lovers, somewhat tired of the eternal teenage protest of freshers and the glossy obsession of pop artists, called TRITIA the hope for the revival of Russian rock.

In the period from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2019, the musicians recorded new tracks and videos, becoming one of the brightest groups in their genre. Compositions “Irreversible”, “For Sale!” and “Wake” put Russian musicians, according to many fans, on the same level as Velvet Revolver and Linkin Park.

“Songs” on TNT

For many TRITIA fans, the guys’ decision to participate in the show on TNT was unexpected. In one of the interviews, Kirill Ganin said that the main goal of their joining the project is the desire to bring the band’s work to a new level without changing the concept and the desire to “show” their music to as many Russians as possible. As the Khabarovsk musicians note, they were all amazed at how many talented participants came to the casting and they had no confidence that they would be among those who passed the selection. The second season of the brightest and most honest music show started in February 2019, and, of course, TRITIA were among the finalists and ended up in Basta’s team. The mentors were not the first to compare the group’s music with the work of Linkin Park, however, as the guys say, they were more than flattered to hear such a comparison from Basta and Timati. On February 16, on the air of TNT, the guys performed with the composition “Wake”, already familiar to many, and at the next stage, on April 20, they presented the first Russian-language composition “No Replacements”, but the decision of the mentors to leave only Vyacheslav in the project upset both the regular TRITIA fans and those who got acquainted with the creativity of the group on the show.

TRITIA on the show “Songs”

Despite the reaction of the fans, the musicians themselves do not seem upset by this decision of the jury, but on the contrary, they say that it has united them even more. It is known that Kirill and Ivan will take part in the recording of backing tracks and help their friend, whose victory is believed not only by fellow countrymen, but also by residents of other large Russian cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, where after the start of the show the guys gave several concerts.

“Songs”: TRITIA – Light

In addition to Vyacheslav, the Gasholder team included Ksenia Minaeva, Anika, Ksenia Chumachenko, acting under the pseudonym Straniza, and Kirill Mednikov.



A new stage of creativity, which began with the group with participation in the Songs show on TNT, brought young musicians not only new fans, but also became inspiration for the creation of long-awaited Russian-language songs, which, according to Vyacheslav, will appear on the official pages of the group in the summer of 2019 in social networks Instagram and VKontakte.

As a result of the project, TRITIA took second place and received an offer of cooperation from Basta, the leader of the Gazgolder label.

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