Anna Nicole Smith Net Worth

Biography of Anna Nicole Smith


The family of Anna Nicole Smith (Vicki Leeney Hogan – the real name of the celebrity) – the future Playboy girl was the most ordinary. Dad Donald Eugene Hogan was a worker, and mom Virgie Tabers served as an officer. Anna’s parents divorced almost immediately after the birth of their daughter.

The father fled in an unknown direction. The mother gave the girl to the care of her aunt Kay Beall, because she could not quit her job – this was the only source of family livelihood. However, Vicki Lini was happy to be next to her aunt and even called her “second mother.” By the way, as an adult, Smith met with her missing father and, subsequently, told reporters that she was very proud of him. During his absence, Donald Eugene managed to have five more daughters and sons.

Modeling career

At 22, Anna Nicole Smith won the Playboy Cover Girl competition and was spotted by Mr. Paul Marciano, president of the GUESS fashion brand. In 1992, the girl starred in an advertisement for this brand, and after that she began to participate in promotions in San Antonio, New York and Miami. And it was at this time that the famous blonde became Anna Nicole Smith. The pseudonym is half fictional. The name Anna Nicole was invented, but the surname Smith was inherited from her first marriage.

GUESS made Anna Nicole Smith recognizable. The girl began to appear on the covers of major international publications.

In 1993, Anna Nicole Smith received the prestigious Playboy Girl title – she became the “Sexiest Woman of the Year”. However, the chance will appear on the pages of a popular men’s publication, the model had a year earlier. However, on the eve of filming, the future sex symbol said that she would not be able to go to the photo shoot due to a car accident. In it, the girl received abrasions. By the way, as it turned out later, Anna Nicole really got into an accident. She was even arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

And Vika’s first experience in a big movie came in 1994. The already famous blonde starred in Tim Robbins’ comedy Naked Gun 33 and 1/3.

Throughout the mid-90s of the last century and the beginning of the 2000s, Anna Nicole Smith hosted her own show, and also starred in television series and films.

In 1998, the world saw the painting “The Secrets of Anna Nicole Smith.” The girl acted not only as an actress, but also as a screenwriter, director and producer.

At the end of 2002, Anna Nicole was mired in scandals. To a greater extent, the public discussed her appearance. The GUESS brand and the agencies that used Vika’s body in their promotions, in particular for the promotion of clothes for women in the body, said that Anna Nicole Smith became not just a puffy woman, but a real fat woman. It ceased to correspond to both companies and time. And it was because of her obesity that Anna left her own TV show.

Personal life of Anna Nicole Smith

The supermodel has been married three times and has two children. Anna’s first husband was Billy Smith. The future celebrity lived with the chef from 1985 to 1993. The girl met her first husband in a cheap restaurant. There, the young man just worked as a cook, and Vicki fried chickens. In April 1985, the couple got married, and 8 months later they had a son, Daniel Wayne Smith. The boy was seriously ill and died in September 2006. He accidentally drank too much of the medication he was taking. However, according to another version, the young man died from an overdose of antidepressants. By the way, 20-year-old Daniel died suddenly right in the hospital room of his mother, where she was just lying with her newborn daughter.

The Smith family did not last long. Almost immediately after the birth of baby Daniel, the couple broke up. However, the divorce was officially formalized only in 1993.

The second husband of Anna Nicole Smith was James Howard Marshall II. The man was 58 years older than his beloved. The future spouses met in the early 90s in a strip club. There, the supermodel moonlighted as a stripper in difficult times for her. In June 1994, Anna and James got married, but a year later the girl’s 90-year-old husband died. For the next 11 years, Smith shared the inheritance with her stepson Pierce. Pierce died suddenly in 2006 from an infectious disease.

Well, the third husband of the girl was Howard K. Stern. He was even a year younger than Anna. And the couple met during the trials. Stern represented Smith in the Marshall inheritance case. By the way, the young man married Anna with a three-week-old daughter in her arms. In the fall of 2006, the model gave birth to a daughter, Dannilyn Hope Birkhead-Marshall. The baby’s dad is Anna’s ex-fiance Larry Birkhead. Anna’s marriage to Howard proved to be short-lived. It lasted 5 months, until Smith’s death in February 2007.


The last years of her life, Anna Nicole Smith lived in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. It was here that her son died and her daughter was born. In early February 2007, Vicki and her husband Stern went to Florida on business. According to some reports, for 4 days, from February 5th to 8th, she just “lay in bed” with the flu.

On February 8, Anna’s husband Howard left on business. However, almost immediately he was returned home with a message that his wife became extremely ill. The ambulance, which was immediately called, tried to bring the woman to her senses, but in vain, Vicki Hogan died. The 39-year-old model died, according to a preliminary version, from an overdose of analgesics or antidepressants, which Anna had been abusing in recent years of her life.

And after the autopsy, it turned out that Anna Nicole Smith had a severe and advanced form of pneumonia. Against the background of general weakness of the body after the birth of her daughter, as well as several plastic surgeries plus constant depression, the disease progressed. The situation of the girl was aggravated by the drugs with which Vicki relieved pain and treated depression. This led the celebrity to death. However, there is a version that lupus vulgaris hastened the death of the star. This is one of the varieties of tuberculosis of the skin.

After Anna’s death, her husband and mother could not decide where to bury her. As a result, the place of rest had to be chosen by the court. As a result, Anna Nicole Smith was buried only a month after her death in the Bahamas next to her son Daniel. At the same time, there was not even a farewell procedure – Vicki was buried in a closed coffin, as the model’s body began to decompose, while her relatives argued over a place in the cemetery.

Interesting Facts

In 1995, Anna, with her mother Virgie Tabers and son Daniel, starred in the film To the Extreme. And in 2003, Anna and her husband Howard Stern worked together on the film Wasabi Tuna. Anna Nicole Smith had 6 tattoos and 8 piercings on her body. The model had an earring in her navel, five holes in her left ear, and two holes in her right. And from the tattoos, Vika wore two pictures on top of her back (she is depicted there with her children: with her daughter on the right side, with her son on the left), two on the back below (her own image, as well as a rose in her lips), besides this tattoo was on the left lower abdomen in the form of a Playboy Bunny and at the bottom of the right leg.

Marrying Howard

Anna Nicole Smith is loved, remembered and appreciated even years after her death. In 2007, Vicki’s half-sister Donna Hogan wrote a book about her sister in April 2007 called Train Wreck. The Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith. In August of the same year, the biography film Anna Nicole saw the light of day. The role of Smith was played by Willa Ford. And on February 17, 2011, Marc-Anthony Turnage’s Anna Nicole premiered at the Theater Royal, Covent Garden.