5 wives of billionaires with a very large age difference

As A.S. Pushkin “All ages are submissive to love …”, and there is also a proverb among the people “You will love evil and ..”, in a word, today we will talk about the wives of billionaires who are much younger than their chosen ones.

Unequal marriage has always been a hot topic in society. However, at all times, young brides were not embarrassed by the gray hair of the groom if he had impressive finances. This is evidenced by the smiles of the happy faces of the wives of billionaires with a big difference in marriage. Although, of course, it is not a fact that they smile from the realization of great and sincere love.

5th place: Elena Perminova

Elena met her future husband Alexander Lebedev under interesting circumstances. The girl then had problems with the law, and 45-year-old member of parliament Lebedev helped get rid of them. And at the same time, he fell in love with a young beauty who was 20 years old.

The girl was not embarrassed by the 26-year age difference. With the support of her already middle-aged boyfriend, she became a famous Russian model and it-girl. She is often seen at social events. And she gave her common-law spouse three children.

The Lebedev family on vacation.  Source: instagram.com/lenaperminova

The Lebedev family on vacation.
Source: instagram.com/lenaperminova

Yes, the couple has not yet been painted. Although at the beginning of 2024, when the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary, Elena hinted at the engagement. But the matter has not yet reached the wedding.

By the way, the figure of the fashion model remained elegant even after three births. And the beautiful blonde does not forget to “remind” about it in often daring photo shoots. Partly to “shake up” the audience, partly so that the perky light in Alexei’s eyes does not fade away.

The couple lives in London, where Alexey owns the reputable English publications Independent and Evening Standard. They fly to Russia as needed.

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4th place: Alexandra Nikolaenko

Former model, actress and Ukrainian public figure Alexander Nikolaenko was introduced to her billionaire husband Phil Ruffin by Donald Trump himself. The “young” met for several years, and got married only in 2008.

At the time of the marriage, Alexandra was 26 years old, and her chosen one was 46 years older.

72-year-old Ruffin was on the list of the richest people in the United States. He made a fortune in the gambling business, and now he is successfully investing money in various projects. Phil not only already has three children from his first marriage, but by the time of the “grooming” he managed to grow up with grandchildren.

Alexandra Nikolaenko

Alexandra Nikolaenko

Nikolaenko said that at first a modest wedding was planned, and then the newlyweds decided to arrange a truly chic and solemn event for themselves. Therefore, the dress for the bride was sewn by the famous American designer Michael Kors, and the guest stars were Justin Timberlake and Celine Dion.

Alexandra gave birth to her husband two children and considers herself very happy in marriage.

3rd place: Katie Schmitz (Lugner)

The Playboy magazine model was not embarrassed by the 57-year age difference. Yes, she knew that Richard Lugner was a billionaire, but, according to her, this circumstance did not play a decisive role in choosing a life partner.

“I liked him as a nice guy,” Cathy said of her cheerful old fiancé.

By the way, Katie raised a child from a previous relationship. The Austrian billionaire adopted the daughter of the chosen one as his own.

In addition to working as a model, Katie also tried herself as a TV presenter. However, she had to choose between love and career. The girl chose a family, but continues to actively show naughty photos on her Instagram account.

By the way, this was Richard’s fifth marriage. Before meeting Kathy, he had been divorced for seven years. And after the meeting, after 7 months, he led her down the aisle. By the way, the grandiose wedding ceremony took place in Schönbrunn Palace.

2nd place: Anna Nicole Smith (Marshall)

The most sensational wedding in the topic of unequal marriage is the marriage of the nineties sex symbol Anna Nicole Smith (born Vicki Lynn Hogan) and businessman, lawyer, and most importantly, billionaire James Howard Marshall.

The “newlyweds” signed when the groom was 89 years old, and the bride – 26. The age difference was 63 years.

Rice.  Anna Nicole Smith and her fiancé

Rice. Anna Nicole Smith and her fiancé

However, Marshall was Anne’s patron long before the wedding. They met when, after a divorce, she got a job at a local strip club. Here, the then-breastless newcomer was put on the day shift. One of the frequent patrons of the institution was James Howard Marshall II, once a major oil tycoon, and now a wheelchair user.

It was he who took a young girl under financial custody and paid for her breast augmentation surgery. A fan also helped her win the Playboy Cover Girl contest.

And after the wedding, the magnate continued to give his young wife expensive gifts. However, 14 months later, Howard was gone, and Anna began an eleven-year inheritance lawsuit with her stepson.

Money did not bring the desired happiness. The girl herself said so: “Marrying money did not become a good thing for me.” Anna Nicole Smith’s life tragically ended in 2007. After that, another epic with money began, connected with her daughter. But that is another story.

1st place: Malia Adeline (Redstone)

Malia met her love, in the literal sense of the word, in heaven. She worked as a flight attendant for Viacom, where she met the loving Sumner Redstone.

Rice.  Malia Adeline with her husband

Rice. Malia Adeline with her husband

The 73-year age difference did not embarrass the lovers at all. The wedding took place when the groom was 94 years old and the bride was 21 years old.

Probably, for such love, no special words were needed. It is known that at the same age, the billionaire and owner of the Viacom conglomerate lost the ability to speak due to illness. However, he used a set of phrases installed on his tablet.

Interestingly, the previous wife of the rich man was 39 years younger than him. Sumner continued to communicate and be friends with ex-wife Paula Fortunato, even despite the divorce. And he bequeathed his entire fortune to his daughter Sheri and her three children.

Today, Malia Adeline is a young widow. Her husband Sumner Redstone passed away at the age of 98 in August 2024.

Fashion or tradition

Rich men always get the best. This also applies to young beautiful wives, many of whom are suitable for their granddaughters.

There are many such examples in our country too. So, for example, Valentin Ivanov, at the age of 55, proposed to 18-year-old Elizaveta Adamenko. Singer Slava was 28 years younger than her oligarch husband Anatoly Danilitsky. The chosen one of Vlad Doronin was barely 21 years old. And the 20-year-old socialite does not hide her relationship with 69-year-old billionaire Oleg Burlakov. Apparently, the status fashion for a young wife has already become an excellent proof of not only financial, but also male solvency.