Last Witch Hunter 2 – Possible Release Date & Renewal Status in 2024!

Will Kaulder be successful in eradicating all the evil entities from the world? Will there be last witch hunter 2? Keep reading to know more.

The last witch hunter has won millions of hearts partly because the main character is Vin Diesel, and partly because of the storyline. If you don’t know already, it is an American Fantasy film that made its debut on 23 Oct 2015. Although the movie received great success, profit-wise, there are many critics who gave negative remarks. Ever Since its first installment, people have been waiting for the Last Witch Hunter 2. Read below and find out everything about it.

Last Witch Hunter 2: Possible Release Date & Renewal Status in 2024!

The Last Witch Hunter Plot Summary


The movie starts off showing the time 800 years ago from today where the witches and humans are not on good terms. The Witch Queen, played by Julie Engelbrecht, curses the world with the Black plague causing deaths after deaths. Kaulder, who is a Knight along with other knights, manages to take the witch queen’s life. Kaulder has lost his family to the cruel plague. Upon dying, the witch queen curses Kaulder with eternal life.

800 years forward, Kaulder has become a witch hunter aiming at punishing evil witches. He works in an organization called, “Order of the Axe and Cross”, which aims at keeping the peace between witches and humans. Witches are banned from performing magic in the human world if they want to live freely in the world. A teenage witch, named Bronwyn is seen carrying runes, that could control the weather, in her luggage during a flight.

Bronwyn accidentally causes a disturbance in the plane, which could possibly crash the plane. Kaulder prevented this from happening just in time. The Order of the Axe And Cross is headed by Dolan, who is a priest. Michael Caine is the 36th Dolan of the order, ever since the organization started. The 36th Dolan died immediately after announcing his retirement.

Later, it is revealed that Dolan was murdered by an evil witch. A new Dolan is appointed known as 37th Dolan. Kaulder and the 37th Dolan start investigating the 36th’s death. To their surprise, it is revealed that 36th isn’t actually dead. They find traces of old dark magic, the kind of which they haven’t seen before. It is also revealed that 36 is under that old dark powerful magic spell.

Now, Kaulder and 37 are after the witch that cast the spell on 36 in order to break the spell. The spell can only be broken if the witch that has cast it is killed. Kaulder decides to track down the witch who enchanted 36 with the help of Chloe and Miranda. Chloe and Miranda are two witches that run the local bar in the town. Chloe attempts to make a memory potion for Kaulder through which he can trace the evil witch.

While she is casting the spell, the bar is attacked by Baltasar Ketola, also known as Belial. It is revealed that Belial is the same witch who cast a spell on 36. Chloe is rescued by Kaulder, and he convinces her to make another memory potion. Only to realize that her supply of root, which is the primary ingredient of the potion, has been destroyed in the bar.

They can only get the root from Miranda’s warehouse, upon reaching, they recover Miranda’s dead body. They learn that Belial has killed Miranda, and has stolen the sprouted root. The rest of the plant still hasn’t sprouted, therefore, they have to wait till then. Chloe is saddened by her friend’s death and decides to help Kaulder and Dolan 37 to take down Belial.

They seek help from another witch, named Dominique, who betrays Kaulder by trapping him in his own dream world. Dominique casts an endless memory spell on him, Chloe understands the situation and rescues Kaulder from his own dream world. Kaulder, now freed from his mind, learns that the heart of the queen which he killed 800 years ago is still beating.

He also learns that the first Dolan prevented her heart from dying because Kaulder’s immortality is associated with it. Kaulder will die if the heart is destroyed leaving the mission unaccomplished. Kaulder finds out that Belial’s sole plan is to seek the queen’s heart and revive the queen witch using old dark magic. This will give strength to the witches and they will attempt to take over the human world.

Dolan 36 is the only person who knows the whereabouts of the dead queen’s heart. Belial has already revived the queen witch, however, Kaulder manages to kill Belial. The queen witch plans to end humanity by spreading yet another plague. However, her weak powers don’t allow her to do so. She needs the powers of other witches to kill humanity.

For that matter, she must make a coven of witches who will combine their powers to send a plague into the human world. Queen witch manages to release the prisoner witches to get help from them, however, her magic is stalled by Chloe, who kills Ellic which breaks the chain of spells. After that, Kaulder attempts to kill the witch but 37th Dolan stops him by shooting him.

It is revealed that Dolan 37 is in fact the son of witch parents but he lacks magical powers. The 37th Dolan is then killed by the queen witch because she despises anyone made of clay.

As Chloe has interrupted the spell by walking in the minds of witches through her dream walking ability, Queen witch turns at her to kill her.

In the meantime, Kaulder burns the queen into ashes by summoning lighting using the weather runes. While attempting to destroy the queen’s heart, Kaulder is interrupted by Chloe.

She wants him alive because she fears dark entities lingering in the human world ready to attack it. She believes that those evil entities are far more dangerous than evil witches. Chloe wants Kaulder to help her get rid of those pure evil entities.

Possible Release Date Of The Last Witch Hunter 2?


Ever Since the first franchise of the last witch hunter has been completed, people have been waiting anxiously for the last witch hunter 2 anxiously. The first installment ends with the evil witch queen dead, but her heart still beating. Chloe doesn’t want Kaulder to destroy the queen witch’s heart as his immortality is associated with her heart. Chloe wants Kaulder to keep fighting the evil and dark entities.

At the end of the first part, we see Dolan 36, Chloe, and Kaulder dissociate from the Order of the Axe and Cross and form a new team of three. With Kaulder still breathing, and the queen’s heart still beating, there are possibilities of the last witch hunter 2. Vin Diesel has also hinted toward a sequel of the movie which means it might come out at the end of 2024.

We don’t know anything about the possible storyline of the last witch hunter 2 because there hasn’t been any official announcement. We can expect Kaulder, Dolan, and Chloe to work in unison to eradicate the darkest entities from the world. They might find a better way to bring peace between humans and witches. Also, we might see what would be the fate of Kaulder in the last witch hunter 2024.


What is the last witch hunter about?

The story is about a witch hunter who is cursed by the queen witch that he will live all eternity. Taking the advantage of this curse, Kaulder, the witch hunter, decides to fight evil witches and bring peace between the binaries. In the last scene of the movie, he manages to kill the queen witch again, while Chloe stops him from destroying the witch’s heart.

Will the last witch hunter 2 be released?

The first part of the movie ends with a few things unexplored, therefore, we might expect a sequel called The Last Witch Hunter 2. Kaulder is still under the queen witch’s curse, and her heart is still beating. This means, Kaulder still has some unfinished business to do for which a sequel must come.

Was the last witch hunter a successful movie?

The last witch hunter in which Vin Diesel played the lead role. Kaulder, played by Vin Diesel, is the witch hunter who fights evil witches. The movie received a huge success and has gathered millions of fans. People are waiting bated breath for the second part which we might expect at the end of 2024.

Final Thoughts

As much as Kaulder wants to destroy the queen witch’s heart because he wants to die in peace. Chloe doesn’t want him to do so, because there are entities darker than the evil witches against which Kaulder must fight. The ending of the first part gives us hints about the sequel. When will the last witch hunter 2 be released? Read the article above to know everything.