The Last Witch Hunter 2: Possible Release Date & Renewal Status In 2024!

Kaulder was on the quest for a wicked witch who had been wreaking havoc on humanity with her dark powers in the first movie. Now he’s up against a new foe: a fellow human. Kaulder must contend with The Belial Sisters, an ancient order of powerful witches bent on wreaking havoc on humanity. To fight them, Kaulder will have to rely on old allies as well as make new ones. And he won’t be fighting the darkness alone this time.

In spite of the disappointment of his first film in the cinematic world, Vin Diesel is anxious to take one huge bet and work on new material. Vin Diesel’s acting career has most likely landed him roles in the Fast and Furious flicks. He has a lot of fans. Few individuals, however, were familiar with the film The Last Witch Hunter.

Another part of the movie is in the news, as previously mentioned. We’ll go over all there is to know about this film and its sequel in detail in this post.

Will There Be A Sequel To The Last Witch Hunter?

Vin Diesel stated on his Facebook page on June 17, 2015, that a sequel to The Last Witch Hunter was in the works. However, the original film’s underwhelming box office results have raised doubt on whether a sequel will be made. When you consider Vin Diesel’s demanding schedule, a sequel was always a remote prospect.

The current global scenario, as well as the self-isolation sanctions that come with it, have driven many individuals into their houses for safety and provided some of them with a lot of free time. Vin Diesel, star of the Fast and Furious franchise, looks to have a newfound feeling of time on his hands, and he appears to be making good use of it. Diesel shared a promotional shot of himself from the 2015 fantasy action film The Last Witch Hunter on social media in 2020, along with an enticing caption that appears to promise The Last Witch Hunter 2.

As a result, this strongly suggests that Vin Diesel has used this time to actively begin scripting a sequel to The Last Witch Hunter’s script. The actor is unafraid to speak up about the script’s quality. Though this is far from official, Diesel is clearly suggesting some huge forward progress on a sequel to The Last Witch Hunter, which has been rumored since the first film’s release.

Of course, it’s difficult to declare with certainty that this is the case. While the first film was well welcomed by audiences, it earned mixed reviews from critics and only grossed $147 million worldwide. Despite this, Diesel has been passionate about a sequel, even hinting at one final time. Vin Diesel unexpectedly revealed that Lionsgate is working on a sequel during a 2020 interview when discussing 2015’s The Last Witch Hunter.

The Last Witch Hunter 2’s Release Date

Although no official announcement or release date has been made, Vin Diesel has indicated that a sequel to The Last Witch Hunter may be in the works. As a result, we may expect Vin Diesel to reprise his role as Kaulder, the immortal witch hunter. We can probably expect Michael Caine to return as the 36th Dolan. It will be a long time before a possible release date is disclosed because the film is currently in development.

In the United States, total box office income was low, with only $27.4 million recovered against a production expenditure of $90 million, while international earnings reached $147 million to pay those costs.

Plot Summary Of The Last Witch Hunter

The Witch Queen sent the Black Plague forth to destroy humanity 800 years ago. A troop of knights rushes her stronghold, including a widowed Kaulder whose family died in the epidemic, and Kaulder defeats her in the subsequent battle. Kaulder is cursed with eternal life by the Witch Queen before she passes away.

Kaulder is now the last of his kind, having spent years hunting down rogue witches while pining for his long-lost loved ones. Unbeknownst to Kaulder, the Queen Witch has been reborn and wants vengeance on her killer, resulting in an epic fight determining the human race’s fate.

Characters Of The Last Witch Hunter

1. Kaulder

Indeed, even as a simple human, Kaulder was better than his mates in the Order, who got butchered like sheep when they confronted the Witch Queen previously. In the current, he’s a relentless power with hundreds of years of involvement and immortality to back it up. Witches essentially don’t have a chance against him in a straight battle; tragically, grimy stunts are the specialty of any underhanded witch deserving at least moderate respect.

2. Chloe

Despite her appearance as an ordinary bartender, she shows to be much more than Kaulder believes. Chloe’s job as a witch bartender entails concocting recreational potions with a variety of effects. She’s the one who produces and gives Kaulder the memory potion in his initial attempt to remember his death,’ and she saves him with a Dispel Magic potion when Belial assaults him.

3. Witch Queen

If it comes down to it, the Witch Queen is willing to fight hand-to-hand. Even after her heart has been removed from her body, the Witch Queen’s heart still beats. The plot revolves around her reappearance. She wishes to extinguish all forms of human existence and civilization.



“The Last Witch Hunter” is simply poised in ways that most fantasy films should be but aren’t. In sequences where people must appear to be living with decisions they made a few scenes ago, there is more breathing room. You realize you’re watching an outlandishly dopey but impeccably put-together fantasy. “The Last Witch Hunter” may be corny at its core, but it’s cool enough to persuade you differently while its makers try to sell you a story you’ve heard before.

The Last Witch Hunter had a terrible box office performance, so a sequel seemed doubtful. Critics were largely critical of the picture. Vin Diesel, the film’s protagonist, has a talent for bringing seemingly dead properties back to life.