Legacies Season 5 Premiere Date: Hbo Has Not Released This Series Officially

TV shows come and go but some have a special place in the heart of viewers, especially those that follow a series through multiple seasons. One such tv show is the Legacies series- audiences all over the world have been eagerly awaiting the new season.

Legacies storyline

This series is an American supernatural fantasy drama, created by Julie Plec. It premiered on CW on October 25, 2018. The show is a spinoff of The Originals, which is a part of another TV show, The Vampire Diaries. Some characters were featured in all of the shows, such as Alaric Saltzman.

Legacies follows Hope Michaelson, the 17-year-old daughter of Klaus Mikaelson, the most powerfull vampire-hybrid of all time, and Hayley Marshall, a descended from the original warewolf. Besides that, Hope also comes from witch bloodlines, making her the tribrid (a cross-breed of three different supernatural species) in history.

The story involves around the next generation of supernatural creatures at The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, which is a place where supernatural creatures learn how to manage their talents, urgies, and abilities.


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This term is commonly used to describe a vampire-warewolf-witch tribrid, who possesses both strengths and weaknesses of their parent races. For instance, this creature is able to transform into a wolf without the influence of a full moon, which is something that a regular warewolf cannot do.

Tribrid possess a warewolf gene, which provides them with werewolf attributes, including enhanced hearing, sight, and smell. They also tend to be more aggressive. Even though evolved warewolfs can control their shifts, it isn’t the case with their first transformation.

The vampire gene enebles them enhanced healing factor, so a tribrid can heal injuries as fast as a normal vampire. The vampire blood can also heal others.

The blood of a tribrid is capable of siring. It can turn warewolfs and witches into hybrids if they drink their blood during the transition. Besides, it is the only cure for a werewolf bite.

Season 1 plot- School for supernaturals

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Everything begins when Landon Kirby and Rafael Waithe arrive at Salvatore Boarding School. Rafael is a new triggered warewolf, while they believed that Landon is human. However, when they couldn’t compell him, the school starting believing he was a supernatural creature. They couldn’t determoine what he was, so the honor council banished him for his own safety.

Malivore is a dark pit that erases its victims from everyone’s memories. In order to rise, it releases monsters to find three keys. Necromancer managed to trick Hope and deliver the knife to Malivore, which was one of them.

The sesond key was an Egyptian urn, which ended up in possession of Triad Industries- Malivor’s allies.

During that time, MG- one of the vampires emotionally affected by his disastrous family reunion, killed Landon. His body burst into flames and he self-resurrected. The headmaster, Alaric, believed he was a phoenix.

Ryan Clarke is Malivor’s son. He captured Landon and explained to him that they are brothers, and also told him the history of their father. Ryan managed to throw the third and final key to Malivor. However, Hope realized that her tribrid blood was the only way to stop him from rising, so she jumped into the pit, pulling Ryan in as well. As a result, they were both erased from the collective memory of those who knew them.

Season 2- Remembering Hope

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Nobody remembers Hope since she jumped in the Malivore pit to stop the monster from coming to life. Her presence weakened him just a bit, since she was not a fully active tribrid at a time. When she managed to return from Malivor’s darkness, she came back to school, which changed a little. Alaric Saltzman is no longer a principal- he is replaced by a witch named Rupert Vardemus. Lizzie starts seeing a mysterious vampire, while Josie starts dating Landon.

Josie remembers Hope after using a dark Japanese spell to free Lizzie from an Oni. Then she and Freya Mikaelson managed to reverse engineer the spell to restore everyone’s memory of her. Landon was left in a difficult situation about his feelings, since he dated Hope prior to being consumed by Malivor.

The new professor turned out to be Ryan Clarke who impersonated the real one to plot against the school, but ultimately met his own end.

Necromancer was freed so other monsters continue to plague the school.

Season 3- Phoenix no more

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In this season, Landon’s phoenix-side has been killed with the golden arrow. Rafael and his biological parents are sent to prison world to escape death. The Necromancer manages to raise Malivor and his monsters, causing a war with the students.

The witches send Malivore, Hope, Landon, the Necromancer and the monsters to a new prison world, from which Landon and Hope escape. After that, Landon to unexpectedly disappeared by dissolving into black goo.

Despite his disappearance and apparent death, Hope tries her best to bring Landon back. With Lizzie’s help, she managed to free him.

Season 4- Humanity switched off

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Hope become a fully activated tribid and ends Malivore by killing Landon. After she stabbed him, she turned off her humanity, which becomes a problem for Salvatore School. She attacked Alaric and put him into a coma, so the entire school, along with Rebekah tried to reach her to turn the humanity back on.

Also, Triad was coming for Hope and she decided to fight them. The school failed to return her humanity, but Cleo found a weapon capable of killing Hope.

Lizzie wanted revenge for what she did to her father, so she set the plan in motion. However, Hope kills Lizzie, leaving her in transition since she had vampire blood in her system. She became a vampire, with a sire bound to Hope.

Can we expect season 5?

The show’s makers have not officially confirmed that it will be ending, so there are some speculations about a new season. The upcoming season is expected to air at the end of 2024.