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Biography of Joseph Morgan

Joseph Morgan is an actor in whose career you can find many interesting films and interesting roles. However, at present, the name of this talented Briton is mainly associated with the image of the ancient vampire Klaus, presented in the TV series The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

The two named television series brought our today’s hero a huge success. And with it the popularity among millions of viewers.

Early years, childhood and family of Joseph Morgan

Joseph Morgan was born in the English capital – the city of London. However, he lived here for only the first few months of his life. Already at an early age, the future actor moved with his family to the Welsh city of Swansea, where he later spent his entire childhood.

Our today’s hero received his education at the Morriston School, where he first began to get involved in theatrical art. Subsequently, the young Briton also studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama, where he participated in semi-professional theater productions, and also systematically worked on his innate acting talent. However, all this happened after the young actor moved to London.

Joseph Morgan – young and popular actor

In the English capital, Joseph Morgan for a long time felt like a stranger. And therefore, at some point, he even seriously thought about leaving acting. But the first roles still cooled the ardor of the young guy and made him take a more serious look at his career.

Star Trek actor Joseph Morgan, filmography

Our today’s hero played his first role in the series “Catastrophe”, in which he appeared, however, only briefly. After that, the time of the series came in the career of Joseph Morgan. He played exclusively in television projects, playing roles in such television films as “Heroic”, “Henry the Eighth”, “Silent Witness”. In each of the named series, the Anglo-Welsh actor appeared for only a few episodes. But the experience of filming as such was still more important than anything else.

Joseph Morgan was waiting for his chance, and very soon a fundamentally new stage began in his acting life. The actor, as before, played relatively small roles, but the very scale of the films in which the British starred became completely different.

Joseph Morgan – Don’t Be Afraid, Baby

So, in particular, in 2003, our today’s hero played a minor role in the Oscar-winning film “Master and Commander: At the End of the Earth”, where such stars as Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany became his partners on the set. After that, our today’s hero briefly returned to the world of television, where he played in several series, the names of which are unlikely to say anything to readers from the CIS countries.

However, later he again managed to get hold of a role in a new super project. Such in the career of Joseph Morgan was the historical film “Alexander” with Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie and Anthony Hopkins in the lead roles. In the picture of Oliver Stone, our today’s hero played Philotas. Which also became an important milestone in his career.

After this acting work, Joseph Morgan played roles in a series of little-known films, including such films as “Mr. Loneliness”, “Beauty Line”, as well as the series “Mansfield Park”, “Doctor Martin”, in which he again played secondary characters. However, the cyclical nature of Joseph Morgan’s career path reappeared in 2010.

During this period, the actor received the first truly striking role in his career. Such was the role of the main character in the historical series “Ben Hur”, which became quite famous in the UK, Spain, Germany and Canada. It is noteworthy that in this picture full of exciting fights, chases and dizzying stunts, the British actor did without the help of an understudy and performed all the tricks on his own.

Interview with Joseph Morgan

The role of the legendary character in British legends brought Joseph Morgan his first real success. They began to recognize him on the streets, and the producers finally entered his phone number in their notebooks.

Thus, in a short time, Joseph received another stellar role. Such was the role of the original vampire Klaus in the TV series The Vampire Diaries. By the time this article was written, our today’s hero has starred in twenty-six episodes of this youth project. However, the producers do not exclude the possibility that the beloved villain Klaus will still appear in the series.

Joseph Morgan today

The role in The Vampire Diaries made Joseph Morgan a real star. He became popular with viewers and even won the Teen Choice Awards for Best Villain. Such success among the audience did not go unnoticed by the producers of the television project. Very soon, reports began to appear in the press that the creators of The Vampire Diaries were preparing to release a spin-off of the series.

These plans became real in October 2013, when the audience was shown the first episode of the new series The Originals, which continued the story of the vampire Klaus and his family. As part of the new TV project, Joseph Morgan played a major role.

Joseph Morgan and Persia White

It is quite remarkable that it is already known today that the Anglo-Welsh actor will appear among the nominees for the People’s Choice Awards in the category “Best Actor in a New Television Series”. Whether this award will be given to our today’s hero, we will find out in 2014.

As for other acting works of Joseph Morgan, in this regard, it is worth highlighting the films “War of the Gods: Immortals”, the thriller “House of War”, as well as the “horror” “Open Grave”. In the two tapes named last in this list, the actor plays the main roles.

In addition, Joseph Morgan will also play the role of the central character in the drama 500 Miles North, as well as in the thriller Dermaphoria. Designated films will be presented to the audience in 2014. How successful these pictures will be, we will find out soon.

Personal life of Joseph Morgan

A few years ago, Joseph Morgan was in a long-term relationship with Canadian actress Emily VanCamp. Their romance began while working on the mini-series Ben Hur, but subsequently fell apart due to constant traveling and filming.

Currently, our today’s hero is dating another actress – Persia White. It is noteworthy that the chosen one of the guy is eight years older than him.

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