Rosario Vampire Season 3 – Release Date Confirmed or Not

Rosario Vampire has been loved by a diverse range of audiences because of its unique storyline and a different concept. The anime has been created on the light manga series of a similar name and has a massive fan following worldwide. However, it is a little bit slow when compared to other anime of a similar genre. The first season of the anime was released in 2008 which was then followed by its second season, which was released five after the end of the first one.

Viewers are still surprised about this since the anime has received good ratings, especially for season one. Now, it has been almost 10 years since we have heard anything about season 3 of the anime and fans can’t seem to wait anymore. Therefore, we have brought you the details about the renewal of Rosario Vampire Season 3 along with information on the plot and trailers.

Rosario Vampire Season 3: Release Date Confirmed or not

Rosario Vampire; All About It


Rosario Vampire is a popular light manga series that was completed back in 2007. The manga was highly popular among readers and therefore, after its completion, the makers came up with an anime to increase the publicity of the manga. This led to the release of a comedy animated series in October 2008. The audience was highly impressed by the unique storyline and direction of the anime.

The CGI was also admired by the majority of the viewers. Hence, it contributes to increased ratings of the anime over time. The first season featured 13 episodes each of which has a run time of around 25 minutes. After the huge success of the first season, fans demanded another installment of the anime which was released five years after the end of part 1.

Though confused about the delay, fans were still happy with the decision of the production house. Unfortunately, season 2 was not as successful as its predecessor and could not achieve the same level of ratings. It also marked the end of the manga story, thus, leaving no plot for another installment.

Will There Be Rosario Vampire Season 3?


As mentioned earlier, the animated series has completed the story written in the manga. The anime left out some parts in the manga and successfully covered the whole story in two seasons. Season 2 also featured a similar pattern as the first one and featured 13 episodes all of which were 25 minutes long. Now, it has been almost a decade since the second part ended, and still, we haven’t heard anything about the upcoming installment from the production team.

With all these factors in mind, we think it is highly unlikely for the broadcasting company to renew the anime. The majority of the anime is created for the publicity of the manga, and Rosario Vampire has successfully completed its job. Now, there isn’t any need for an upcoming installment. But we never know what might be cooking inside the brain of the makers and thus, it does not hurt to wait for an official announcement from them since they haven’t canceled the anime officially.

Rosario Vampire Season 3; Expected Plot

If makers actually come up with another installment of the anime, it will most certainly follow a similar pattern as its predecessors. We expect it to have thirteen episodes as well with a run time of not more than twenty-five minutes. The Rosario Vampire is a story of a unique academy that hosts both human and monster students and focuses on the coexistence between both species.

The monsters live alongside humans inside the academy and dress the same way as their human counterparts. They also learn about cultural values and moral lessons. Thus, trying to become a better citizen. The main theme of the anime is comedy and therefore, if you are looking for something light heaters, we assure you would really enjoy this short anime.

The series was highly appreciated for its unique concept and engaging storyline, which successfully earned praise from the audience as well as critics. Since the story featured in the manga is successfully completed in the previous installments, makers would most probably come up with a new plot for season 3 if they ever plan to develop it.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a trailer available for Rosario Vampire Season 3?

No, unfortunately, you will not find any official trailer about the Rosario Vampire season 3 on different streaming platforms. Makers have not confirmed the renewal of the anime and therefore, a trailer is out of the question. However, fans have made several interesting trailers for the anime that can be watched on YouTube for free.

Was Rosario Vampire famous?

Both Rosario Vampire manga and anime were highly famous among audiences and critics alike. The anime followed the same story as the manga and successfully attracted the attention of the manga readers. It was also appreciated for its interesting plot and CGI, which made it appear like real-life. This led to the good reception of manga worldwide and contributed to its high ratings on various platforms including IMDB.

Where can I watch Rosario Vampire Season 3?

The Rosario Vampire season three has not been released yet and therefore, can not be watched on any platform. But, if you want to watch the previous two parts of the anime, you can do so on various popular websites including the Gogo anime website. It offers free access to all episodes of manga in HD resolution. Other alternative options for watching anime include Funimation, VRV, and Netflix.

Wrapping Up

Rosario Vampire is a comedy-based animated series that has been developed from manga of the same name. The anime was first released in 2008 and has been renewed for two seasons now. The gap between both season release dates is around five years, which is more than that for an average anime.

However, there is still a massive fan following for the series and loyal fans are eagerly waiting for it to renew for another installment. But, like always, makers have not decided about it yet. But, the good news is they also haven’t canceled it as well. So, with positive hopes, we should continue to wait for an official statement from the broadcasting team about the fate of the anime.