Sara Underwood Net Worth

Biography of Sarah Underwood

Sarah Jean Underwood is a fashion model who became famous in 2006 thanks to Playboy magazine, where she was chosen as Playmate of the Month (a year later she became Playmate of the Year), actress, professional poker player and Instagram star.

Model Sarah Underwood

Sarah Underwood’s childhood

Sarah was born in Portland and graduated from high school there. Then she could not immediately decide who she should be, what profession to choose and who to work in the future. This is clear from the fact that at first the girl studied at the University of Oregon for some time, then she studied at the University of Portland.

Sarah Underwood in her youth

During her studies, Underwood defended the honor of the University, playing in the volleyball team. In her studies, she is used to achieving success, thanks to such traits of her character as faith in victory and determination. A classmate and friend of her childhood was the famous future football player Darek Anderson.

After graduating, Sarah first worked as a sales assistant for a heavy construction equipment trading company. This was followed by several jobs, she did not stay anywhere for a long time, including the girl worked as a waitress at the Hooters restaurant.

Sarah Underwood in Playboy

Sarah became known and talked about when her photos appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine. She was only in bikini panties, and the entire body of the aspiring fashion model was painted under the NCAA Oregon State Beavers T-shirt.

In the July 2006 magazine, Sarah was declared Girl of the Month, and a year later she became Girl of the Year. The prize was a convertible and one hundred thousand dollars. Underwood, having shown herself to be a modest person, stated that she did not consider herself cute enough for such a title.

Sarah Underwood and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner

In the spring of 2008, she found herself on the magazine’s “Hot Celebrity” list, finishing in the last twenty-fifth place. The public liked Sarah, so she starred not only for the magazine, but also in numerous videos.

Despite the fact that the girl often changed jobs, trying to find a place in life, shooting, photo shoots and shows were always her favorite pastime. She devoted a lot of time and energy to her favorite pastime and succeeded in it.

After being named Girlfriend of the Year in 2007, Sarah immediately publicly declared herself the happiest person in America. The received title added Underwood self-confidence, made it more popular among American residents. She was not interested in material goods in the form of a worthy prize, as Sarah said, but in the title she received. The winner was announced by Hugh Hefner himself. For many years he has been selecting the most beautiful girls for the most popular men’s magazine. Underwood won his heart in a petite yellow dress with a diamond necklace around her neck. It should be noted that both Pamela Anderson and Marilyn Monroe became Playboy stars at one time.

Films with Sarah Underwood

Sarah starred in the films “Miss March”, “Boys Like It”, “Knight of the Day”, “Very Epic Movie”, etc. Over the course of four years, starting in 2007, the aspiring actress managed to star in fourteen films, and a variety of genres. More than once she played herself there. Sarah’s good work on the set was noted by famous directors Friedberg and Weitz. Underwood’s external data, and especially her Hollywood smile, well-groomed face and beautiful figure, also played a significant role in filming.

After filming in several Hollywood films, the girl felt for herself what popularity means. She perceives any awards philosophically, believing that the main thing for any person is spiritual perfection. Sarah, she says, is not interested in worldly pleasures. It is quite possible that in the near future the actress will play serious, deep roles.

Deciding to promote boxing, the actress and fashion model starred only in boxing gloves in an advertisement for the Black Belt. This act was very daring and, naturally, drew attention to both Underwood herself and boxing. Nevertheless, the goal pursued by Sarah was achieved.

In the summer of 2011, she cycled naked through Portland. Similar bike rides were made simultaneously in different cities in order to draw attention to the bicycle as the most environmentally friendly means of transportation. As it turned out, this bike ride took place early in the morning, when everyone in the city was still sleeping.

Underwood is a professional poker player. She was taken to the professionals, most likely because of the glory of the star, and not because of her outstanding skills.

Somehow, after a successful charity tournament, the girl began to seriously study all the intricacies of poker, becoming a member of the VictoryPoker team. Sarah also performs well in online tournaments. The money she wins, the girl transfers to charity. Among poker players, Underwood is considered the sexiest. Among the “sharks” of poker, she enjoys well-deserved authority, which completely dispels the myth that blondes have a low level of intelligence. Esquire magazine named Underwood the most attractive woman of the year in 2012.

Sarah Underwood’s personal life

Sara devotes a lot of time to yoga. Her hobby is communication in social networks, where she has a lot of “virtual” fans.

For a long time, Sarah’s affair with television and radio host Ryan Seacrest continued. They met and then parted.

At the age of sixteen, Sarah became interested in wakeboarding. Unfortunately, she has very little time for this hobby. Favorite place to ride – Cove Palisades in eastern Oregon – these are beautiful lakes in the middle of the desert. Sarah goes there with her friends, usually at the end of the summer.

Sarah Underwood now

Now Sarah Underwood does not act in films (the last film with her participation, the film “Zellwood”, was released in 2012). Although there are rumors that she will play the female lead in Rowne Hutchinson’s thriller Jade.

She enthusiastically masters the opportunities that open up thanks to social networks: the account of her followers on Instagram has long gone into the millions. The model regularly uploads her photos from travels and candid photo shoots.