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Biography of Mario Casas

Mario Casas is a star of European cinema, a Spanish actor who became famous after the release of the film “Three meters above the sky”. He has many bright roles and prestigious nominations in his arsenal, but Mario does not strive for Hollywood heights, preferring to play on his own field and by his own rules.

Spanish actor Mario Casas


Mario Casas Sierra (Mario Casas Sierra) was born on June 12, 1986 in the city of La Coruna, in Galicia, he is the eldest child of Ramon and Heidi Casas. The actor’s father is a builder, and his mother devoted her life to raising five children: Mario, his sister Sheila and brothers Christian, Oscar and the younger Daniel.

Mario Casas as a child

Like many of his peers, Mario dreamed of becoming a football player and from the age of seven he went to a children’s school at the Deportivo club. As the actor himself admits, before that he was attracted to the professions of a policeman and a firefighter, and he was happy when he received a firefighter’s helmet as a gift for Christmas.

Mario Casas with his sister and brothers

In 1996, the family moved to Catalonia, where Mario graduated from high school. In his spare time, the boy was fond of painting. From childhood, the young man was distinguished by his attractive appearance, in high school he began to earn money by acting in commercials.

Mario Casas in his youth

Mario moved to the Spanish capital in 2003, enrolling in the Madrid branch of Christina Rota’s school.


The young actor played his first roles in Spanish serials, which were broadcast on national television. In 2005, Mario appeared in several episodes of the detective serial drama “Personal Motives”, played small roles in the police comedy project “Paco and His People” and in the melodramatic series “Dream Without Fear”. The partners of the young actor were Amaya Salamanca, Jon Gonzalez, Belen Lopez and Paco Tous.

Mario Casas in his youth

Mario’s first appearance in a big movie happened in the drama “Summer Rain” (2006). In the tragic story of director Antonio Banderas, the young man played one of the friends of the protagonist Miguel, played by Alberto Amarilla. Of all the actors involved in the film, Mario was the youngest, he himself was the embodiment of youth, which is free to act according to the call of the heart, not recognizing any rules and restrictions.

Mario Casas on the set of “Summer Rain”

Despite the brilliant idea of ​​Banderas and the participation of the Spanish movie star Victoria Abril, the film was not a commercial success due to a deep nod to the art house and the resulting lack of a happy ending. After “Summer Rain” Mario worked for two years in the serial project “The Serrano Family”, playing the role of one of the policemen, after which invitations to the main roles followed.

Mario Casas’s height is 180 cm

In 2009, Mario played the role of Emilio in the teen comedy Brain Drain. Contrary to the predictions that doom the cute handsome man to the role of heroes-lovers, Mario played a shy nerd loser in love with a beautiful classmate.

Best Roles

The 2010 drama film about love and loss Three meters above the sky is not the first collaboration between Mario and director Molina. Perhaps that is why it was this tape, the logical result of the actor and director who perfectly feel each other, that brought Mario world fame. In the very first days after the release, the picture collected about 3 million euros, becoming one of the most successful commercial projects of Spanish cinema.

Mario Casas in the movie “Three meters above the sky”

The actor’s partner was Maria Valverde, the images of the lovers Hache and Bibi, embodied by them on the screen, deprived the audience all over the world of sleep for a long time. The picture was shot in the best traditions of Spanish cinema, in which more attention is always paid to the feelings of the characters, their inner feelings and conflicts. The love of Hache and Bibi was shattered by crazy passion and principles that none of them could give up.

Two years later, the continuation of the famous love story was filmed, which, like the first picture, became an event of the movie season. Despite the fact that most fans expected the reunion of Hache and Bibi, a new heroine entered the story, Jean, played by Clara Lago. The mature Hache’s relationship with the wayward Jin, and the choice Hache had to make, attracted the attention of a more mature audience and cemented Mario’s fame as one of the brightest actors in European cinema.

Mario Casas and Maria Valverde

In 2012, Casas appeared as a young police detective in the very violent crime drama Group of 7. The brilliant performance of the role of Angel, gradually turning from a good guy with principles into a beast, acting according to the law of the streets, is considered one of the actor’s strongest works.

From 2013 to 2015, Mario starred in several films, the most striking of which is the trash satire The Witches of Sugarramurdi, in which the actor played one of the thieves who got into the town of Basque witches. Rescue from the police almost cost the lives of both the unlucky criminals and their pursuers.

Mario Casas in The Witches of Sugarramurdi

In the film “33” the actor played one of the miners who fell into an underground trap. In the 2015 New Year’s black comedy Killer Light, the actor played the role of the arrogant sex idol Adanna, who, along with other stars, agreed to take part in the recording of the New Year’s TV light, which for many of them will be the last, but the brightest.

Mario Casas in the movie Palm Trees in the Snow

Another serious work of the Spanish actor is the role of Kilian in the movie saga Palms in the Snow. A touching and deep 2015 film about love that erases distances and social class barriers was created by Fernando Gonzalez Molina based on the bestseller Luz Gabas. Berta Vazquez played in the film, which earned many nominations for the Goya Award.

In the exciting thriller Toro, released in 2016, Mario’s partner was Luis Tosar, and in the psychological film The Invisible Guest, the actor was accompanied by Ana Wachener.

Mario Casas in the movie The Invisible Guest

In the psychodrama “In the Skin of a Wolf”, the actor appeared in the form of an unsociable hunter who refused the benefits of civilization. Also in 2017, Mario took part in the horror comedy Wild Story, playing the role of one of the visitors to the bar, whom fate brought together with other townspeople who were forced to flee from an unknown virus.

Mario Casas on the set of The Photographer from Mauthausen

In the drama The Photographer from Mauthausen, which premiered in 2018, Mario played Francisco Boix Campo. The plot of the picture is based on a true story – it will immerse viewers in the terrifying atmosphere of the Mauthausen concentration camp, which was a twenty-year-old photographer who managed to survive and provide photographs at the Nuremberg trials proving the crimes of the Nazis.

Personal life of Mario Casas

The amorous affairs of a sultry handsome man with a model appearance have always worried his fans. Mario never had a release from girls, and rarely did his shooting partner avoid the fate of falling in love with this actor, especially since Casas had bed scenes in almost every romantic film. On the set of the serial telenovela Dream Without Fear, the actor began dating Amaya Salamanca. They spent a lot of time together outside the pavilions, but did not make any official comments about the status of their relationship.

While work was underway on the TV series The Ark, Casas became interested in actress Blanca Suarez. They already knew each other from the films Brain Drain and Neon Flesh. However, Blanca emphasized in an interview that they were only close friends, especially since at that time Mario began a serious romance with Maria Valverde, his partner in the film “Three meters above the sky.”

Mario Casas and Blanca Suarez

Hache and Bibi’s relationship spilled over into real life and lasted 4 years. The matter went to the wedding, the tabloids continually attributed to Mary a non-existent pregnancy. But in the fall of 2014, the actors announced the end of their engagement. The reasons have remained a secret with seven seals.

Mario Casas and Berta Vasquez

The role in the film “Palms in the Snow” (2015) gave Mario a relationship with Berta Vasquez, for whom this film was the debut. For two years, the actors were together, not hiding tender feelings. However, in 2017, when asked by a Russian journalist whether Mario was ready to settle down, the actor confidently answered that he had not yet met the girl who would become part of the Casas family.

“For me, nothing is more important than family,” says Mario. The body of the actor is decorated with tattoos dedicated to his parents, sister and brothers.

It is known that Mario does charity work and helps the children’s fund, which was founded by José Carreras.

Mario Casas now

In 2019, Mario Casas could be seen in the series “Attraction”, as well as the film “Goodbye”. Both projects received low ratings, despite the participation of eminent Spanish actors in them.

Trailer of the series “Attraction”

At the same time, Casas worked on a role in the TV series The Innocent and the film Paramedic. The premiere of “The Innocent” has not yet taken place, but the second project, filmed in the action and thriller genre, was released in 2024. Together with Mario, Deborah Francois and Guillermo Pfening starred in the film. Also in 2024, the premieres of the films Walk the Line and The Lost Home took place.