Luis Suarez Net Worth

Biography of Luis Suarez

The story of Luis Suarez is a classic example of how a Uruguayan boy from a poor large family achieved worldwide fame and high financial position thanks to his physical data, sports skills and amazing perseverance and perseverance.

Childhood and family of Luis Suarez

Louis was born on January 24, 1987 in Salto, the second largest city in Uruguay. The boy’s family was not rich, since most of the money earned by his parents was spent on the maintenance and education of seven children, the fourth of which was Louis. When he was seven years old, the Suarez family moved to Montevideo in the hope of better living conditions. But the changes took place only for the worse, and at the age of nine, Louis and his six brothers remained in the care of their mother, as their father left the family. Despite the fact that the breakup of the parents was categorical and irreconcilable, the sons continued to communicate with their father.

Luis Suarez is a young and promising Uruguayan footballer

Louis showed an early interest in sports, and football turned out to be the most accessible type of active games, and the streets of a big city became a platform for honing the abilities and style of play of the future famous athlete. The teenager turned out to be a complex and quick-tempered character, and the lack of constant and strict control from the parents did not contribute to the improvement of his behavior.

At the age of 14, Luis was noticed by representatives of the Uruguay junior football team, he was made a tempting offer to take a training course at a specialized sports camp. But by the will of fate, the boy had to give up this chance to show his skills, since a necessary condition for going to the camp was the presence of football boots, which the poor family could not afford to purchase.

The beginning of Suarez’s career in football

The features of Suarez’s style of play did not go unrecognized, and in 2005 he signed his first official contract with the Uruguayan football club Nacional, in which he brightly showed himself in one year, scoring 10 goals in serious matches.

Playing in a local team was not the ultimate dream of Louis, he longed to get into one of the football clubs in Europe. His desire was easily explained by the fact that the athlete’s girlfriend Sofia went to study in Barcelona, ​​​​the separation from her turned out to be unbearable for Suarez. And the cherished desire turned out to be fulfilled thanks to a happy coincidence of circumstances.

In 2006, scouts from the Dutch club Groningen arrived in Uruguay to watch another football player, and on the way back they decided to look at Nacional’s game with another team. It was there that they drew attention to Luis, who admits that this match was his best game for all the time of his participation in Nacional. It didn’t take long for Groningen to realize that they needed this young and talented player. At the end of the match, he was made an offer to join the Dutch club and Suarez, without hesitation for a minute, agreed. He was not embarrassed either by the presence of a language barrier, or by the fact that he had no idea about Groningen.

Luis Suarez and big football: Ajax, Liverpool, Uruguay national team

A year spent by Louis in the small town of Groningen allowed him to learn conversational Dutch and consolidate his sports skills by honing his skills. In addition, the novice football player became known in European sports circles, having earned the respect of his colleagues for his perseverance and unbending willpower.

BITE SUAREZ Italy Uruguay Suarez Bit Chiellini World Cup 2014

In 2007, Suarez moved to the Amsterdam club Ajax, where in the main team he took the field in almost every match. It was while playing in Ajax that he became famous all over the world, making three unique pairs with attackers, and also becoming a football player who scored more than 100 goals. Outstanding team coaches have repeatedly tried to deal with the athlete’s temper and hot temper, but later realized that this is part of his successful game.

In 2011, Suarez accepted a lucrative offer from the English Liverpool, which was received by Ajax fans with a huge amount of skepticism. Eminent football critics believed that Louis’s professionalism was not comparable to the level of play in the UK. But they soon had to admit they were wrong. The Uruguayan quickly joined the team, taking a leading position there. In March 2011, he was named Liverpool Player of the Year. As of December 2013, Suarez is the highest paid player in the club’s history.

Luis Suarez bit Ivanovic on the field

Also, Luis Suarez was invited to the Uruguayan national team, which brought her such brilliant results as reaching the 1/4 finals at the 2010 World Cup, the championship at the America’s Cup in 2011 and reaching the 1/8 finals at the 2014 World Cup.

Louis Suarez. Commentators react to his goals

Personal life of Luis Suarez

Despite his unstable nature, Suarez is monogamous. In 2009, he married the love of his life, Sophia, whom he had been friends with since childhood and for whom he went to conquer Europe. In August 2010, a daughter, Delphine, was born to a famous couple, and three years later, a son, Benhamin, was born.