Kaden Stokes Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

Fans are going gaga over the looks and skills of Chase Stokes. The young celeb has gained a lot of praise and fame over the years. The extolled actor has worked on numerous projects which have helped him gain a large fanbase over the world. Unlike Chase Stokes, his brother, Kaden Stokes has not struggled for fame. Chase has been struggling to make it to the mainstream since 2016. The actor has evolved a lot since his early days. From appearing in a short role of Reed in Stranger Things to playing the lead role of John B in Outer Banks, he has worked really hard.

Kaden Stokes got introduced to the public as the younger brother of the teen sensation Chase Stokes. After his brother made it into the industry, his fans got curious to know about the personal life of the actor and his family. Just like his brother, Kaden Stokes is also gradually getting acknowledged. If you are too a fan of Chase and want to know more about his brother, then you are at the right place. I have gathered all the available information about Kaden Stokes, his height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and wiki. Scroll down to find out.

Many celebrities tend to keep their family from the limelight but this does not stop their admirers as they are convinced to know more and more about them. Now with social media becoming, so fast and invasive, many are successful enough to know the personal information about their adored celebs and their close ones too. Kaden Stokes is also one of such family members of a renowned public figure, Chase Stokes.

Kaden Stokes was born in America. He is an American national. After living his early life in California, he later moved to Texas with his family. His birthdate is 25 January 2011. Unlike Chase, he has managed to keep himself possibly out of the public eye. Kaden is an eleven years old boy and is usually seen enjoying quality time with his family in his parent’s Instagram posts.

Physical Parameters

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Kaden is a really athletic young boy. He belongs to a Christian family. Kaden has light brown hair with a little touch of golden color to it. He has hazel-colored eyes. Kaden has a height of 4.5 feet, 137.7 centimeters, or 1.37 meters. The young kid weighs around 30 kilograms or 66 pounds. He is an active and smart child. Just like his older siblings, Kaden is turning into a handsome lad.


Kaden Stokes was born and raised in California. He is currently living in Orange County, South California. He is studying in middle school in his hometown. Kaden is an enthusiastic child who is full of energy. Apart from his education, he also takes part in sports at school. Similar to his father and elder brother, Kaden is an athletic boy who loves to learn new sports.


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Kaden Stokes is the second child of Jeff Stokes and Nikki Osterman Stokes. He has two elder siblings, Chase Stokes and Kendall Nicole Stokes. Kaden is the youngest of Jeff Stokes’ children. Kaden is Chase’s stepbrother. Jeff Stokes and Jennifer Canning got divorced in 1993. They have a 29 years old son, Chase Stokes from that marriage. Jeff later married Nikki and has a fourteen years old daughter, Kendall, and an eleven years old son, Kaden.

Jeff Stokes owns a fitness franchise named STRIDE Franchise IIc. It helps people stay fit and in shape by offering running exercises. Kendal Nicole Strokes is about to finish high school and loves ballet. She usually takes part in competitions. Her family along with Kaden Strokes is there to support her. The equation between Kaden and Chase is really heartwarming. The two brothers usually hang around and are seen going to matches together.

Chase stokes is the eldest son of Jeff and is an actor by profession. The twenty-nine years old has worked on dozens of projects which include Television series, Netflix projects, and movies. He played the small role of Reed in Strangers Things in 2016. Then in 2018, he appeared in a number of TV series including Day Time Diva, The First, and The Beach House.

He also did the role of Young Dales in a movie called Between Waves in 2018. In 2020 he played the lead role of John B Routledge in Outer bankers. This Netflix series gave him a breakthrough. Currently, the makers have announced the third season of the famous adventure series. He also appeared in a movie called DR Bird’s advice for sad poets as Martin. Kaden has also got good looks in his genes. It is too early to say anything about his future profession, but he can for sure try his best in acting in the near future.


Being a part of an athletic family, he has also got it in his genes. He loves to play sports with his family and friends. He adores basketball. Apart from practicing with his father, Kaden also took part in the Northwood little league. He also loves skiing and surfing. The family goes hiking on adventurous trails during their vacations. Like his other family members, he too takes care of his fitness and agility.


Who are Chase Stokes’s siblings?

The Outer Banks star has two step-siblings. He has a brother and a sister, Kendall and Kaden Stokes. Kaden Stokes is an eleven years old boy. Kendall Nicole Stokes is fourteen years old. The three siblings are seen enjoying family time on a number of occasions. They seem to have a very loving and caring bonding. Chase stokes is usually seen supporting his younger siblings.


Being a fan of the 2020’s famous Netflix series Outer Banks, you must be curious to know more and more about Chase Stoke and his family. Here I have brought to you all that you need to know about Kaden Stokes, his height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and Wiki. Kaden is an athletic, energetic, good-looking, and fun-loving lad. He is currently in middle school enjoying his life to the fullest. You never know, you might see him acting on screen with his elder brother one day.