Charli D’amelio Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

Charli D’amelio is undoubtedly the queen of Tik Tok. She is a trendsetter when it comes to starting Tik Tok trends. Tik Tok is for sure one of the most fast-spreading apps. It has provided a platform for a number of users to communicate and portray their skills in front of the globe. Dreams are seen turning into reality with the help of this revolutionary application. Charli D’amelio is also one of the gems that the world discovered through the platform Tik Tok. The young girl has become a world-known internet celebrity in no time. She seems to get the recognition that others have to grind for in no time.

Her tik-tok videos and original dance moves put her out there. She soon became an inspiration for young boys and girls who wanted to pursue dancing as a career. The teenage star is now recognized globally because of the unbelievable fan base and support she has gotten in no time. Charli is now exploring many other fields to display her creative skills. If you too stan the young teenage sensation, then here I have gathered all that you need to know. I have brought to you all the information about Charli D’amelio, her Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, and Wiki.



Charli D’amelio is a social media star. She is a dancer by profession. Charli is one of those celebrities whose fame knows no bounds. She has more than a hundred million followers on the Tiktok account. The young generation is going gaga over her. There are many other influencers, but the thing that made Charli shine through among all of them is the originality of her content. She used to upload dance videos and lip-syncing content. Then after she got famous, the young Tik Tok entered Hollywood.

Personal Information

Charli D’amelio is an American national. The youth sensation is eighteen years old and was born in 2004, 1st May. She was born in the city of Norwalk in the state of Connecticut. Charli was brought up in her hometown and completed middle school in Norwalk. She later moved to Stamford to complete her high school. Later, she went to king’s school to complete her high school. After graduating high school, she is too busy to enter college yet.


Charli D’amelio is the youngest girl in the family. She was born to the couple, Marc D’malio and Heidi D’amelio. Marc and Heidi were married in 2000. The couple had their first and eldest daughter, Dixie D’amelio on 12 August 2001. Charli has only one elder sister. She doesn’t have a brother. Marc D’amilio is a politician and is a part of the Republican Party. Heidi D’amelio is a personal trainer by profession. Dixie D’amelio is also a social media star like her sister and is a singer by profession. She has also launched her album named, A letter to me. All of the family members are creative.

Physical Parameters


Charli D’amelio is for sure a stunning young dancer. She always wanted to become a dancer. Because of her dancing skills and unending practices, she has always been active. She has an impressive physique. The American dancer is about 5.4 feet tall. Her height is 164 meters or 1.6 meters. She weighs about 54 kilograms or 119 pounds. She has a clear sun-kissed skin texture. The dancer has dark brown straight hair and light brown eyes.

Professional Life

Charli was fond of dancing from the beginning. After Tik Tok got people’s attention, Charli too decided to use it as a source to make people acknowledge her work. The dancer started posting her dance videos. Initially, she was a part of a group of dancers that made tik-tok videos together called the Hype House. This group was founded by Thomas Petrue. Currently, Charli is not a part of the group. She got people’s attention for her unique and original content. When others were focusing on following the latest trends, Charli was busy setting the trends.

She usually came up with new dance steps which her followers seemed to praise a lot. Her content was like a breath of fresh air for the Tik Tok users who were bored of the similar content available. Only at the age of sixteen years, Charli became the number one Tiktoker in the world. Currently, she has 144.9 million followers on Tik Tok. The dancer also has a crazy number of followers on Instagram where she keeps them updated about her life. She has forty-nine million followers on her official Instagram account.

The tik toker also has a Youtube channel with more than 9.5 Million subscribers. After her life was changed, she started posting Vlogs and podcast series along with Dixie. The series was called Charli and Dixie, 2 Chix. On 3rd September 2024 the American streaming platform called Hulu, launched a show called, The D’amilio Show. After the praise it got from viewers, its second season is about to get launched on September 28, 2024. The dancer has not taken her fame lightly. She is an independent young entrepreneur.

Charli D’amelio has started her own business along with her sister. On 17 February 2024, she launched a clothing and makeup brand called Social Tourists. Recently, on June 26 the content creator launched her very own perfume called Born Dreamer. Charli is also the author of two books. Her first book was launched in 2020 called Essentially Charlie: The Ultimate Guide To Keeping It Real. Whereas, in 2024 she wrote another one named, The Charli D’amelio Journal. All these sources help her have a net worth of more than 25 million per year.



Who is Charli D’amelio’s boyfriend?

Chase Hudson and Charlie D’amilio had a two years long relationship. It ended in April 2024. Both social media stars used to post cute pictures together. Despite being adored by the fans the two broke up. Since then Charli has been single and focusing on her professional life and career. The two creators are still good friends and have good terms with each other.


Charli D’amelio has for sure surprised the world by gathering a large number of fan bases in no time without the help of a breakthrough project. The young dancer is a self-made media star. She is known for her startling dance moves and choreography. Along with millions of followers, Charli has for sure got some haters too. Here I have gathered everything about Charli D’amelio, her Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, and Wiki.