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Biography of Bella Ramsay

Bella Ramsay is a British actress best known for her role as the young but precocious Liana Mormont in the TV series Game of Thrones. Also known for starring in the TV series The Worst Witch, for which the actress received a BAFTA Children’s Award.

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Bella Ramsay was born in the English city of Nottingham in 2003. The girl’s father is a businessman. Bella graduated from school as an external student, online, as she was busy on film sets.

Bella Ramsay as a child

From the age of four, Bella began to show interest in acting. She enrolled in the stagecoach theater arts children’s acting school and began to participate in performances. So, the girl appeared in the productions of “Music Seller” and “Annie”, where she played the heroines Amaryllis and Molly, respectively. And if these were children’s productions, then from the age of eight, Bella, along with her older sister, began to take part in the performances of the local comedy troupe.

“Game of Thrones”

In 2013, the girl entered the Central Junior Television Workshop in Nottingham. There, she began going to auditions, trying to land a serious film role. And there were chances: in 2014, the young actress almost got into Steven Spielberg’s film The Good Big Giant, but in the end the role went to Ruby Barnhill.

However, the debut of the girl on the screen turned out to be no less epic. She appeared in the sixth season of the fantasy series Game of Thrones based on the works of George Martin.

Bella Ramsay in the sixth season of the fantasy series “Game of Thrones”

Bella Ramsay embodied the image of Liana, the young head of the Mormont house, and immediately impressed the audience with her performance. She portrayed her heroine exactly like in books: a real leader, able to lead people.

“Game of Thrones” – excerpt

The girl’s adult colleagues were also impressed, and The Hollywood Reporter called her “a rising star of the sixth season.” The girl also appeared in the seventh and eighth seasons of the epic saga.

Interestingly, before being approved for the role of Liana Mormont, Bella did not watch Game of Thrones, which had been on screens since 2011 – the series is replete with scenes of violence, and the girl’s parents were against it. However, when she was approved for the role, she was able to see several episodes. And of course, I tried to notice all the details to make my game more convincing.

According to the actress, she really liked acting, because even venerable colleagues treated her with great attention and helped with advice. The girl received the script of the episode in advance and began to study it, and also worked with a teacher who taught her the right accent. The voice acting process caused particular difficulties for the aspiring actress, when she had to get her lines into the movements of the heroine’s lips.

‘Game of Thrones’ cast reminisce about the best moments from filming the show

About her older colleagues, Peter Dinklage and Emily Clarke, whom she met on the set, the girl remembered with great warmth: despite the fact that she was the only child on the set, they treated her like an adult.

Later career

Thanks to the appearance in the HBO series, offers from directors rained down on the young actress. In 2017, the girl appeared in the short film Eleftheria, and a year later, two full-length films with her participation appeared on the screens at once – the drama Happiness for Two and the comedy Holmes & Watson. But if the first film was met with enthusiasm, then the second picked up the Golden Raspberry anti-award. This, however, did not hurt the career of the rising star.

Bella Ramsay in the movie “Happiness for Two”

At the same time, Ramsay got the lead role in the TV series The Worst Witch, where she played the unlucky witch Mildred Hubble, who always gets into trouble and funny situations. In 2019, Bella received the prestigious BAFTA award in Britain for her role as the clumsy witch.

Bella Ramsay on the set of The Worst Witch

In 2024, the girl left the series for personal reasons. She admitted that she began to have problems with mental health. It was reported that in the fourth and fifth seasons of the tape she will be replaced by actress Lydia Page. The writers played with this spell, which forever changed the appearance of Mildred.

In 2018, Bella voiced the main character of the animated series Hilda on Netflix.

Bella Ramsay voiced the main character of the animated series “Hilda”

And in 2024, Bella played one of the key roles in the drama “Resistance”, based on the biography of the famous mime Marcel Marceau. Along with Ramsay, Jesse Eisenberg, Clemence Poesy and Matthias Schwighefer starred in the film. The film received mixed reviews, but it was still a breakthrough for Bella into a big movie.

Bella Ramsay in the drama “Resistance”

In the same year, Ramsay appeared in another major fantasy series, Her Dark Materials, and also voiced another animated character, this time in the animated series Summer Camp Island.

Bella Ramsay in 2024

Bella Ramsay now

In 2024, it was revealed that Bella had landed a lead role in The Last of Us television series based on the cult video game. Ramsay plays the main character, a girl named Ellie, who survives in a world that has survived the outbreak of a deadly virus. The story’s other protagonist, Joel, will be played by another Game of Thrones star, Pedro Pascal (played by Oberyn Martell). The script for the tape is created by the screenwriter of the original game, Neil Druckmann, as well as Craig Mazin, who is responsible for the sensational “Chernobyl” from HBO.

Bella Ramsay to play Ellie in Last of Us film adaptation

In 2024, another film with the participation of Bella will be released – the tape “Catherine, nicknamed Bird”, based on the children’s novel of the same name by writer Karen Cushman. The book is set in medieval England. The main character Katherine is the 14-year-old daughter of a knight who is being tried to get married. The girl, however, resists this. Unfortunately, the novel was not released in Russian, but most likely, this will happen by the time the film is released.

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