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Biography of Alvaro Morte

Alvaro Morte is a Spanish actor and director, whose name became known throughout the world thanks to the role of Professor Sergio Marquin in the acclaimed TV series Paper House.

Pictured: Alvaro Morte


Alvaro Morte (real name – Alvaro Garcia Antonio Perez) was born on February 23, 1975 in the small Spanish town of Algeciras in the province of Cadiz. Later, the family with little Alvaro moved to Bujalans in the province of Córdoba.

Alvaro Garcia Antonio Perez

His parents were not public people: his father is an entrepreneur, his mother is a creatively gifted person. “My mother is very artistic. She draws, sings and more. She never did it professionally, but yes, I am just like my mother, ”said Alvaro Morte in an interview with En el Patio de Butacas.

Alvaro Morte as a child

During his school years, he constantly participated in student performances. However, before deciding to become an actor, Alvaro Morte tried his hand at engineering – telecommunications. He even went to college, but realized that he wanted to connect his life only with dramatic art, and not work in an office. When I told my father about this in a telephone conversation, I heard in response: “What are you going to eat for?” Despite this, he decided not to deviate from his dream.

Alvaro in his youth

Morte studied at the Higher School of Dramatic Art in Cordoba, graduating in 1999. Later he honed his knowledge in the UK, the Madrid School of Film and Audiovisual Arts ECAM and in the postgraduate studies at the University of Tampere in southern Finland.

The beginning of a career and “300 pistols”

Twenty years and many supporting roles took Morte to get his lead role and become famous. At the beginning of his career, he starred in episodes of films such as Central Hospital (2002), Tell Me (2009-2010), Cops in the Heart of the Streets (2002).

Alvaro Morte at the beginning of his career

Morte’s first break in a big movie was the role of Rafael Torres in the film “Lola” directed by Miguel Hermoso in 2007. 2007-2008 was marked by filming in the TV series “Floor 25”, where the actor had the main role.

Alvaro received his first role in a big movie in 2007.

And in 2011, Alvaro Morte was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his left leg. Doctors assumed that the leg would have to be amputated, and even after that they did not give a guarantee that he could live for more than a few months.

The actor was not afraid and, as he himself believes, this allowed him to defeat the disease and saved his life. From an interview with Alvara Morte to the Mexican news agency Notimex:

Maybe it cured me that I wasn’t afraid. I believe that death is part of life. What we have to accept, because sooner or later it will happen.

The doctors managed to perform a successful operation and remove the tumor, saving the actor’s leg. And Alvaro realized that life gives him another chance. In 2012, Alvaro returned to the profession and starred in the Spanish daily series Bandolera, starring Marta Hazas.

Not only the acting career interested Alvaro Morte. 2012 was the founding year of the 300 Pistols theater company, which he owns. The company was born from the dream of the actor and his wife, Blanca Clemente, about a fun classic. “…Literally! Blanca and I watched a classic play and fell asleep! Why should classical theater be boring?” – this phrase has become a calling card and the best explanation of the goals that its owner sets for the company.

The main task, according to its founder, is to restore the classics in an innovative way, but honest, authentic, without fabrication. In a clear, simple and fun way to convey to the viewer a wonderful mix that creates a complete connection between the audience and the performance.

“Paper House”

More than 20 acting jobs in film and television on account of Alvaro Morte. But the most important, of course, was the role of Professor Sergio Marquin in the series “Paper House”.

“Paper House” is a crime drama by Alex Pina, which tells about the robbery of the Mint of Spain by a criminal gang. Manages criminals and thinks through the details of the robbery character Alvaro Morte.

Alvaro Morte with colleagues on the TV series “Paper House”

Filming of the television series “Paper House” began in 2017. It was originally planned that the main character would be a man over 50. Alvaro was 40 years old at the time of the casting, but with his acting and understanding of the character, he managed to convince the director that he was perfect for the role of Sergio Marquin. Of considerable importance in this was the coincidence in the fates of Markin and Morte: both fought a deadly disease and defeated him.

Alvaro Morte on creating his character

The start of the show on the Antena 3 channel, oddly enough, was not successful. The duration of each episode was 70 minutes (subsequently it was changed to 45). Each new series fell in terms of the number of views, and the creators themselves were already thinking about closing it.

Alvaro Morte in the movie Paper House

Luckily, Paper House got noticed by Netflix and bought the rights to show it. Thanks to Netflix, the series was known all over the world, and Alvaro Morte became a world-famous star.

Along with filming in “Paper House”, the actor in 2018 received the main role in the detective drama “Mirage”, and in 2019 he starred in the drama television series “El embarcadero”.

Personal life of Alvaro Morte

Not much is known about Morte’s personal life. The actor protects loved ones from the consequences of his popularity. This applies to both parents and spouses with children. “I want to keep my normal life. I am a simple person and I want my life and the life of my family to remain like that, ”he said in an interview.

Alvaro Morte and Blanca Clemente

It is known that Alvaro Morte is married to Blanca Clemente. She is not only a wonderful wife who supports her husband in all his endeavors, but also a well-known stylist, actress and producer in Spain.

Alvaro with his wife and daughter

During their life together, the couple had twins Leon and Juliet. Alvaro Morte uses every free minute to communicate with his family, as evidenced by the photos posted on his Instagram page.

Alvaro with his daughter


A fruitful creative life gave its results: Alvaro Morte in 2019 won the 28th award of the Spanish Union of Actors and Actresses for Best Actor; in 2024 was recognized at the 7th Platino Awards as the best actor in the series

In 2024, Morte received the Ondas Awards, which are presented in Spain in recognition of professionals in the radio and television broadcasting, film and music industries.

Alvaro with fans

Alvaro Morte now

The television series “Paper House” ranked 5th in the ranking of the most popular series according to “Netflix” in 2024. In September 2024, the fifth season started, which promised to be the final one.

Alvaro Morte on the cover of Vanity Fait (August 2024)

In addition to his work in Paper House, Alvaro Morte also starred in the American epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time by Ut Breezewitz and the television series Magellan directed by Samon West, in which he plays the role of a navigator (both released in 2024).