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Biography of Alina Pyazok

Alina Pyazok is a director, one of the founders of the Little Big group, which received the Muz-TV award in the Best Group category in 2024. A creative clip maker whose outrageous YouTube videos are gaining millions of views.

In the photo: Alina Pyazok


Alina Pyazok was born in Chelyabinsk on July 6, 1990. The Pyazok family settled in Chelyabinsk – Alina’s grandmother, one of the leading oncologists in Tallinn, was sent there to work back in Soviet times. Alina’s father, Vyacheslav Pyazok, is half Estonian, and her last name has Estonian roots. Correctly it sounds “Pyaseke” and translates as “swallow”. As often happens, she was incorrectly recorded in the passport office.

Alina Pyazok in childhood

At school, the girl had a lot of unpleasant moments because of her last name: teachers often put the wrong emphasis (on the letter “o”), and classmates teased her “Smear-dab”. “I remember the Christmas tree of excellent students in the 1st grade … they call me to receive a gift and announce: “Pizok”. I roared to the floor of the school and yelled: “I am Pyazok, remember, Pyazok!” – Alina recalled on the channel “Tell Gordeeva”.

“Tell Gordeeva” with Alina Pyazok

The future clipmaker studied at school No. 30 in the city of Chelyabinsk and for a long time wanted to become a teacher. Then there was a desire to become a singer, but Alina never learned to sing. Until the age of 13, the girl did not have any special hobbies. Pyazok began to do a lot of things, but almost immediately quit until she got into the circle of leaders at the Palace of Pioneers.

There Alina spent children’s matinees, played the Snow Maiden, then the rabbit:

We had a big production with several hosts. We planted about 6 Christmas trees a day. We had such that you are leading 3 Christmas trees. And there is another story, it is called “Carabella”, when a whole class is brought to you and you, together with another presenter, who is also 14 years old, entertain the whole class with competitions and so on …

As a teenager, Alina liked to listen to Russian rock (Nautilus Pompilius, BI-2, DDT) and watch MTV. At that time, she did not even think that she would connect her life with filming clips or with photography.

She even got her first camera by accident:

I worked for a local TV station. My operator bought a fotik. I say, “Oh, cool stuff. Let me try.” I took it to try, and the next day I came and said: “Can I return the money to you for it, and will you go and buy yourself another one?” I liked shooting so much then that I then took away the camera from some cameramen … I tried to shoot.

At the age of 15, Alina became the presenter on the Chelyabinsk TV channel Vostochny Express. A classmate brought her to the channel. Once it was necessary to shoot a program about sports. Since Alina did not understand sports topics, she could not figure out which sport to film the program about to make it interesting. After thinking a little, I realized that she associated gopniks with sports, who at that time walked in trowels and sweatpants with stripes. She filmed a program about them, which caused heated discussions among local youth.

Alina Pyazok in her youth

As a TV presenter, Alina often had to interview. Thus, the girl met a large number of musicians, among them – the musicians of the Jane Air and Psyche groups. It was then that she realized that she likes to shoot musicians and their work.

Alina with the Triagrutrika group


After leaving school, Alina Pyazok decided to enter either VGIK or St. Petersburg State Institute of Cinematography and bought two tickets: one to Moscow, the other to St. Petersburg. She did not enter VGIK – one point was not enough, and her parents did not have the opportunity to pay for paid studies.

But they didn’t take me to KIT, because I entered Moscow. I got all the top marks. I come to a creative competition, and they just start to blame me, because they found out that I entered VGIK. They told me: “Go to your Chelyabinsk. You still won’t succeed.” I entered the Union of Documentary Photographers Yu.A. Galperin.

Alina’s coursework was the video “The Life of a Little Man”.

Since Alina did not succeed in getting a director’s education, she acquired all her skills gradually, doing filming.


At the age of 19, while vacationing in the Czech Republic, Alina Pyazok received an offer from her friend to make a pornographic video. She considered that this shooting was “a wonderful adventure in order to have something to remember.” The girl made several videos. Until 2013, Alina tried to advance in creativity by working as a freelancer. During this time, she shot videos for Triagrutrika, Guf, Alai Oli, worked with Basta, then with the creative association of YouTube bloggers “Thank you, Eva!”.

Alina Pyazok and Olya Marquez (Alai Oli)

And in 2013, together with Ilya Prusikin, she decided to create the Little Big group, which also included Anna Castellanos and Olympia Ivleva and Jane Air musician Anton Lissov. The very first clip of the group “Everyday l’m drinking”, filmed with the last 30 thousand collected by all members of the group, gained a huge number of views on the Internet. He was especially liked in France, as a popular French blogger saw him and commented on his channel.

Little Big

The clip was seen by members of the South African band Die Antwoord. They liked the outrageous video, and Little Big was invited to warm up their performance at the St. Petersburg club A2. Little Big did not even have a concert program – they had to urgently come up with new songs. After the performance, the audience became interested in the group, whose members then did not even suspect that in a few years their fame would reach international proportions, and they would be chosen to represent Russia at Eurovision with the song “Uno”.

Alina Pyazok with Little Big

In 2013-2016, Pyazok, together with Ilya, shot more than 10 videos for the group, including Public Enemy (2014), Dead Unikorn (2014), Kind Inside, Hard Outsaide (2015), Big Disk ( 2016) and others.

“It’s very cool when you grow with your team. We ourselves passed and looked for some ways, we grew up together. Neither I nor Ilya studied to be directors. We thought about how to do it right, how to serve it right. They learned what accents are, how to place anchors in a video… I’m a cameraman. When shooting all the first clips, I carried the camera myself. – Alina told Petya Ploskova in an interview for the YouTube channel “Petya loves to drink.”

One of Alina’s favorite clips is “Lollibomb” (2017), in which an actor who looks like Kim Jong-un makes love to an atomic bomb. The idea for this clip came to Ilya Prusikin. And in 2018, the video “Skibidi” was released, which in 2019 became the winner in the category “Best Video” and received the “Chart Dozen” award. This viral dance video has been viewed more than 600 million times.

Frame from the clip “Skibidi”

From 2013 to 2024, Alina Pyazok shot more than 30 group videos for Little Big. But the girl does not appropriate all the laurels only for herself, claiming that this is a team work: “We always shoot all Little Big clips in tandem with Ilyich. Together we create and create everything.”

Personal life of Alina Pyazok

Alina Pyazok hides her personal life, but admitted in the show “Tell Gordeeva” that she chooses a career between career and love. And in an interview with Petya Ploskov, she said that, in principle, it was difficult for her to get along with anyone under one roof:

I live alone and I like living alone. Basically, I am a self-sufficient person. Often I understand that I would like a family and children. But I don’t know how it can be done with my schedule.

Alina understands that people are all different, and hopes that at some point there will be a person who will accept her for who she is, and she will accept him: “I want to get married once and not get divorced again …”. She believes that in marriage people should support each other. For Pyazok, the people with whom she works and is friends are very important. The entire team of “Little Big” for Alina over the years has become almost native.

Alina Pyazok now

In 2024, the clip maker shot 4 videos, including “Uno”, with which “Little Big” was supposed to perform at Eurovision 2024. Since the competition was canceled due to covid, it was decided to put the video on the Internet. It has over 200 million views. In 2024, Alina Pyazok shot 5 new videos of the group: for the songs “The Internet”, “Moustache”, “Everybody”, “We Are Little Big”, “Sex Machine”.