Zombieland 3 Release Date – Everything You Need to Know!

Will there be Zombieland 3 in the near future? read the article to know about the release dates of Zombieland 3.

If you are a fan of horror movies mixed with comedy and action, Zombieland is the best movie for you. It is an American film, which is directed by Ruben Fleischer, and written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The story is about a university student who is struggling his way through a zombie apocalypse along with a few others. The film has two installments and there have been rumors about the third part. Read the article below to know about the Zombieland 3 release date.

Zombieland 3 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

Plot Summary Of Zombieland 1

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The Zombieland is set in the United States of America where the country is hit by a disease called, “mad cow disease”. Unfortunately, the virus of the disease has mutated in the people and has now become a dangerous, “mad zombie disease”. The disease has turned the people of America into vicious zombies, and it is likely to spread out into the rest of the world.

Only a handful of people have survived the epidemic, out of which, Columbus is one. He doesn’t know about the other survivors but he will learn as the movie progresses. Columbus looks for his parents to see if they are alive or not. In the meantime, he meets another survivor, named Tallahassee. They reluctantly form a team to track down their loved ones.

Tallahassee tells Columbus how he misses his puppy called Buck, who was killed by the zombies. On their way, Tallahassee keeps looking for twinkies because he loves them a lot. While looking for twinkies, they meet two sisters named Wichita and Little Rock. They have a scuffle, and the girls steal their weapons and vehicles. Tallahassee and Columbus find another vehicle to track down the girls.

After finding them, Tallahassee forcefully takes his things back and has a heated argument with Wichita. Since they have a bigger problem to deal with, Columbus asks for a truce between them, which they agree to. Witchita and Little Rock decide to visit a playland in Los Angeles which is presumably free of zombies. Columbus and Tallahassee also accompany the duo.

In Hollywood, Tallahassee takes the group to Bill Murray’s mansion where they actually meet him. He has been hiding under the guise of a zombie, ever since the epidemic has hit America. Columbus shoots Bill Murray, thinking he is a real zombie as a result of which, he dies. Columbus also learns that Buck was in fact Tallahassee’s son.

Meanwhile, the attraction between Columbus and Wichita increases, and Little Rock bonds with Tallahassee. Witchita leaves Little rock because she is afraid of bonding with Columbus.

The sisters activate all the play rides at the Pacific playland which grabs the attention of all the zombies. The sisters are stuck on the ride when they are attacked by hundreds of zombies.

They are then rescued by Columbus and Tallahassee tactfully. Tallahassee is good at aiming and shooting, therefore he locks himself in the game booth to shoot at the zombies. While Columbus wisely rescues the girls from the ride. Witchita thanks Columbus and the group leave the playland happy about finding and having each other. Witchita reveals her true name Krista upon leaving the playland.

Zombieland 2 Plot Summary

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The troubles of Columbus, Tallahassee, Kirsta, and Little Rock don’t end here. In Zombieland 2, also known as Zombieland: Double Tap, the virus has mutated in humans and has become more potent. The group is currently staying at the White House which has now been abandoned. Tallahassee has a Limousine and he calls it “The Beast”, out of love.

The zombies have now mutated into Homers, Hawkers, Ninjas, and T-800. They are now stronger than before, especially the T-800 which doesn’t die easily. Little Rock is adamant about finding people of her own age. The two girls flee in Tallahassee’s limousine because they felt too attached to Columbus and Tallahassee.

Columbus finds another survivor, named Madison whom he takes along to the white house, about which Tallahassee isn’t happy. Wichita returns and tells the men that she is worried for Little Rock as she has gone with a Pacifist, named Berkeley. Little Rock is unarmed and she might be in danger. On their way to recover Little Rock, they are attacked by a bunch of hard to kill Zombies called T-800.

Madison gets a scratch from a zombie and starts to show symptoms during the journey which means she has gotten the virus. She is forced to go to the forest where Columbus means to kill her, but later he spares her life. It is revealed that Madison has in fact a rare kind of nut allergy which they miss took for zombification.

Upon reaching Graceland, they couldn’t see Little Rock and Berkley, but could only see ruins. There they meet another survivor, named Nevada who reveals that Little Rock and Berkley have headed to Babylon. The group heads towards Babylon where they have to surrender their weapons. After finding the kids, Little Rock and Berkley, they are attacked by yet another horde of zombies.

They use biodiesel to kill the zombies but they are vast in number. Nevada arrives in a monster truck and saves the group from vicious zombies. Tallahassee is attacked by two T-800 zombies but Little Rock shoots them with a pistol, just in time. The group escapes successfully, Columbus and Wichita bond again, while Little Rock breaks up with Berkely because he has his eyes on Madison. The whole group headed back home happily.

Zombieland 3 Release Date

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Will Zombie land 3 come out? Well, we don’t really know about it but the endings of Double Tap paved the way for the third installment. We have heard some hints and rumors from the directors and producers which can be a possible indicator for Zombieland 3. Although the group is now safe from the zombies, and we see them going back home content, the zombies are still out there.

The virus continues to spread, and mutate and nobody knows where things would head to. This situation leaves a door open for Zombieland 3. The director said in an interview that he has some story ideas for Zombieland 3. We might see the movie in theaters in around 2029. As for the storyline, it isn’t revealed yet but we might see the group returning home and fighting zombies.

They might find a way to cure the disease. Moreover, they might head to some other place in the world to see what is the situation there. In short, there are many ideas that can make a wonderful story for Zombieland 3. We have no idea when the sequel will come out, but we hope that it will be released someday. Till then we can only wait and guess the storyline.


What is Zombieland about?

Zombieland is about a rare virus that has mutated in humans and has turned them into zombies. The story is set in the United States, where Columbus, presumably the only survivor, meets many challenges. He is learning ways to protect himself from the virus and meet other survivors on his way. He also meets Witchita and falls in love with her later on.

What is Zombieland 2 about?

Zombieland 2 is a sequel to Zombieland’s first installment. It is about the same group of Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, Little Rock, and Nevada who are struggling to protect themselves from the other zombies. Moreover, the virus has mutated further and has become more potent. They must find a way to free the world from it which we might see in Zombieland 3.

Will there be Zombieland 3?

There are many hints from the directors and producers about the forthcoming installment of Zombieland. We don’t know when it will come as Zombieland 2 came 10 years after its first installment. We can expect the 3rd part somewhere in 2029.

The Bottom Line

The world is hit by a rare virus that caused an epidemic and will likely turn into a pandemic if not controlled. Columbus, who seems to be the only survivor, has lost his family to the virus that has turned people into zombies. It is revealed that he is not the only survivor. He meets Tallahassee, Wichita also known as Krista, her sister Little Rock, Madison, and Nevada.

The group faces many challenges while running away from the zombies. They are successful in protecting themselves, however, the epidemic is still there. Will they be successful in eradicating the virus completely in Zombieland 3? Will, it ever come out, and what will be the release dates? Keep reading above to know everything about Zombieland 3.