Zombieland 3 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

Zombieland is one of those famous Hollywood films that has attained much importance among world audiences. Generally, apocalypse movies are liked by people all around the universe, and hence Zombieland 2 has attained a huge success in the year 2019. It has been three years since the launch of the second part, and now fans are eagerly waiting for the launch of Zombieland 3.

According to press releases, it is said that the third part of Zombieland can be expected in the year 2029. But audiences are eagerly waiting for an official update from the crew. Anyhow, fans and the general audience have to wait for the official update from the crew members to know the exact details of part 3 and related details.

Is There Any Official Update From The Zombieland Crew?

Unfortunately, we haven’t received any update from the crew regarding the launch of part 3. But it is said that the sequel part two has been launched with a gap of 10 years. The first part of Zombieland was released in the year 2009, and the crew decided to launch the second part, the “Zombieland double-tap,” in the year 2019.

So probably, the launch of part 3 might happen in 2029. To know more about the release date and the related details of Zombieland, stay connected till the end.

Zombieland Part 1: A Glimpse

Zombieland is an American-based comedy horror film directed by Ruben Fleischer. The first part of Zombieland was first released in the year 2009; soon after the release of Zombieland part 1, it has attained much importance among the general audience.

At first, a college student “Jesse Eisenberg” joins a team of three strangers to survive the critical situation. Soon after that, they decided to travel southwestern part of the USA as that particular area is considered to be the safe zone. The entire film is built using these four characters who managed to survive even after being surrounded by zombies.

Tallahassee, one of the four survivors, seems to be aggressive while slaying zombies. His behavior in the movie is violent and rude. Despite his behavior, he portrays his love for the puppy he had earlier. Other than these characters, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin lost their parents in the zombie apocalypse. So they decided to reach a zombie-free zone which is in the southwestern part of the USA.

Four survivors then decided to join as a team and started the journey with the help of some weapons and a heavy vehicle. It was released by Columbia Pictures in October 2009 and is considered to be a commercial hit all over the world.

Soon after the success of Zombieland 1, people started waiting for the sequel of Zombieland 2009. But it took around 10 years to craft an impressive sequel. But the wait was worth it, and the audience started appreciating the sequel as well.

Zombieland Double Tap 2019(Part 2) A Glimpse

Soon after reaching the desired spot in the first spot, all the four survivors are trying their level best to escape from the zombie attack. So during this survival part, all the four script heroes are trying their level best to safeguard themselves from the apocalypse.

The ending part might be a bit surprising for the audience as the heroes managed to defeat all the zombies. Wichita and Columbus have been in a relationship during the zombie apocalypse, so they got engaged. The hints given by the director have proved that there are possibilities for the release of part three. So the audience has to wait patiently to know the exact details.

Expected Cast In Zombieland Part 3

The casting details of Zombieland part three have not been released yet, but as it is a sequel, people from various parts of the world are expecting the same cast with some additional characters in part 3. The below-mentioned crew might appear in zombieland part 3.

Woody Harrelson, who played the role of Tallahassee, will remain the same, and he will act as the predator for killing zombies. Jesse Eisenberg played a fussy character in both the movies, so it might be difficult to convince him.

He would continue to act as Columbus in upcoming parts as well. Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin will continue the same as Wichita and little rock, respectively. As a surprise, the director might add some additional characters in the third part.

What Shall We Expect In Zombieland Part 3?

Source: slashfilm.com

The concept might seem to be the same, but the director will make sure to add some surprise elements to show some difference. According to press releases, it is said that the world might be surrounded by zombies in part 3. So people can expect power-packed performances along with some impressive action sequences. It is expected that part three might roar the screens in 2029, but it will be a worthy wait for audiences.

Will Zombieland 3 Be A Successful Business?

Yes! It is a million-dollar question for crew members and the audience as well. According to a survey, it is said that the IMDB has rated 7.6 out of 10 stars, which is considered a very good rating and a commercial success. But unfortunately, the Zombieland Double Tap has attained 6.7 stars out of 10. Even though this is considered a commercial hit, the crew and audience expected more from this part. It is expected that part three will beat all the records created by both the sequel movies of the Zombieland series.

Final Thoughts

Die-hard fans of Zombieland part 1 and Double tap can wait for the official update, as the crew members have not released any trailer or movie stills yet. The existing version of Zombieland and Zombieland Double Tap is available on Netflix and some other platforms as well.

There might be some fan-made teasers and stills on the internet. Still, without having any official update, audiences are eagerly waiting for the release of Zombieland 3.