Yuri Chabuev Net Worth

Biography of Yuri Chabuev

Yuri Alexandrovich Chabuev – ex-head of the territorial department of ritual services No. 3 of the State Budgetary Institution of Moscow “Ritual”.

In the photo: Yuri Alexandrovich Chabuev

early years

The small homeland of Yuri Chabuev is the village of Komarovka, Penza Region, where he was born on May 7, 1976. After school, the young man, who always showed a penchant for the exact sciences, entered the Higher Military Command and Engineering School of the city of Kamyshin, where he studied the specialty “Construction”.

In 1998, Yuri received a diploma and went to serve in the army. Upon his return, he received a second higher education (specialty “Financial Management”) at the Kamyshin branch of the Volgograd State Technical University.

Labor activity

Yuri Chabuev connected his life with the industry of funeral services. In 2006, he took the position of deputy head for economic issues at the Ritual enterprise, whose jurisdiction included ritual services for residents of the Khimki region. In this position, he worked until 2009, after which he took the director’s chair.

In 2013, Yuri Aleksandrovich moved to a senior position at No. 3 of the State Unitary Enterprise of Moscow “Ritual”. After the reorganization, the enterprise began to manage 31 metropolitan cemeteries.

Thus, Yuri Chabuev’s professional experience exceeds 10 years, and all this time he has been studying the positive experience of the leading enterprises in the ritual industry in Europe and implementing it in Russia. In addition to professional activities, Yuri Chabuev is engaged in work that regulates the funeral industry as a whole.

So, he participated in a working group developing a professional standard for ritual workers. In 2015, Chabuev co-authored the book Professional Standards for Funeral Industry Specialists, which regulates the main criteria for the work of employees of funeral companies. These standards were approved by the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation.

Yuri Chabuev participated in the development of the Federal Law “On Burial and Funeral Business” as a member of the Duma Committee on Veterans Affairs and Social Policy, and works as Vice President of the Association of the Russian Funeral Industry.


Chabuev’s work on the development of the industry has been repeatedly marked by awards, certificates of honor, including:

  • year 2009. Diploma of the Governor of the Moscow Region (at that time this position was held by Boris Gromov B.V.) Gromov for “The best enterprise, organization in the housing and communal services sector”.
  • year 2009. Diploma of the 1st degree for a prize-winning place at the All-Russian competition for the best enterprise in the housing and communal services sector.
  • 2010 Diploma “The best head of the housing and communal services enterprise”.
  • 2010 First place in the competition of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation as the best enterprise in the funeral industry.
  • 2011. Diploma of the international exhibition “Memorial-2011” from the head of the RF Ministry of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov.
  • Letter of thanks from the Head of the city district of Khimki.
  • Gratitude for a significant contribution to the organization of the activities of the cadet class of the Investigative Committee under the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation.
  • Certificate of honor of the Department of Trade and Services of the city of Moscow for active participation in holding socially significant city events.

Social activity

Chabuev is active in public activities. So, from 2009 to 2016, he worked in the Public Council under the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, where he supervised the cadet classes founded by the head of the Investigative Committee. It was thanks to Yuri Chabuev that the cadet classes were repaired, the architectural workshop was decorated, and the surrounding area was put in order.

Chabuev helped the cadets attend numerous events, including sports matches, he organized graduation oaths, and other events. Also, with the active participation of Chabuev, pupils of the classes were able to participate in the All-Russian Cadet Festival in St. Petersburg and other similar events.