Julio Iglesias Net Worth

Biography of Julio Iglesias

Childhood of Julio Iglesias

The future famous singer was born in Madrid. His father was a gynecologist, his mother was a housewife. The family lived in a dilapidated house, which has not survived to this day. Julio was the eldest child, his younger brother was named Carlos. Three years later, the family changed their address, moving to Benito Gutierrez Street. Iglesias lived there until the wedding.

From childhood, the boy was a wonderful athlete, standing out among his peers, and always strived to be in the spotlight. The family lived peacefully and happily. Carlos wanted to become a doctor like his father, while Julio dreamed of becoming a diplomat or a famous lawyer. Music was his passion.

After graduating from school, the boy entered a Catholic college, where the head of the choir advised Julio never to sing due to a complete lack of ability. The young man switched to sports, became interested in football and achieved good results. Already at the age of fifteen, he became a substitute goalkeeper for the youth team of Real Madrid.

Julio Iglesias in his youth

Nineteen-year-old student Iglesias, who studied law at the University, drove around in the latest Renault Dauphine and already saw himself as a famous Real Madrid goalkeeper. However, everything in his life changed dramatically. A year later, he lost control and had an accident, injuring his spine, crushing his leg and damaging the left side of his face.

He was given first aid and sent home. Several months passed, and the young man stopped getting out of bed, his back hurt badly, and his legs were paralyzed. Doctors diagnosed a spinal cyst. The operation was unsuccessful, the sensation in the legs did not return, and Julio spent a year and a half in bed. Doctors advised to get used to a wheelchair.

But Iglesias had other goals in life, and he decided to fight: at night, while no one was watching, he crawled around the room, trying to overcome the pain. After a while, Julio was able to stand on crutches and began to develop his legs. In order to better understand the processes occurring during his illness, he read many books on neurology. So the will was able to overcome a serious illness. All that reminds of that terrible accident is a small scar on his face and a slight limp.

According to Iglesias, it was the hospital that made him a singer. Due to experiences, inactivity and insomnia, his musical talent began to appear: he studied the guitar, wrote poetry. All this was for entertainment, becoming a singer at that time was out of the question. Music turned his world upside down. It was in the hospital that he composed his first song, Life Goes On.

Natalie. Julio Iglesias

When Julio was 23 years old, he had already completely recovered and decided to complete his studies. The father sent his son to England, where he was able to improve his English and study at Ramsgate, and then at Cambridge.

Once, in the beer bar of the Cambridge airport, where Julio was relaxing with friends, he asked one of the visitors for a guitar and sang the song “Guantanamero”, which tells about the unhappy love of a Cuban girl. Unexpectedly for Iglesias himself, everyone present listened attentively in complete silence, and then there was applause, which became his first “fee”.

The beginning of the career of Julio Iglesias: the first songs and great success

In the bar where the future famous singer first performed a song with a guitar, he began to perform periodically, singing songs by the Beatles, Tom Jones, Humperdink. Julio soon met a French student named Gwendolyn Bellor, who became both his girlfriend and his musical success. It was to her that he dedicated the song with which he took fourth place at Eurovision. This success immediately made him famous throughout the world.

In 1967, Julio decided to still get a law degree, for this he again entered the University for the first year, but thoughts about a possible career as a singer and musician did not leave him. A year later, he became a member of the Spanish Song Festival and won it brilliantly. Columbia Records then signed him to a contract. This is how an unusual, unlike any other Spanish singer appeared. His hypnotic, enchanting voice immediately became recognizable.

Julio Iglesias – Nostalgie

It was clear that he would not be a lawyer. The father helped his son in the release of his first record. He put a lot of work into career development, and soon many of his songs became national hits. Several years passed, and Iglesias was already considered the first singer in Spain. He toured a lot abroad, performing songs in different languages, and conquered Europe.

The result of his creative career was the release of more than seventy discs, the receipt of many prestigious awards and music awards, the singer worked out about 4600 concerts all over the planet. Fashion for him does not pass today.

Personal life of Julio Iglesias

Iglesias has eight children: three from his first marriage and five from his second. He married his second wife after twenty years of living in a civil marriage, all their five children were present at the ceremony. When the singer was fifty-seven years old, he became a grandfather, daughter Maria gave birth to a grandson to the famous grandfather. The most famous descendant and continuer of the profession was Enrique Iglesias.

Julio Iglesias has 8 children from different wives

When asked if Iglesias was going to retire, he replied that he would perform as long as he was alive. Just like real warriors die in battle, he wants to “die on stage”. The singer plans to live more than a hundred years.