Evgeny Frolov

Name: Evgeny Frolov (Evgeny Frolov)

Surname: Aleksandrovich

Birthday: January 4, 1979 (aged 43)

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Place of Birth:
Tsimlyansk, Rostov region

Zodiac sign: Capricorn (characteristic)

Eastern horoscope: Goat


Family status:


Biography of Evgeny Frolov

Evgeniy Aleksandrovich Frolov is a managerial and financial accounting automation specialist, businessman, owner of Evolution Management and Insight companies.

Frolov Evgeny – founder of the consulting company Evolution Management


Frolov Evgeny Alexandrovich was born in Tsimlyansk, Rostov Region, on January 4, 1979. He spent his childhood in the farm Old village of Semikarakorsk region. The family had two children: Eugene and his sister Natalia. From early childhood, parents instilled in their children a love of work. After the lessons, Evgeny Frolov always helped his parents by working in the garden, caring for animals and making minor repairs around the house.

First money

The first earnings of Frolov Evgeny Aleksandrovich were at the age of 14. It consisted in the fact that early in the morning the boy went to the Don River with his father, and then sold fish to passers-by on the highway. Later, Evgeny built his own two-story rabbitry and bred animals, harvested dried fruits, and sold scrap metal.

Education and first job

After the 11th grade, Frolov Evgeny Alexandrovich firmly decided to master IT technologies and get an education as a programmer. He entered the Novocherkassk Industrial and Humanitarian College with a degree in Computer Systems Programming.

After graduating from college with honors, Evgeny Frolov entered the Don State University, but left the 2nd year, realizing that the programming skills that he had received by that time were much higher than those of the university teachers.

Frolov Evgeny Alexandrovich

Frolov Evgeny Alexandrovich began to earn extra money while still in college. And his first serious job was the position of a programmer in a trading company in Moscow, where in a year and a half he went from an ordinary employee to the head of the information technology department.

Frolov Evgeny Alexandrovich: the beginning of the entrepreneurial path

The first two attempts to open a business were not successful, but after going through all the difficulties of a business start-up and gaining entrepreneurial experience, Frolov Evgeny Alexandrovich opened the Insight-Alliance company in 2007. This organization was engaged (and is engaged now) in the sale and implementation of 1C software products. The company was in the top 5 among more than 100 companies implementing 1C in the south of Russia. This happened after Evgeny Frolov went from business chaos to an integrated management system.

In 2016, Frolov Evgeny Alexandrovich sells the company, leaving only one direction for himself – an author’s software product that allows you to manage the company from a laptop from anywhere in the world (Insight company).

Favourite buisness

After Insight-Alliance, the next step in the career of Frolov Evgeny Aleksandrovich was the consulting business. First, in 2013, he joined his wife’s business. And then, in 2018, they created a joint company called Evolution Management (“Evolution Management”) together, reviews of which are quite easy to find on the net.

Founder of Evolution Management

In 2019, about 400 small and medium-sized businesses have already systematized and automated the main business processes of the company (financial management, organizational structure, job descriptions, key indicators) under the leadership of Evgeny Alexandrovich Frolov’s team. Together with partners, he also founded a closed club for entrepreneurs “Evolution”, which includes those who have already systematized their business.

Social activity

Frolov Evgeny Alexandrovich often speaks as a speaker at the conferences “General Director”, “Russian Sales Week”. In 2017, his first book, My Company Works Without Me, was published. And in 2019, Evgeny Alexandrovich published the second book – “System Business. Leader and team. Frolov Evgeniy Aleksandrovich is the author of articles and interviews for Forbes, General Director, VC and other business publications.

Frolov Evgeniy Alexandrovich – author of two books on successful business

Author’s developments

Frolov Evgeniy Alexandrovich created a unique software product for business owners “Insight”, which works on the basis of 1C or in a web application and allows you to control your business from anywhere in the world from a laptop or phone. Evgeny Frolov is also the author of the Business Evolution consulting product, which systematizes and automates the company’s main business processes in six months.

Family status

Since 2010, Frolov Evgeny Alexandrovich has been married to Zulfiya Salikhova. The couple are also business partners. In marriage, the couple has 4 sons.

Frolov Evgeny Aleksandrovich with his wife and partner Zulfiya Salikhova