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Biography of Yuri Bardash

The underground hip-hop group with the unpretentious name “Mushrooms” literally blew up the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet: the song “Melting Ice”, presented to the public in the spring of 2017, gained more than 41 million views on Youtube in a month – these are really record figures. The group is produced by a well-known person in the world of show business, the former producer of Quest Pistols Yuri Bardash, who is also a member of the Mushrooms group.

Producer Yuri Bardash (center)

Childhood and youth

Yuri was born on February 23, 1983 in the city of Alchevsk, in the Luhansk region of Ukraine. In 2000, Yura became seriously interested in dancing in the style of breakdancing, and in the future young man, the successes he achieved in this matter came in handy. It is noteworthy that he was engaged in the local club “Search”, that is, “Quest” in English.

After leaving school, not wanting to follow the beaten path: to the army, then to the factory, Yuri decided to move from a provincial town to Kiev. In order not to be left without bread, Yura danced on the Maidan, where he earned about 30 hryvnia per performance – not bad money at that time.

Yuri Bardash before he became famous

As the producer admitted in an interview, in many ways his fate was decided by a chance acquaintance with the frontman of the Force dance group Nikita “Bumper” Goryuk, the future lead singer of the Quest Pistols group. A year after the move, he became responsible for the cast for the musical Equator. Around the same time, he met Konstantin Borovsky, a dancer in the Antishock group. Subsequently, young people created their own dance group, in which Anton Savlepov came to try out, whom Yuri himself once called the genius of breakdance. In this composition, the team presented the program “Chance”, which gained popularity throughout Ukraine.

Quest Pistols era

It all started with the fact that the dancers Nikita, Kostya and Anton – expressive and charismatic people – one day decided that it was time to move in a new direction. This task was hung on the shoulders of Yuri Bardash, who came up with the thought: “Why shouldn’t ballet become singers?”

Group “Quest Pistols”

No sooner said than done: in 2007, by common efforts, the guys found a talented girl who wrote their first lyrics and music, and began performing under the name Quest Pistols.

After the debut in the program “Chance” with the song “I’m tired”, which in the near future conquered all Ukrainian and Russian charts, the group rapidly gained popularity among pop music fans, and their first album “For You” received gold status. “I am a producer, a hunter for smart heads. One of my main tasks is to recognize talent and attract it to cooperation. I combine brilliant people in action, and they give out a brilliant product, ”Yura admitted.

The first performance of Quest Pistols, the program “Chance”

The group was liked even by the People’s Artist of Ukraine Natalya Mogilevskaya, who invited Quest Pistols to the national music festival “Tavria Games”.

In the photo: Yuri Bardash and singer Lyuba Yunak

It is worth noting that Bardash is one of the founders of the Ukrainian label “Lace”, which shoots videos and promotes pop stars. The producer considers Kuzma Skryabin and Ivan Shapovalov to be his “mentors”, on whom you can safely navigate. Previously, he also worked with the Nerves group,

Yuri Bardash – producer of the label “Lace”

Yuri Bardash and “Mushrooms”

In one of the most popular groups of 2016-2017, Bardash is not only a producer: under the auspices of the Mushrooms project, the 33-year-old former dancer first appeared as a performer.

Mushrooms: how it all began

For the first time, Yura appeared in the video “Intro”, after the first minute of the video. Bardash chose the image of a cheeky shaven-headed guy in sunglasses, squatting. In addition to Yuri, the Mushrooms group includes Ukrainian rappers 4atty aka Tilla and Symptom NZHN.

Frame from the clip “Intro”

Due to his extensive work experience, Bardash knows how to attract an audience: “Mushrooms” is hip-hop music with plain but sarcastic lyrics. The fans, who dubbed the group a mixture of “Krovostok” and the group “Khleb”, believe that the “Mushrooms” may well perform on some Golden Gramophone”, given the phenomenal popularity of their debut album “Mobile Home, Part 1″ and especially the tracks ” Bicycle” and “The ice is melting”.

“Mushrooms” – “Intro”

Personal life of Yuri Bardash

There were rumors on the Internet that Yuri Bardash had an affair with Svetlana Loboda, but the artist himself admits that, on the contrary, he did not even have a friendly relationship with the Ukrainian singer, to put it mildly.

In the photo: wife and son of Yuri Bardash

Yuri Bardash is married to Ukrainian pop singer Luna, Kristina Bardash (Gerasimov’s maiden name), who is released on his Kruzheva Music label. In 2012, the couple had a son, Gosha. According to Mushrooms fans, it is the artist’s son that can be seen in the Intro video.

Yuri Bardash and Kristina Bardash (Moon)

Yuri Bardash now

Having released their first album in November 2016, “Mushrooms” and Yuri Bardash announced that the second album, “House on Wheels, Part 2”, would be released soon.

The group “Mushrooms” gained popularity in record time

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