What kind of business does Djigan have – a scandalous rapper

Before the scandalous 2024, Dzhigan earned about 60 million rubles. in year. But the pandemic, which put all concert activity on hold, as well as the story of divorce and drug addiction treatment, threatened the hip-hop artist with ruin. But as it turned out, a well-played drama in which everything was found: betrayal, prohibition, mental illness, an insulted wife, abandoned children – was a well-thought-out business project. It brought good dividends to Denis Ustimenko-Weinstein, and after a public discussion of plans to double profits, friends began to joke that the divorce would bring GeeGun to the Forbes list of the richest celebrities.

Dzhigan’s main business and source of income has always been his work. For a 40-minute concert, according to KP, he took from $ 10-15 thousand.

“There were cases when Dzhigan performed at the bottom of the city in Moscow, some other public events – the fee for them reached 1 million rubles. At the same time, the rapper has a rather difficult rider, tearing three skins from customers. For violation of any clause of the contract, fines are provided for the organizers.

Concert organizer for kp.ru


The trouble came unexpectedly. An ideal family man, a loving father and husband began to behave inappropriately, shaved off his eyebrows and beard, posted naked photos on the net, arranged public knighting of children. It turned out that the singer had a mental disorder due to drug addiction. The situation was aggravated by reports that his wife Oksana Samoilova was filing for divorce. The reason is probable betrayal.

By the way, a strange story coincided with the beginning of the epidemic in Russia – March 2024. When the rest of the artists were looking for ways to stay afloat, and friends frankly worried about the fate of the rapper, the couple Dzhigan and Samoilova launched their most successful business project.

After leaving the elite clinic, where the musician paid, according to StarHit, 100 thousand rubles for a day of treatment. and spent more than 2 million rubles in 3 weeks, he successfully continued his creative activity.

Source: @iamgeegun

Source: @iamgeegun

GeeGun made peace with Timati, they released a joint single “Rolls Royce”, preparing a new album.

“Dealing with drug addicts – and in this case, I believe, drugs are still involved, no one wants. And even if Dzhigan is now recording an album, I think he will not be of interest to anyone except himself … The rapper actually put himself on the stop list “

A. Razin, producer.
Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

Despite the forecasts of Andrei Razin, the performer is quite in demand, and the rates for performances have only increased. Agencies for January 2024 are asking for the participation of Djigan, excluding the raider:

  • “123 shows” – 1.25 million rubles. 3-5 hours in Moscow and Moscow region;
  • Proconcert – from 1 million rubles;
  • “Big City” – up to 25,000 euros.

For participation in the filming of social videos, commercials, interviews, clips, movies and TV, FaceMarket asks for up to 800 thousand rubles. 1 business day up to 8 hours.

Food and more

Dzhigan’s new business is fast food under the slogan “Oh …. th havchik.” It was this phrase that he most often uttered during drunken sprees. Now, under this name, he sells, together with Timati, food sets of a branded burger, chicken wings, potatoes, cheese balls, 2 lollipops and a bottle of cola.

Source: @iamgeegun

Source: @iamgeegun

But the move was temporary. As of January 2024, the Black Star Burger menu does not include boxes with “O…th food”. It is not clear how much money such a business brought to Dzhigan himself, because the restaurant chain belongs to Timati. But it is known for sure that the love of unhealthy food gave the brawler a weight gain of 25 kg.

Well, his wife’s weight loss program might help get rid of them. The musician is directly related to the Fit For You project. Denis simultaneously launched:

Later, Oksana took up the Internet project, maintaining the image of a successful business mother.

It’s hard to say how much money Fit For You brought to the family. Revenue, according to the audit-it.ru audit, for 2019 amounted to 31.1 million rubles.

Screenshot from audit-it.ru

Screenshot from audit-it.ru

Quarantine 2024 could be many times more successful. Service services at the beginning of 2024 are not cheap here, for example, a 4-week course of 12 lessons:

  • training and nutrition costs 4,000 rubles;
  • recovery after childbirth – 4,000 rubles;
  • program for pregnant women – 4,800 rubles. per trimester.

Social networks: instamama as a business project

After the couple did not appear for the divorce proceedings in June 2024, and family squabbles finally subsided, it became clear that the “performance” was started for the sake of hype.

Source: @iamgeegun

Source: @iamgeegun

The number of subscribers on the GeeGun Instagram page has grown to 4.6 million people. Here he again plays the role of a brutal rapper and a touching father of the family. But, surprisingly, there is virtually no advertising on his blog. That is, the goal is the promotion of the wife’s page.

But Oksana’s star Instagram is breaking records: 12.9 million subscribers. The most popular instamama, who attracted the audience with a personal tragedy, earns from 5 million rubles per week of advertising activity. So much her husband before the quarantine received in a month. Experts estimate Samoilova’s account at 645 million rubles. based on the cost of attracting a “live” subscriber of 50 rubles.

After the silence regime – such a move marketers call very productive for attracting readers – Oksana began to master new methods of earning money. Only for the give – an advertising campaign with prize draws – she receives 20-25 million rubles.

Reference! Samoilova also has an offline business: a cosmetology clinic and a recruitment agency for the selection of nannies.


Remember how Timati spoke words of support to his former friend: “We have only two topics in 2024: this is COVID-19 and your Instagram. I laughed at the beginning, but now it’s kind of scary.” I wonder if the rapper knew what dividends Djigan and his wife would take from this topic.

Definitely, they passed a difficult year for most artists without material losses. But whether the scandal followed by millions was a business project or really a family tragedy, we will never know.