Denis Fatkullin

Biography of Denis Fatkullin

Denis Fatkullin is a well-known Russian businessman. Attracted 1 billion private investment in a year. He achieved an increase in the company’s turnover from 200 thousand rubles to 41 million rubles a month. Playing big is his life motto.

Childhood and youth

Denis is a native of Chelyabinsk. His parents are ordinary working people. My mother worked at a factory, and my father worked at a construction company.

Denis Fatkullin in childhood

Denis spent every summer in the village with his grandmother. Local boys taught him how to bake potatoes on the coals, swim across the Miass – the local river – in the widest place and “hammer arrows”.

After the summer months, surrounded by village boys – sincere, sincere, but rarely reading books, watching good films, Denis returned, as they say, to the urban environment.

Denis with parents and brother

At home, he was expected to study at the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, the best educational institution in the city. Denis’s parents did everything for their son to develop in different directions – the strongest tutors, scarce books, sports sections. Denis is sure that the values ​​instilled in him in childhood by his parents help in adulthood.


Denis Fatkullin is an engineer of automated process control systems by education. But even as a teenager, he was sure that he would take care of his own business.

The first job is a bookseller. In a few months, Denis grew from a “street barker” into a sales coach.

Today Denis is a well-known entrepreneur who operates both online and offline. His most successful projects are related to investment. Now he, together with partners, is developing an offline business – a chain of clothing stores.

This is the so-called trial of Fatkullin’s pen, his own challenge to himself – whether the project will be successful in a new environment for him. So far, these are two small stores in the center of Moscow. Stores with beautiful, but not expensive clothes will also open in the regions. In this project, Fatkullin is trying out new “chips” that will help him scale up quickly and with good monetary performance.

Personal life of Denis Fatkullin

Denis Fatkullin is married and has a five-year-old son, Damir. By the end of 2010, another joyful event happened in the businessman’s family. Saule, 31-year-old wife of Denis, gave him a truly royal gift – twins: a daughter and a son.

Now Saule, like her husband, is investing. At the same time, she is passionate about personal growth – she takes trainings, reads psychological books.

Five-year-old Damir, Fatkullin’s son, is passionate about robotics and modeling. Recently, he became interested in playing checkers, and having learned the tricks, he began to easily beat his dad. Now Damir is learning to play chess. Denis is sure that his son will be successful here too – he has a mathematical mindset and amazing perseverance for a five-year-old child.

Denis’s family’s favorite pastime is to walk around Moscow

The favorite pastime of the Fatkullins family is walks in the picturesque places of Moscow.

Denis Fatkullin now

Most recently, Fatkullin and his family moved to Moscow from Chelyabinsk. There are great opportunities for business scaling and, of course, for “pumping” yourself.

Denis has big plans for the future

A city that impresses with its scale, its speed is ideal for such a purposeful person as Denis. I fell in love with Moscow and the businessman’s family. Every month Denis and his family leave the capital to take a breath, to be filled with a different, creative energy.

Now Denis is busy building a personal brand. In the future, various businesses will be built around it: from a clothing store to a closed investment club.

Denis pays great attention to his own development, filling with the right energy. In the future, this knowledge will be useful to a businessman as another successful project. We plan to create our own large-scale information product in a couple of years.