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Biography of Denis Chershyev

Russian football player Denis Cheryshev is known far beyond the borders of his native country. Denis Cheryshev managed to play as an attacking midfielder in such giants of Spanish football as Real Madrid, Villarreal and Valencia.

Denis Cheryshev – midfielder of Villarreal and the Russian national team

The childhood of Denis Cheryshev

Denis Cheryshev was born in Nizhny Novgorod on December 26, 1990. From early childhood, the boy knew that he would become a football player. And all because Denis’s father was the legendary Dynamo Moscow football player Dmitry Cheryshev. Looking at the example of his famous father, Denis began playing football from the cradle.

Little Denis Cheryshev with his father, Dmitry Cheryshev

Denis was only 5 years old when Dmitry Cheryshev received an offer from Sporting Khikhon. The whole family moved to Spain. For little Denis, such a sudden move was a real test. He did not understand a word of Spanish, and had to learn a foreign language, literally, on the go.

Denis attended a preparatory school, where lessons were held for Spaniards and in Spanish. Cheryshev admits that for the first few months he could not understand a single word of what teachers and children said. But, over time, Denis got used to it and began to speak Spanish fluently, like a native.

The professional development of Denis Cheryshev took place in Spain

Dmitry Cheryshev made a lot of efforts to provide his son with a decent future in the sports world. After moving to Spain, Denis began to study at the sports school of Sporting, the club in which his father played. When Cheryshev Jr. was seriously interested in the best football club in Spain – Real Madrid, Dmitry Cheryshev left his career without hesitation and devoted all his time to developing his son’s career.

The beginning of the career of Denis Cheryshev

Serious sports achievements of Denis began with the entry into the ranks of the youth team of Real Madrid in 2002. Cheryshev performed well in the team, got along well with the management and coaching staff, and went through all levels of the youth team unhindered. While playing for Real Madrid, Cheryshev became the champion among clubs in the youth league, and also received a personal achievement – “Best sniper of the tournament.”

Childhood and youth of Denis Cheryshev

The next stage of his career at Real Madrid was getting into the club’s second most important team – Real Madrid Castilla. Having played 2 seasons for this team, Denis was able to develop his talent even more, which can be seen from the results of both seasons.

Denis Cheryshev to Real Madrid

Denis Cheryshev managed to get into the base of the “creamy” Real Madrid only in 2012. It is worth noting that before Cheryshev, not a single Russian got into Real Madrid. Denis played as a striker, side by side with the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo.

Denis Cheryshev is the first Russian football player in Real Madrid

As part of Real Madrid, Denis won the Champions League of the 2015-2016 season. During his stay in the “creamy” team, Cheryshev managed to play a year in Sevilla, where he was remembered for the number of injuries during the game. It is not known what caused such a traumatic season, but Denis describes this period as “experience and learning.”

Dmitry Cheryshev: Real’s first “Russian” goal

After Sevilla, Villarreal became interested in Cheryshev, in which Denis spent another season. The next step in his career was Valencia. Denis said that he chose Valencia from several options. Cheryshev quickly adapted to the team, found a common language with the players and coaches, settled in a new city for himself. Many accuse Cheryshev of not being able to gain a foothold in the elite Real Madrid, but are constantly being taken over by other clubs. At the same time, in every new club, Denis surprisingly manages to show up. It is thanks to this “universality” that the price for Cheryshev in the 2015-2016 season amounted to as much as 20 million euros.

In 2016, the football player signed a 5-year contract with the Spanish club Villarreal.

Cheryshev has been playing for Villarreal since 2016

Denis Cheryshev in the Russian national team

Denis Cheryshev is a member of the Russian national football team. Journalists often ask if Denis regrets his choice, because he could have been called to the Spanish national team. Denis always answers these questions that he is Russian and proud of it. According to Cheryshev, goosebumps run through his body when he hears the Russian anthem. Denis was a member of the youth team, and then he got into the main team, like his father once.

Denis Cheryshev at the match against Spain

In 2016, the preparation of the Russian team for the Euro-Championship was in full swing. But Cheryshev’s participation in it turned out to be a big question. After another injury, the footballer had to go under the surgeon’s knife and undergo surgery on his hip. Surgical intervention was unavoidable, since Cheryshev was diagnosed with chronic hip tendonitis. The operation was successful, after 4 months of rehabilitation, Denis was expected to return to Valencia and the Russian team. But he could not get into the application for the Euro, like Igor Denisov, who received a muscle injury on the field a week before the start of the World Cup.

Euro 2016 Denis Cheryshev missed due to injury

Personal life of Denis Cheryshev

Denis is single, but for quite a long time Cheryshev has been dating Spaniard Christina Kobe. The chosen one is 3 years younger than the footballer. She is a lawyer by training and works as a lawyer.

Denis Cheryshev and his girlfriend Christina Kobe

Denis Cheryshev today

In 2018, coach Stanislav Cherchesov included the footballer in the national team for the World Cup. On June 14, in the first match of the World Cup, where Russian football players played against Saudi Arabia, Cheryshev came on as a substitute instead of Alan Dzagoev, who was injured in the first half. Denis managed to mark himself at the opponent’s goal with a double – in the first half and at the end of the game. The Russian national team won the opening game of the home world championship with a score of 5:0, and Cheryshev himself was recognized as the best player of the match.

In the second match against Egypt, Cheryshev scored a goal in the 58th minute. The scoring was opened 12 minutes before by Egypt’s own goal. Then the ball was scored by Artem Dzyuba. The Russian national team won with a score of 3:1 and for the first time in history left the group for the World Cup.

Photos from the match Russia – Spain

Despite the defeat to Uruguay, Russia reached the 1/8 finals, where they met with the Spanish team. Denis Cheryshev did not get into the starting lineup, however, coming on as a substitute, he scored in a penalty shootout, appointed after the end of extra halves. The national team won with a total score of 5:4 (1:1 in regular time and 4:3 on penalties). In the 1/4 finals, Cheryshev scored the first goal against Croatia, but Russia lost on penalties and was eliminated from the championship.