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Biography of Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta is without a doubt one of the best footballers in the world. He is agile, technical and has an excellent ability to “conduct” the game of his partners. Thanks to the indicated qualities, the name of this Spanish player has repeatedly sounded among the nominees for the title of the best football player in the world. However, the desired reward constantly bypassed him. But can we say that the career of this talented midfielder was unsuccessful? Of course not. After all, Andres’ personal collection contains a huge number of personal and team awards. His life is one endless journey from one trophy to another. That is why today we decided to talk about how the career of this star player developed.

Greatest Footballers: Andres Iniesta

The early years of Andres Iniesta

The future famous football player was born in the most ordinary family, who lived in the most ordinary Spanish town called Fuentealbilla. From a very early age, he started playing football at the children’s academy of the Albacete club, which, although a professional team, played for most of its history exclusively in the Spanish minor leagues.

It is quite remarkable that playing football was never taken seriously by Andres. Such a pastime was for him just something akin to a pleasant hobby. He loved to kick the ball, however, he never thought about a professional career in sports. The fact that no one in his family has ever been involved in football in any way contributed to such thoughts. Unlike Andres himself, all of his relatives worked as waiters in various establishments in their hometown.

Perhaps the same life awaited Andres himself. However, fate was favorable to the talented player. The thing is that already at the age of twelve, with his bright game, Iniesta attracted the attention of the scouts of the two largest clubs in Spain – Real Madrid and Barcelona. Thus, already at an early age, the midfielder had to make a choice between the two strongest football academies. It is worth noting that Andres’ preferences initially leaned towards Real Madrid, but his parents intervened, insisting on moving to the Barcelona camp only because the location of the Catalan football academy seemed to them more convenient and reliable.

So, Andres Iniesta first appeared in the “blue garnet”. From that moment began his long ascent to the heights of the Catalan hierarchy, and at the same time to the heights of all world football.

Star Trek Andres Iniesta

In 1996, the player began playing for the Barcelona youth team, but very soon he began to play in the Segunda (second division of Spanish football) for the Barcelona B team. During this period he was not even fifteen (!) years old.

Andres Iniesta is one of the best footballers in the world today

By and large, even then it was clear that the young Andres Iniesta was waiting for a dizzying career in world football. Climbing to the heights of the sports Olympus was only a matter of time.

The long-awaited debut of the young player took place in October 2002 in the Champions League match against the Belgian club Brugge. In that match, the footballer spent only 10-15 minutes on the field, but a few months later he began to slowly establish himself as a player in the main team. In the 2004/2005 season, Andres Iniesta became one of the most important players in Barcelona’s team building. He often took to the field and often handed out assists, supplying balls to Barça’s attackers. It is worth noting that even with the arrival of star midfielder Deco to the team, Iniesta’s place in the squad remained unchanged.

Despite his young age, Andres Iniesta has become one of the main stars of Barcelona by the age of twenty-two. Therefore, his call to the camp of the Spanish national team did not come as a surprise to anyone. The debut for the national team of his country for Andres Iniesta coincided with a friendly match with the Russian team. Nine months later, in a match with the England team, the star Spaniard scored his first goal. Since then, Andres has scored many more beautiful and important goals.

Andres Iniesta now

As for the won trophies, there have always been plenty of them in the career of the eminent Spaniard. So, speaking for Barcelona, ​​the player became a six-time winner of the Spanish championship, a two-time winner of the country’s Cup, and a three-time winner of the UEFA Champions League. As a player of the Spanish national team, Andres Iniesta won the European Championship twice, and once tried on the gold medals of the world championship. In this context, it is worth noting that it was the decisive goal of Andres Iniesta that brought the “Red Fury” a victory in the final of the African World Cup over the Netherlands national team.


Talking about the awards of the star Spanish midfielder, it is worth mentioning the huge number of personal prizes. In particular, in 2012, Andres was named the best player of the European Championship 2012, as well as the best player of the Old World according to UEFA. Together with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the player was listed several times among the applicants for the most prestigious football trophy – the Golden Ball. However, the desired reward, as mentioned above, each time bypassed him.

Despite this, at the moment Andres Iniesta was and remains one of the best attacking midfielders on the planet, as well as a style-forming player for Barcelona and the Spanish national team.

Personal life of Andres Iniesta

Over the past few years, Andres Iniesta has been in a romantic relationship with a simple girl, Anna Ortiz. In April 2011, a couple in love had a daughter, whom it was decided to name Valeria. From that moment on, rumors about the upcoming wedding began to appear in the press with enviable frequency. And in the summer of 2012, the solemn ceremony nevertheless took place. The wedding was attended by many famous players and figures of Spanish football. So, in particular, among the guests were David Villa, Leonel Messi, Xavi, Gerard Pique, Vicente del Bosque, Iker Casillas and many others.

Andres Iniesta is very modest in his personal life

Andres Iniesta maintains a friendly relationship with his parents. Even at the dawn of his career, he gave his mother a house, and opened a large bank account in the name of his father, so that he could leave his job and retire at the age of forty.