Vladislav Zhukovsky Net Worth

Biography of Vladislav Zhukovsky

Vladislav Sergeevich Zhukovsky is a popular economist, stock market expert, webinar host, author of scandalous publications and controversial forecasts regarding the economic development of the Russian Federation.

Economist Vladislav Zhukovsky

He is a senior analyst and asset portfolio manager at Ricom-Trust Investment Company, a columnist for NakanuneTV, a TV presenter of the Point of View program, a member of the presidium of the Stolypin Club, created to revive discussions between scientists, business representatives, politicians, and a member of the Delovoy Rossiya expert council. “.

Being an active participant in the intellectual controversy about the problems of modernizing the Russian economy, a critic of the existing system, ideas and principles of Yegor Gaidar and his followers who dominate the government, he repeatedly argued that the result of Gaidar’s reforms was a complete paralysis of the investment process in the country, total corruption and increasing degradation of the economy .

Childhood and family of Vladislav Zhukovsky

Vladislav Zhukovsky was born on July 30, 1988. There is little information about his family. It is known that after school in 2005 he became a student at the prestigious University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation – the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Faculty of International Economic Relations) and in 2009 received a bachelor’s degree.

MGIMO student Vladislav Zhukovsky

Then he graduated from the magistracy, the second level of higher professional education, at the department of international finance. His supervisor was a professor, doctor of sciences and head of the Russian Economic Society. S.F. Sharapova Valentin Katasonov.

Career of Vladislav Zhukovsky

After the defense, Zhukovsky began teaching within the walls of his alma mater. In addition, he began to work (since January 2011) at the Rikom-Trust investment company, which provides brokerage services on the stock market, and became a member of the expert council of the all-Russian public organization Delovaya Rossiya.

Vladislav Zhukovsky was able to quickly build his career

Vladislav also always paid a lot of attention and time to writing and publishing a large number of articles in periodicals and on Internet sites on professional topics. Among them are “Speculation as a mirror of the soul of society” (11/14/2011 on the Pereprav website), “Russia is turning into a country of useless “advice” (07/26/2012 for the Communist Party website), “Russia on welfare” (11/21/2012, newspaper “Tomorrow”).

In 2013, Vladislav became a popular and sought-after columnist for Nakanune.TV. So, in August, in his article “What the pension calculator will not tell. In Russia, the poor pay for the rich,” he cited evidence of the existence of de facto negative phenomena in the country – a deficit in the Pension Fund, low wages for state employees, a regressive taxation scale, when 80 percent of poor Russians finance the high pensions of 20 percent of the rich.

Vladislav Zhukovsky gives comments for RBC

He also became the host of the Point of View program launched as part of the project of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation – the Red Line TV channel, where well-known experts, analysts, journalists, and scientists discussed the most pressing problems in the financial and economic sphere. In particular, the guests of the program were MGIMO professor, his mentor, V. Katasonov, State Duma deputy V. Solovyov, doctor of economic sciences from the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences M. Voeikov. In discussions on the Internet channel, the position of professionals was presented on the topic “G20: the path to a global concentration camp”, “Jewish Masonic elite against humanity”, “Myths about Stalin”, “Will Russia dance the Brazilian samba?”.

During the issue entitled “Labor and Capital”, the factors of production indicated in the topic of the discussion were discussed, information was made public that over the past decade and a half, the difference in incomes between representatives of the upper and lower social groups has grown from one in eighty to one in five hundred. Also, data were announced that in the Russian Federation the minimum wage is 18 times less than in Japan, 15 times less than in Germany and the USA, 6 times less than in Poland.

Vladislav Zhukovsky: 22 million poor people in Russia are a complete lie

A number of experts and ordinary readers were outraged by the sharp statements and revealing facts from the young analyst, who was even called a cacodemon, but this did not diminish the persistent interest of the Russian public in them.

Personal life of Vladislav Zhukovsky

There is no publicly available information about the private life of the popular financial consultant. Judging by the absence of a wedding ring on the right hand of an attractive and no doubt intelligent young economist, he is unmarried.

Vladislav Zhukovsky today

A successful analyst and adviser to representatives of the leadership of a number of public organizations published a forecast for the state of the domestic economy. His conclusions, as well as the statements of the members of the Presidium of the Stolypin Club, point to an extremely alarming state of affairs in the country.

Zhukovsky on the impact of sanctions on the Russian economy

The speech of an independent economist in 2015 in the studio of the RBC TV channel in the Ararat Park Hyatt hotel made him famous – the video with the recording of the broadcast had hundreds of thousands of views. Unlike most ordinary people who do not want to take off their rose-colored glasses and live in an artificially created world with the help of brainwashing and Russian propaganda (according to the financier, it surpassed even the main propagandist of Nazi Germany, Dr. Goebbels), he sees the real state of reality. The people, on the other hand, believe that Obama, Erdogan, the West, Ukrainians are to blame for the situation with a low standard of living, the crisis in the economy, and do not want to understand that in reality the reason lies in the rigidity of the political system.

The expert warns of serious upheavals and catastrophes that await the country. In January 2016, in his article “A real revolt of the middle class is coming, which was put under the knife,” he predicted an increase in the crisis, a deterioration in the life of the population and rising prices. According to the analyst, by 2018, 80 percent of our compatriots will be in a position of so-called chronic poverty, when a person does not think about changing his life and even finds some psychological pleasure in his state.