Roman Karaulov

Biography of Karaulov Roman Sergeevich

Entrepreneur Karaulov Roman Sergeevich is engaged in the implementation of projects related to attracting investments and strategic planning. The businessman is a member of the expert council of the public association “Business Russia”, is the founder of eight companies and manages three companies.

Karaulov Roman Sergeevich – was born, studied, worked

Roman Karaulov was born and raised in Cheboksary and received his higher education in Moscow. Education in the capital ended in 2008 with the award of a bachelor’s degree in “Applied Mathematics and Physics” at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (SU). The main specialization of Roman is “Problems of management”, which he subsequently took up in practice. Simultaneously with receiving a higher education, Karaulov underwent advanced training. After completing a one-year course in 2008, he received a diploma in Business English.

Roman began his career in his student years. The period of 2006 – 2007 was marked for him by work at the R-Style company. The young man worked in the application department as an ordinary specialist. The job consisted of promoting the Oracle management system and included a number of responsibilities:

  • system testing;
  • collection of information and analysis of requirements in the description of business processes;
  • bringing the system to the state required by customers;
  • survey of the customer’s company;
  • fixing project results.

Karaulov performed duties related to reading the application documentation in English. He managed to put into practice knowledge in the field of management even before receiving a diploma of higher education. Roman continued to develop clients’ business at RDTEX, where he worked for three months in 2007. Here he also promoted Oracle BI and Oracle CRM as a Lead Consultant. The duties of a young talented employee were related to the preparation of project documentation and support for Oracle CRM, expressed as follows:

  • analysis of business processes and system functionality;
  • identifying aspects that need improvement;
  • preparation of analytical reporting of the system;
  • creating databases and ensuring their migration.

In 2007, for the first time, a young man had the opportunity to apply managerial skills. Being a qualified specialist, he got a job in the company IRG, which was engaged in marketing research and the creation of business plans. Karaulov Roman Sergeevich served as General Director until 2014.

First experience in managing a company at the age of 20

While serving as CEO, Karaulov was engaged in attracting project and external financing, establishing contacts and maintaining relations with commercial and government structures. Roman coordinated business processes, ensuring the execution of the plan-fact and production processes. The young leader gained invaluable experience in organizing office work, concluding lease agreements, conducting audit and legal checks. Thanks to the competent distribution of responsibilities between responsible employees and heads of structural divisions, it was possible to achieve high results in the activities carried out. Since 2010, the company has been ranked first in the industry according to RBC, retaining its leading positions until 2015.

Starting your own business

Having gained sufficient professional experience, Roman Karaulov decided to start his own business. He succeeded in consolidating the acquired knowledge and applying management skills by registering KiPiAi Holding LLC in 2013. The idea was to bring together qualified specialists from different fields of activity. Karaulov put together a team of professionals who are ready to solve a wide range of tasks:

  • strategic, municipal, industrial, public administration;
  • marketing;
  • operational management;
  • IT technologies;
  • consulting in the field of attracting investments.

The holding successfully solves problems related to property valuation, audits, business process management. Karaulov Roman Sergeevich manages the company as chairman of the board of directors. His professional duties include approving the budget and development plan of the holding. As the head of the company, he participates in the development of incentive measures for staff, methods of motivating employees. A young entrepreneur determines the company’s development strategy and evaluates the results of the work done.

Social activity

Roman is actively involved in social activities. A high level of professionalism, despite his young years, as well as experience in the field of management, allowed him to become a member of domestic and international organizations. Since 2011, Karaulov has been a full member of the European Association for Marketing Research “ESOMAR”. 2014 was a landmark year for Roman in terms of social work.

An effective manager was invited to the board of the association that unites the majority of industrial parks in Russia. Much more promising and status has become the entry into the expert council of “Business Russia”, to which the president of the country pays special attention. Roman Karaulov became deputy chairman of the council of the all-Russian organization and takes an active part in organizing round tables within the framework of national forums.

Awards have found a hero – thanks and completed projects

Management commercial activities and social work in the period from 2008 to 2015 did not go unnoticed by partners, customers and experts. Karaulov received many letters of thanks addressed to him personally or to the companies he led.

Activities in the position of the head of the KPI holding allowed the implementation of a number of projects related to attracting investments to Russian regions. Investment maps of the Tomsk, Kursk, Voronezh regions were drawn up. After the reunification of Crimea with Russia, Roman Sergeevich Karaulov took an active part in the integration of the peninsula with the mainland of the country. The manager participated in the development of a strategy for the development of a new subject of the federation, approved by the State Council of the Republic and approved by S.A. Aksenov.

Roman’s ability in the field of strategic planning did not go unnoticed. The head of Chuvashia, Mikhail Ignatiev, appointed him to the post of his adviser, whose duties included attracting investments to the republic. The entrepreneur contributed to the construction of a processing complex owned by the KPI holding. Roman Karaulov attracted an anchor investor from the city to the project, who invested 6.7 billion rubles in the project.

The current activity of the entrepreneur is connected with the implementation of projects in the agro-industrial complex. They have created a full-fledged infrastructure for the production of a quality product that is in demand on the domestic market. Roman Karaulov applies innovative technologies in the management of an agricultural enterprise. The accumulated experience and existing knowledge help to progressively develop the started business.

KiPiAi Agro – an agro-industrial miracle in Russia is possible

The main activity of Roman Karaulov is connected with the implementation of the KiPiAy Agro project, which has the status of the largest crop production enterprise in Chuvashia. Sown areas are located in several districts of the Nizhny Novgorod region and the Chuvash Republic. About 200 jobs have been created, the land bank has been increased almost 20 times. The crop rotation of the agricultural enterprise consists of peas, wheat, buckwheat, soybeans and rapeseed. Soil cultivation is carried out by modern equipment, including:

  • caterpillar tractors;
  • cultivators;
  • sowing complexes;
  • reversible plows used for compulsory plowing;
  • subsoilers.

Three sowing bases have been created, on each of which complexes for cleaning and drying grain have been built. The capacity of the complexes reaches 1000 tons per day, and the processed products are stored in specially equipped warehouses. There is a soybean extrusion line that allows processing up to a ton of raw materials per hour. Tracking the state of crops is carried out through satellite systems, which allow predicting yields and determining the list of technological operations that need to be carried out.

Roman Karaulov stepped beyond the borders of his native Volga region and is building an elevator complex in the Oryol region that allows storing up to 30 thousand tons of grain. The KPI Agro company, under the leadership of Karaulov, takes part in the construction of a complex for processing grain crops, which is being built in the Amur Region and the Jewish Autonomous Region. Roman decided to participate in the project because of its uniqueness, which consists in the creation of related enterprises involved in the processing of grain, animal feed in different regions of the Far Eastern Federal District. Karaulov willingly shares his immediate plans for the development of KPI Agro:

  • construction of a flour mill with a daily capacity of 300 tons;
  • construction of a plant for the production of compound feed with an annual capacity of up to 100,000 tons;
  • creation of a logistics system for the sale of flour, feed, bran in the Far East region;
  • increasing the land bank to 50 thousand hectares;
  • creation of a livestock complex.

The ongoing work brings tangible results, the business under the leadership of Karaulov is steadily expanding.