Vazha Jashi Net Worth

Biography of Vazha Jasha

Vazha Jashi is an entrepreneur who, in just 10 years, has managed to transform a small company engaged in the supply of agricultural products into the international corporation Trans-Oil Group of Companies, one of the largest players in this industry in Eastern Europe. Perhaps the secret of success was a brilliant education and close acquaintance with a wide variety of cultures. As a child, Jashi managed to live in Russia and the USA, he received his education at universities on three continents.

In the photo: Vazha Jashi

Today, the group of companies, of which he is the CEO, is engaged in the cultivation and processing of oilseeds, as well as the transportation and storage of grains. The vegetable oil of this holding is in demand on the international market, it is supplied to the countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Today, the corporation under the management of Vazha Jasha owns more than 60 thousand hectares of agricultural land, most of which is located in the Republic of Moldova, modern oil refineries. The holding also manages elevators and grain terminals, which provide storage of large volumes of grains and oilseeds, as well as their prompt loading for further transportation.

The group of companies is constantly modernizing and developing its own infrastructure. So, a few years ago, the grain terminal in the Giurgiulesti port was equipped with a unique pneumatic system that allows grain to be fed at a speed of up to 250 tons per hour.


Vazha Jashi is a child from a Georgian family. Born June 12, 1966. As a child, he managed to live in many countries, as he constantly moved from place to place after his father, who worked as a diplomat. Jashi was born in Russia, but went to school in the USA. Perhaps it was thanks to constant moving that Vazha was able to learn several languages. Today he speaks Russian, English, Georgian and Arabic.


Vazha Jashi received an excellent education and managed to study on three continents at once. In high school, he studied in the United States, and then moved to Russia and entered the Faculty of Arabic Philology of the ISAA Moscow State University. From 1991 to 1992 he studied at Cairo University. Later he became a student at Indiana University in the USA, where he received an MBA degree.

Family status

Vazha Jashi is married and has a son.

History of business development

Trans-Oil Ltd., today known as the Trans-Oil Group of Companies, was founded in 1950. She began to actively increase her presence in the markets of Eastern Europe in 1996, when the founder met Jashi, who interested him in the prospects of this market. Already by 2006, the partners were able to turn a small trading house into the largest agro-industrial holding headquartered in Geneva. In 2004, the management of the corporation was completely transferred to Vazha Jashi.

The group led by Vazha Jasha has always paid special attention to the development of infrastructure, which requires large investments. In order to attract the necessary investments, the corporation, back in the mid-2000s, began to strengthen relations with the largest banks from other countries. In 2018, Trans-Oil Group of Companies was the first in Moldova to receive its own corporate rating from the world-renowned agencies Standard&Poors and Fitch.

Active investments and constant development have borne fruit. In the second half of 2024, Trans-Oil Group of Companies managed to earn 42% more than in the previous similar period. Neither the coronavirus epidemic nor the severe drought in Moldova prevented the growth of income.


As the head of the Trans-Oil Group of Companies, Vazha Jashi pays great attention to supporting various social projects. The agro-industrial holding is the organizer and leading sponsor of sports competitions and other events for children in the countries where its enterprises are located.

In addition, the Trans-Oil Group of Companies provides financial support to medical institutions in the regions of its presence on an ongoing basis. During the coronavirus epidemic, the Group, led by Vazha Jasha, actively supported hospitals and doctors who were at the forefront of the fight against a new dangerous virus.