Top 10 young entrepreneurs in Ukraine who have achieved success before the age of 30

Vlad Tislenko. Photo from facebook page

Young and successful, the best in their field are people who have achieved success not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. They were able to earn their first million before the age of 30. Our list includes entrepreneurs, show business stars, art and fashion stars, programmers and athletes. In each field of activity there are heroes who can get the maximum profit. Let’s see who destroys the existing stereotypes, sets new directions and changes society not in words, but in deeds.

Lev Filimonov (29 years old)

Lev Filimonov. Photo from facebook page

Nightclub owner. At the age of 16, the guy realized how important it is to work hard and hard. He lived for a year in the USA near the town where the largest cultural festival Burning Man was held. Returning to Ukraine, the guy founded his first nightclub, Boom Boom Room. After that, he opened Boom Boom Room in Batumi. In Kiev, Filimonov has another entertainment facility – L8 Park. The total annual income of the three projects is $1,345,000.

Alexander Konotopsky (29 years old)

Alexander Konotopsky. Photo Forbes

Founder of Ajax Systems. As a student, the guy was able to establish a successful business selling security systems. Trying to find goods related to the niche of the middle price segment, Konotopsky realized that they did not exist. Chinese products are cheap, European products are expensive. This is how the Ajax Systems startup was born. The main activity is the development and production of alarms. Today, the company confidently occupies a leading position, and in 2015 their annual income reached $1 million. Alexander decided to spend this money on the development of an innovative smart home system.

Vadim Rogovsky (26 years old)

Vadim Rogovskiy. Photo from facebook page

Founder and developer of the Clickky advertising company. In 2010, together with two programmers, he created an engine for placing advertisements in games on the Vkontakte network. In 2013, the income of the project company amounted to $2 million, and in 2014 – $4 million. The entrepreneur plans to increase profits to $5-6 million. Vadim has another project – the WannaBiz venture fund.

Vlad Tislenko (26 years old)

Vlad Tislenko. Photo from facebook page

Founder and owner of Concepter. The flagship project of the company is an external flash for a smartphone. In 2013, the first model was able to raise $150,000, and in 2014, $250,000. In 2015, the company released another model of iBlazr 2 flashes, which made a profit of $280,000 in a few weeks. on the shelves of the Apple Store. Each quarter, Apple purchases 3,000 flashes to sell on.

Anton Belinsky (28 years old)

Anton Belinsky. Photo from facebook page

Fashion designer. In 2011, he made his debut on the domestic market with his collection. But the Ukrainian market seemed to him too small and limited. The guy thought about entering the international arena. And already today more than 90% of his models are sold abroad. Nevertheless, he holds the premiere of his new collections in Ukraine. Critics consider Belinsky one of the most talented designers in Ukraine.

Alexey Malitsky (27 years old)

Alexey Malitsky. Photo Forbes

Founder of Sammy Icon. Today, the company sells more than a few hundred colored socks a year, and the owner’s profit exceeds UAH 1.5 million. But, Alexei owns not only the Sammy Icon company. He develops brands such as Morza, 5000 Miles and Clan-P with his partners. Alexey’s share in each of these projects is less than 50%. According to Malitsky, he is interested in promoting the brand, putting it on its feet, and after that he transfers the company to his partners and begins to work on other projects.

Ivan Primachenko (25 years old)

Founder of a platform for conducting massive online courses. Prometheus now has over 200,000 registered users. The main secret of success is adaptation to Ukrainian realities.

Elena and Alexander Mukovelov (28 and 27 years old)

Alexander and Elena Mukovelov. Photo from facebook page

Designers. In 2007 they founded the Mukomelov Studio company. In 2009, we received the Design Oscar for the touchless faucet. To date, the couple has five such awards. The Mukovelovs were the first to talk about industrial design as a promising type of business. Mukomelov Studio works at the intersection of technology and art. Profit is $5.5 million.

Maxim Shkinder (29 years old)

Maxim Shkinder. Photo from facebook page

Car designer. Maxim studied at the Kiev Institute. After graduation, he received a scholarship to study in Turin. After moving to Prague, the guy worked on the design of the Skoda Superb. Already at that time, such companies as Land Rover and Mercedes were hunting for a talented designer. But Shkinder decided to work on McLaren design. Maxim’s income has long crossed the line of $1 million, but the guy is not going to stop there. He dreams of trying his hand at fashion design.

Roman Grischuk (26 years old)

Roman Grischuk. Photo from facebook page

Founder of the Mamakhotala studio. During his studies, the guy took part in KVN games. In 2012 he founded the studio “Mamahotala”. He and his associates recorded jokes on three computers. Now Roman releases his own television show, travels around the country with concerts. For several years of active work, the studio managed to earn more than $1 million. Not so long ago, the team presented a series about the police on the YuoTube channel. The first episode got over a million views in a few days.