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Biography of Theo Hutchcraft

Theo Hutchcraft is an English musician and singer, poet, lead singer of the famous synth-pop band Hurts.

British musician Theo Hutchcraft

Childhood and education

Theo Hutchcraft was born on August 30, 1986 in Sulfur Yorkshire, England. Theo is the eldest of the Hutchcraft children. From the age of 2 and upon reaching the age of 8, Theo and his family lived in the city of Perth (Australia). Then they returned to the UK again and moved to a small English town.

Theo Hutchcraft in his youth

Learning classical music did not bring joy to the future vocalist: from childhood he had a piano, which he, according to him, simply hated. Instead of classical music, he listened to Eminem’s rap and pop music.

Theo has an excellent education: after leaving school, he went to college in Darlington, and then graduated from the University of Salford with a degree in acoustic engineering. According to Theo’s own words, if not for such a successful musical career, he would definitely become a scientist.

Theo Hutchcraft in his youth (second from left)

Theo Hutchcraft’s first musical experiences are connected with hip-hop – then he recorded under the pseudonym RooFio. At the age of 16-18, he was a successful DJ, he also made videos, wrote songs and sold his records. At the age of 16, he managed to win the DJ competition, although the age of the rest of the participants was at least 18 years old.

Theo Hutchcraft’s height is 185 cm

The beginning of a musical career

Theo met his future creative partner, Adam Anderson, in 2005 in one of the nightclubs in Manchester. Not wanting to get involved in the imminent fight, the young people started talking… about music. Soon they already created the Bureau group, but the next year they changed their name to Daggers. In the same year, they released two songs, one of which immediately became the single of the week according to Xfm (track “After Midnight”).

Theo Hutchcraft started his career in hip-hop

In 2008, at a concert in London, they were spotted by Richard “Biff” Stannard, owner of the production company Biffco. At this concert, the Daggers performed on the same stage with Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s sister.

Finally, in 2009, the world saw the Hurts group. The band’s name is symbolic: one of the meanings of the word hurt is to injure, to hurt. The musicians themselves say that they write songs that convey the pain and emotions of a person who is on the verge of some very serious borderline conditions. And I their music acts in this case as a kind of therapy.

Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson form Hurts

Before becoming successful, Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson spent several years in obscurity and even in poverty. For three years, they went to employment centers looking for work, while wearing costumes bought in thrift stores. During this difficult period, Theo had to change several jobs. At one time, he even had to earn extra money as a lawn mower in a cemetery.

Before becoming successful, Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson spent several years in obscurity and even in poverty.

“It’s hard when you come to London to meet really important people who you hope will change your life. You come out of a terrible apartment where you eat Chinese noodles. And you have to tell everyone that you think you’re great. Then I put on a suit that makes me feel great,” said Hutchcraft. He and Anderson had to search for their sound for several years before becoming what they are now.

long-awaited success

The very first clip of the guys called “Wonderful Life” cost only 20 pounds, which was paid to the dancer who agreed to star in their amateur video. The lyrics were written by Joseph Cross and the new song was released on May 3, 2010 in Denmark. Despite the lack of any budget and production of the group at that time, the song instantly became an absolute hit in Belgium, Denmark, Austria and Russia. In addition to Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson, the band consists of Pete Watson (keyboards), Lael Goldber (bass guitar), Paul Walsham (drums) and other musicians. Violinists, clarinetists and saxophonists often accompany them in concerts and recordings.

During his not very long, but extremely productive career, Theo released 4 records as part of the Hurts group – these are Happiness (2010), Exile (2013), Surrender (2015) and Desire (2017).

All discs were met with great enthusiasm by the public, and the band’s debut album went platinum in several countries at once, including Russia.

At various times, the musicians managed to collaborate with Kylie Minogue, perform as the opening act for the Scissor Sisters, and in 2011, the audience of the Glastonbury festival rated Theo and Adam’s performance higher than the headliners of the concert – Beyoncé, U2 and Coldplay.

In the period from 2010 to 2017, Hurts toured about twenty countries in Western and Eastern Europe and Asia, as well as Russian cities, and on their last Desire tour, the artists even reached the Far East (Khabarovsk) and Irkutsk.

Theo Hutchcraft in “Evening Urgant”

The Hurts group is a frequent participant in various charity events, and, if possible, attends all kinds of talk shows (the musicians did not pass by the cozy Evening Urgant studio).

Theo Hutchcraft, in addition to excellent vocal abilities, also dances beautifully (this can be seen in the Hurts “Lights” and “Ready To Go” videos) and has artistic abilities: for example, he starred in Calvin Harris’ “Thinking About You” video, and with Helena Bonham Carter played in Bryan Adams’ “Brand New Day” music video. Also in 2017, he appeared in the music video for “Boys” by American singer Charlie XCX.

Theo Hutchcraft dancing in Hurts’ “Lights” video

While touring and working on the filming of clips is not without incident. So, in 2013, in Spain, on the set, Theo almost lost his eye. He fell off the stairs and fell on the iron railing. As a result of the injury, eight stitches were applied to him, and the eye miraculously survived – if Theo had fallen a centimeter further, a tragedy would have happened. So in the atmospheric video for the song “Blind” Theo’s damaged face is by no means makeup.

Theo Hutchcraft Almost Lost an Eye

Theo Hutchcraft’s personal life

Journalists have long dubbed Theo a “heartthrob”: he has many novels with girls known to the public. So, at different times, his girlfriends were singer Marina Diamantis, model and TV presenter Alexa Chung, model Shermin Shahrivar and the famous burlesque dancer Dita von Teese, ex-wife of Marilyn Manson.

Theo Hutchcraft and his ex-girlfriend Marina Diamantis

Apparently, Theo Hutchcraft is not currently in a serious relationship. According to him, he is in search and open to love.

Theo Hutchcraft and Date Von Teese

Theo showed great courage by appearing as a drag queen (drag queen is a male artist performing in women’s clothes) in the Hurts video “Beautiful Ones” in 2017. In the video, for the defiant image of his character, local “gopniks” are harassed and beaten. Theo so plausibly managed to reincarnate as a transvestite that many viewers asked for their own talk about his sexual orientation. However, it is worth distinguishing between the hero and the artist performing it, especially since the drag queen image does not at all imply the obligatory homosexuality of the one who tries it on.

After the clip “Beautiful Ones” everyone started talking about the orientation of Theo Hutchcraft

On the chest on the left, Theo Hutchcraft tattooed the word “Happiness” in Russian. The fascination with Russian culture does not end there: one of Theo’s favorite works is Mikhail Bulgakov’s famous mystical novel The Master and Margarita.

Theo Hutchcraft loves to dress stylishly.

In clothes, Theo prefers restrained English style and vintage things. He likes to dress like a 1950s gentleman and look brand new even for a simple outing to the store.

Theo Hutchcraft now

Theo cannot freely walk the streets of Germany and Eastern Europe – he will immediately be attacked by female fans.

Interview with Theo Hutchcraft

In 2017, Theo and Adam duo presented their fourth album, Desire. During the tour, Hurts was everywhere waiting for the frantic delight of the fans and a resounding success. In Kiev, Theo was presented with a big pig, and in Russia – nesting dolls and a watch. The concert tour of the musicians will continue throughout the current year of 2018 – their schedule is as busy as ever. Theo Hutchcraft actively talks about Hurts performances and his behind-the-scenes life on Instagram.